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Petition to Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Indira Naidoo-Harris, Dr. Eric Hoskins, The Honourable Rona Ambrose, MARKETPLACE , Tom Mulcair, Andrea Howarth


Please Read This, I NEED YOUR HELP... I realize that there are 1,000's of Petitions out there that are needing our help, please spare me a few minutes and read my petition, and if you feel you can't help, but know someone that could help, please forward my petition to them - May your God Bless you xo You, Yourself, May Need This Assistance In The Future, We Thought We Were Set For Our Golden Years, Little Did We Know... Did you know as a spouse In Canada you are not eligible for a Caregiver Allowance, should your significant other be struck with some debilitating illness or accident.  Husbands and wives, and common law couples, same sex couples all have committed to be in a permanent relationship with their significant other.   Those that went through a Church or Civil ceremony also swore to look after the other in sickness and in health.  With stars in our eyes and pink cherub angels pulling at our heart strings, we stepped into a new life, little did we know. Then when tragedy strikes and your significant other is struck down with a debilitating illness or accident and you want to keep them at home with you as long as possible, Gordon is woven into my heart, and it will fall apart when the inevitable happens, so i would love to spend every minute with him. I CAN'T STAY AT HOME TO BE A CAREGIVER BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK, TO EARN AN INCOME TO KEEP THE BILLS PAID -  BILLS DON'T STOP COMING JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE OR A LOVED ONE IS  ILL OR INJURED -  NOW I, THE CAREGIVER IS TRYING TO LOOK AFTER MY LOVED ONE, OUR HOME AND WORK MY JOB HAVING TO STRETCH ONE INCOME TO COVER THE BILLS INSTEAD OF HAVING THE TWO WE USED TO HAVE, TO PAY THE BILLS. BEING A JUGGLER KEEPING ALL THE PLATES SPINNING :/ There is no one at home to look after your ailing significant other. if you like us have few friends or no relatives, no one to help with the caregiving, loneliness and exhaustion.  Many friends run for the hills, thinking it is a contagious illness, you are abandoned, left on your own to deal with the tragedy, alone with your significant other, like two bookends, supporting each other as best you can against illness, adversity, poverty. :/ Our situation is seriously affecting my husband and myself impacting our quality of life.  We are both stressed, strained, worried, emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically.  All these things compounded cause a loss of patience for both of us. And when your husband of 49 years, who is only 66 years young and been handed a death sentence,  We were married at 17, we are like one person, it rips my heart out. If we, the significant other of the Alzheimer's or any other debilitating ailment or accident sufferer, had The Caregiver Allowance it would give us, a little financial support.  We could then stay at home to look after our significant other. NOW, perchance, it were mine or my significant others, grandparent, nephew, niece, cousin, mother, father, sister, brother, sister in law, brother in law, neighbour, that was stuck with a debilitating ailment or accident and I was Caregiving for them, I would qualify for a Caregiver Allowance.   When I ask Government offices send emails numerous emails and phone calls to Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Indira Naidoo-Harris to speak of just a few, i am told 'It's the law ma'am" NOW, Alzheimer's, the Long Goodbye, everyday Alzheimer's STEALS a little bit more of my husband away.  Gordon the man I LOVE and married is disappearing. I know we are not the only people this insidious and other debilitating illness or accident has struck down. THOSE OF US LIVING WITH OUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WHO IS SUFFERING FROM ALZHEIMER'S OR ANY OTHER DEBILITATING ILLNESS OR ACCIDENT. DEAL DAILY WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW IT IS IMPACTING OUR OWN MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL AND FINANCIAL HEALTH.  WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS, SMOKING, DRINKING, SLEEP LOSS, NERVOUS, TENSE, GUILT, BLAME, ANGER, EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS - VERY SAD WE FAMILY CAREGIVERS NEED TO SHOUT LONG AND LOUD FOR HELP UNTIL SOMEONE REALLY DOES SOMETHING FOR US.  WE DON'T NEED THEM TO ORGANIZE ANOTHER COMMITTEE TO STRATEGIZE WHAT TO DO, BEEN THERE DONE THAT, GOT THE T-SHIRT AND THE HAT. THESE COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY AND ARE POURING MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN, LIKE WATER FROM A BURST TAP - NOTHING COMES OUT OF THE COMMITTEES THAT HELP US - THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING OUR LOVED ONES AND US THE CAREGIVERS NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO CHANGE OUR SITUATION... THE MONEY WOULD BE BETTER SPENT GIVING US A CAREGIVER'S ALLOWANCE, ALONG WITH BETTER FACILITIES AND EDUCATION FOR OUR LOVED ONES CLOSER TO HOME.  If you have read this far, i applaud you and hope that you would take a few seconds more to sign this petition... Let us see if we can get some funding in the form of a Caregiver Allowance sent to Canadians, that have worked all their lives making Canada the beautiful country that she is to those of us that need funding.   We are relying on you, we thank you in advance, Eniaral Nabdoog and Nodrog Nabdoog        

Eniaral Nosdivad
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Petition to Jane Philpott, Justin Trudeau

Please Create a Canadian National Dementia Strategy

To the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health,  My name is Catherine and Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia have had a significant impact on my life. My Mother has Alzheimer’s and has had it for over 10 years. She is only 78 years old. As the sole caregiver and the only child to a widowed Mother it has taken a serious toll on me personally. It has, more significantly, taken away my Mother’s memories, her ability to communicate, sometimes her dignity, and a comfortable old age, but thankfully, not her sweet nature thus far. I have seen many family members suffer from Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's and dementia are heartbreaking diseases that negatively impacts sufferers, caregivers and family in every way imaginable. It also negatively impacts our health care system and our economy. 747,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias today, a number expected to increase to 1.4 million in the next 15 years. Three out of four Canadians know someone with dementia. In 2011 alone, caregivers spent 444 million unpaid hours providing care. That’s the equivalent of $11 billion in lost income or 230,000 full-time jobs. (The Alzheimer Society of Canada) "The projections of the number of Canadians living with dementia are staggering, with over 750,000 individuals affected today, a doubling by 2030 — and with health-care costs of $293 billion by 2040." [] I believe that immediate attention and a powerful, concerted effort is required from the federal and provincial governments to address the burden dementia places on our economy, individuals with the disease, their families, and our health-care system. Therefore, I would like the Government to prioritize the creation of a National Dementia Strategy. It is imperative that Canada put a Strategy in place as soon as possible so that our country no longer remains without a plan to face this Global Health Crisis. We need your help. Don't forget us.   Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kate G
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