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Petition to OFFF Barcelona Organization, Hector Ayuso, Pep Salazar

ReFFFund - OFFF Barcelona ticket refund campaign

Sign the petition in order to ask OFFF Barcelona Organization, OFFF founder and director Héctor Ayuso and OFFF director Pep Salazar, to offer a full refund for the 2020 OFFF Barcelona ticket holders. Long story short: OFFF Barcelona is a yearly three-day event with conferences, workshops, activities and performances on innovation, art, design and creativity.The 2020 edition was moved to September 2020 in the first place due to COVID-19 and then rescheduled to May 2021. Just a few days ago the OFFF Organization posted on social media that the event will be held exclusively online and the tickets of the 2020 offline edition will be considered valid for the new event format. No other choices were offered to ticket holders. Statement: 2020 was a very strange, sad and difficult year for everybody due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives, jobs, and how we interact with friends and family, changed drastically during the last year.  In this scenario, it was a huge disappointment for both participants and speakers to move the OFFF 2020 edition to September 2020 and then to May 2021, but at the same time, we were hungry and impatient for the things to come.  Since the end of the 2019 edition we were fuelled by what we saw and experienced, by the creativity and the beautiful and rich environment generated by the festival, by the new and old friends we met and by the boost of ideas that we all had during and after the event. That’s why we wanted more and we purchased the tickets for the 2020 edition. All over the world, live music shows, events, festivals, trips, flights, were cancelled due to the pandemic, companies, associations and organisers, sometimes forced by local laws and consumer rights associations, offered a refund for the tickets purchased or the choice to change the ticket for another date, after waiting for things to improve. These organisations offered a choice to their customers. CHOICE is the key word. A choice is what we wanted - we chose to wait the time that OFFF asked us to wait, we put our trust and our money (a ticket costs between 150 and 200 euros for the three day event) in their hands because we thought that it was worth it. Because what we saw and experienced in the previous editions was worth it. And as creatives we always need more, we are always hungry, and we always need something new to feed our minds. So we chose to wait for the next edition. But a choice is also what OFFF Barcelona Organization made, they chose to ignore the ticket refund requests. They chose not to offer a refund when they decided to move the event online.They chose to not answer to the hundreds of messages that ticket holders sent to them during the last year.They chose to cut off communication with the fundamental part of the OFFF community: us. They chose to betray our trust. In addition, “The choices we make” is the title of the book that all of the ticket holders had been promised as compensation for the date shift of the event.How many people actually received the book?How many people were contacted in order to organise its delivery?How many people have been asked to provide a shipping address? We understand that the OFFF terms and conditions states that the refund can be only be requested if the event is cancelled, but we paid for three days of in person conferences, talks, interactions, laughs, Barcelona sun and cold beers, not for a six day online event, sitting alone in our home-office watching a bunch of videos without any kind of real life interaction. We paid for a live event in Barcelona. We did not pay for an “immersive experience in the metaverse”. We consider that rescheduling the event twice and changing the format by moving it fully online is enough to consider the OFFF 2020 edition officially cancelled and therefore, fully refundable. We understand that “we can’t go back” and change the past, but one thing that the previous OFFF editions taught to us, is that you can always choose to try to change the future. Now, we can change how OFFF Barcelona Organization chooses to manage the ticket refunds. We think we can change their choice. Sign the petition in order to ask OFFF Barcelona Organization, OFFF founder and director Héctor Ayuso and OFFF director Pep Salazar, to offer a full refund for the 2020 OFFF Barcelona ticket holders.

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