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Petition to filmfreeway

Stop Fake Film Festivals Exploiting Independent Filmmakers

Since the COVID lockdowns, there has been a substantial increase in the number of fake film festivals on the FilmFreeway platform. These fraudulent festivals solely aim to profit from independent filmmakers, taking advantage of their desire for recognition and career development. Unfortunately, these festivals often charge high fees and provide little to no value in return. These festivals manage to convince FilmFreeway that they are legitimate by meeting the platform's criteria. However, once accepted, FilmFreeway has limited control unless users file complaints. FilmFreeway benefits from these festivals by taking a percentage (usually 6%) of the fee filmmakers pay. To help identify these fake festivals, here are some tell-tale signs to watch for: Their name often ends with "AWARDS" (e.g., Random City Film Awards, Movie Awards, Gold Awards). Lack of proper contact information for the administrators or generic email addresses. Similar names to reputable festivals in the same cities. Generic and often cloned websites with minimal information. Excessive awards categories (20 or more, sometimes even up to 70). Monthly or bimonthly events. Winners are required to pay approximately $300-400 for their award statuettes. The transparency indicator on FilmFreeway shows they are managed in a different country. Selecting everyone who submits. These fake festivals not only harm independent filmmakers but also pollute the industry and create a profit-driven mafia. FilmFreeway must take action to prevent this exploitation.By signing this petition, we demand that FilmFreeway: Strengthen the criteria and review process to weed out fake festivals. Implement stricter monitoring and control over festival listings. Provide better support and protection for independent filmmakers. Take proactive measures to shut down fraudulent festivals. Allocate funds from the platform's profits to support legitimate independent film festivals. We urge all filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts to support this cause by signing this petition and sharing it widely. Together, let's protect the integrity of the film industry and ensure that independent filmmakers receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve. To learn more and contribute to the list of dubious film festivals, visit: Thank you for your support in fighting against these parasite scammers and advocating for a fair and transparent film festival ecosystem. Anthony Straeger Email:

Anthony Straeger
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Petition to Garmin

Garmin Zumo XT, funzione "esclusione chiusure stagionali dei passi di montagna"

Spett.le Garmin, chiediamo l'introduzione, sul navigatore Zumo XT, della funzione per scegliere se tenere conto delle chiusure stagionali dei passi di montagna nel calcolo dei percorsi. All'inizio della stagione primaverile, quando iniziano ad aprire i passi chiusi durante l’inverno, per lo Zumo XT non c’è alcuna possibilità di passarci perché sono segnalati come  chiusi, anche se transitabili (la stessa cosa accade, al contrario, con l'arrivo della stagione invernale). Lo stesso problema era presente sui primi Navigator, poi è stata implementata la possibilità di escludere la chiusura stagionale (si veda l'immagine allegata, relativa al change log del firmware). Questa possibilità ancora non c'è sullo Zumo XT,  è una lacuna grave. Ad esempio, provando a creare un semplice percorso in Francia, con partenza da Briancon ed arrivo ad Arvieux, l'XT propone un giro lunghissimo, visto che considera chiuso il Col de l'Izoard. Il problema si presenta nella creazione di tutti i percorsi che prevedano un passaggio per i colli soggetti a chiusura stagionale.   Dear Garmin, we request the introduction, on the Zumo XT navigator, of the function to choose whether to take into account seasonal closures of mountain passes in the calculation of routes. At the beginning of the spring season, when the closed mountain passes start to open, for the Zumo XT there is no chance to pass there because they are marked as closed, although passable (the same thing happens, on the contrary, with the arrival of the winter season). The same problem was present on the Garmin Navigator, then the possibility of excluding the seasonal closure was implemented (see the attached image, related to the firmware change log). This possibility is still not there on the Zumo XT,  is a serious gap. For example, trying to create a simple route in France, departing from Briancon and arriving in Arvieux, the XT proposes a long ride, considering that the Col de l'Izoard is closed. The problem arises in the creation of all routes that include a passage for the packages subject to seasonal closure.

Andrea C
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