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Petition to Sean Lynn, David Sokola, W. Charles Paradee

Support Medical Marijuana Cultivation for Patients in Delaware

  I am asking that Delaware Code Title 16 Chapter 49a be amended to allow personal cultivation for Medical Marijuana Patients and qualified caregivers. Patients prescribed marijuana suffer from a number of debilitating conditions, leaving most out of work and to rely on meager resources such as disability, making it nearly impossible to afford their medicine at roughly $400 dollars an ounce. Cultivation reduces the cost drastically. By legalizing cultivation, the quality of these patients lives will improve. A majority of medical marijuana states allow cultivation; fourteen in fact. Isn't it time Delaware allowed Medical Marijuana Patients the right to cultivate for personal use? By signing this petition you support the following proposal to amend Title 16 Chapter 49a:  Amendment of Delaware Code Title 16 Chapter 49a to include Personal Cultivation of Cannabis     We believe the right to cultivate is an individual liberty, and personal responsibility issue because of basic property rights. We cannot allow a regulatory mechanism that limits the rights of a patient to possess marijuana in any form, whether that be in the form of oil, plants, etc. Further, it is an issue of free markets as any regulatory mechanism that artificially restricts who can cultivate a plant necessarily limits who can participate in the market. A system like that would clearly favor the wealthy and well connected. The same holds for regulatory systems that restrict individuals from growing marijuana while allowing businesses to. Criminalizing medical cultivation of cannabis is an arbitrary prohibition that has no basis in public safety.  BE IT AMENDED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that: Terminology- Mature Plant – over one foot tall or wide. Seedling- a plant under one foot tall or wide. 1.) The possession by a Medical Marijuana Card Holder or the designated caregiver of no more than six mature marijuana plants, eighteen seedlings and up to twenty-four ounces of useable marijuana harvested from lawfully grown plants is not a violation to Delaware state law provided:   (i) The plants are grown and possessed only within the premises of the housing unit which the person resides;   (ii) The useable marijuana has been harvested from plants lawfully grown on the premises of the housing unit which the person resides and is not removed from the premises in amounts exceeding an ounce.  2.) Does not apply to marijuana plants or useable marijuana possessed at a location other than the premises of the housing unit in which the plants were lawfully grown.     

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Petition to this in not endorsed by the American college of Veterinary Botanical Medicine

Veterinarians (AVMA/ABVS) - Recognize and lnclude Lay Herbalists in New Vet Specialty

 A petition for herbal medicine to be officially recognized as a specialty in veterinary medicine has cleared the first hurdle: recognition by officials at the American Board of Veterinary Specialists. Now, they wait for comments from veterinarians and from the public. If enough people let them know how important this kind of medicine is, then herbal medicine will become recognized as a valid part of veterinary medicine. You have until September 1 to send your comments. SADLY, WE HERE AT  AHFC-CA**  (Animal Healthcare Freedom of Choice - CA) know too well that qualified, trained, non-licensed lay herbalists will be FROZEN OUT of the process of creating a new specialty by organized licensed veterinary interests.  We know that traditional herbalists will be OUTLAWED by state veterinary boards and FORBIDDEN to work with animals - even when properly trained and qualified in animal herbalism. Please help us put the ABVS and the AVMA on notice that CONSUMERS of veterinary medical services, strongly support that  the knowledge and experience of practicing traditional animal herbalists be respected, included and utilized as practitioners and teachers in the process of growing holistic herbalism for all our animals. You have until September 1, 2017 to let them know how important this is to you. You can SlGN and SHARE this petition You can EMAlL Mr. David Banasiak at   or SEND him a letter at 1931 N. Meacham Rd, Suite 100, Schaumburg, IL, 60173. You can call Mr. Banasiak at  Phone: 847.925.8070, ext. 6677 Toll Free: 800.248.2862, ext. 6677 Fax: 847.285.5732 To see the request for public comment click To see the whole 363 page petition submitted to the ABVS, click **AHFC-CA is a Facebook group working towards Animal Healthcare Freedom of Choice  

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Petition to Food and Drug Administration, President of the United States

Approve Hyperbaric Oxygen for Off-Label Conditions (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, MS, etc.)

Petition Updates and Part 1 of Description: UPDATE #1 (6/21/2017): Please scroll down past this description to read my first petition update in the "Updates" section entitled "My First Petition Update!" to read about the fraudulent study conducted by Dr. Jean-Paul Collet in regards to hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cerebral palsy (CP)!  We need to call Collet out on his injustice and demand that he revise the study's text to promote the truth that hyperbaric oxygen CAN treat CP! UPDATE #2 (6/21/2017): Please scroll down to view my second update about you (and other supporters) promoting this petition! :)  We need to get as many signatures as possible to get the FDA labeling regulations changed! *Photo on main page of petition from the Colorado Center for Hyperbaric Medicine [3]* Hi! My name is Christian Huber. I am 17 years old, and I have written a petition! Would you please take the time to read, and sign it if you support it? It would help me, and so many others with brain injuries! :) “I have officially diagnosed your son with mild cerebral palsy,” said the doctor.  At that very moment, my life changed, and so did my parents’ lives.  Because I shared my mother’s womb with my identical twin who died, I was born two months prematurely on October 8, 1999.  As a result, my lungs weren’t fully developed, and I didn’t take one necessary breath when I was supposed to, and my brain suffered because of that loss of oxygen. My parents were unaware at that moment of how important that one breath of oxygen would be to my developing brain, and they would have no idea how it would affect me in the future.  Although mild, my cerebral palsy is a life-altering developmental disability[1] that has affected me since the day I was born. Fast forward 17 years from the day I was born, and my brain still hasn’t changed.  I still need assistance with skills that are considered to be easy to other people, such as finding something in the house, getting a knot out of my shoe, or doing any other life skill or activity that you could think of.  I currently take occupational therapy (OT) to work on those skills, and activities such as cooking corn muffins and making orzo salad.  One of my occupational therapists actually showed me how to wash my mom’s car, since that counts as a life skill, too!  He even said to me one time: “Everything’s OT,” meaning that every life skill I do, whether it’s washing a car or making a meal, is considered a part of occupational therapy. In addition to taking occupational therapy, I also currently take physical therapy so that I can loosen and strengthen my spastic leg muscles, improve my balance and coordination, run around the neighborhood, play basketball, and jump rope.  Even though these therapies are fun, sometimes I think that they aren't really helping, since I still wake up each morning with tight muscles and a brain that doesn't always work the way it should. Now that I am getting older, however, I am entering the transition phase from high school to college and the workplace.  As a result, in two years I will no longer be in school with occupational and physical therapy.  Although my parents love me very much, I can feel tension and the sense of urgency between my parents and I.  My dad sometimes mentions my age when I can’t do something by saying: “You’re 17 years old, you should know how to do this by now!”  I feel as if he sometimes doesn’t know how to take a deep breath, and calmly explain to me how to do something in a step by step way.  My mom is also getting nervous about my lack of life skills, despite my academic abilities.  She said to me just recently, “We are going to stay at home and work on life skills all summer.”  I would love to work on life skills all summer, but I need to heal my brain so that I can learn and grasp life skills quickly and easily.  Before I can pursue a neurological healing journey, however, I need the FDA to approve a treatment that has been proven to work: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and I need all of you to sign my petition. References:[1] Surabian SR. Developmental disabilities: epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism. Journal of the California Dental Association. Published June 29, 2001. Accessed March 15, 2017. [3] TBI Therapy – Colorado Center for Hyperbaric Medicine. Colorado Center for Hyperbaric Medicine. Accessed March 15, 2017.___________________________________________________________________Agreement in Which Petition Signer Abides By: If you sign this petition, you agree: That the FDA should approve hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cerebral palsy and other off-label conditions That insurance companies should pay for hyperbaric oxygen therapy so that patients living with off-label conditions can receive it free of charge ___________________________________________________________________ External Resources: Conditions for HBOT (long list that I found!): Collet Study Fraud from the Quebec Association of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Georgia Medicaid Court Decision (in which father David Freels and his brain-injured son got reimbursed for HBOT treatment): Direct Testimony of Pierre Marois, M.D during Georgia Medicaid Court Decision: David Freels (father of son with brain injury who was reimbursed by Medicaid for HBOT): Medicaid for Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) Yahoo Group: Mums National Parent-to-Parent Network (HBOT advocacy group): Chamber of Hope providing free HBOT in Florida to families: AND Nano-devices that cross blood-brain barrier open door to treatment of cerebral palsy, other neurologic disorders (scientific study): (Oxygen could be placed inside these dendrimers to cross blood brain barrier as an alternative to hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy)  

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