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Petition to Allison Pike (President of Alberta Schools Council), David Eggen, Curtis Clarke

Modify Eligibility for School Transportation Rebates in Alberta Bill 1

Part of my school routine is to take the school bus to and from school. Most years, my parents would tell me near the end of August where my stop is and what time I need to be there. This year, the changes came as a shock to me. Around the beginning of June, my parents started to bring up transportation issues, but this time, it was not about a 10-minute change or a move to another block. It was hard on:  “Go take the public transit next year… and pay an extra $365!” I don’t like getting hit in the face with a board, which is why I’m here to change something!  Bill 1 has benefits in many aspects of schooling. In brief, school buses are free if the student is attending their designated school and is 2.4 KM away from the school. Public transit would be $151 if it is to be taken. In alternate programs, school buses are $335 and Public transit would be $700. The legal definition of “schools of choice” or alternate programs is: Schools or programs of choice are schools that are chosen because of a particular program being offered. Therefore language, cultural, sports, IB, AP, etc schools are programs of choice and are NOT GIVEN REBATES!  Please refer to the following chart for more information. ( doesn't support tables, please use the following link)    Due to the rebates, operating costs are increased for transportation, school boards are cutting bus lines to balance the cost of operation. In Calgary, French immersion schools are having their school buses cut, and students will be forced to take public transit in the upcoming school year. Since these students are choosing to take French immersion, NO GOVERNMENT REBATES ARE GIVEN. But instead, they are forced to take transit for $700 a year instead of taking the bus for only $335; This is a 109% increase from the previous year. Development of such Bill could have created a lopsided education system.  As the federal government encourages school boards to implement French programs, there is a conflict occurring in some school boards. French is one of Canada’s official languages, but not all provinces are bilingual. Alberta’s provincial laws still state that French immersion schools are “schools of choice”, many school boards have now stayed away from such definition because of the bilingual nature in our country. Currently, as the 2017-18 school year creeps closer, Bill 1 uses this outdated definition for schools of choice when French and English should be treated the same. Bill 1 might have been created too hastily.  For students like me, having our bus line cut, and not getting rebates for taking public transit is a financial burden to families. As I have stated before, Bill 1’s intention is to reduce the cost of schooling, but they are doing it on the backs of a feud. We are left in the cracks. When other regular program students are having their bus lines cut, they are given rebated public transit passes, but we are left with added costs. This is not fair. So am I alone? The CBE has given me some hard numbers. 6050 students in alternate programs are being assigned to public transit with a $700 bill. Are we all happy about this price hike? Are we happy about not getting rebates? NO! These numbers are only for Calgary, what about Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer? This number can grow a lot higher and we need support to make it easier for parents to pay for their children’s education.   What do we want the government to do? 1.  Change Bill 1: Work on the epicenter of the problem, this is the bill that brought on the problem. Make it so that most students are included for transportation rebates. Changing the clause for transportation, where alternate programs are included. This would be a minor change. 2.   Redefine schools of choice: If for some reasons the government will not alter  Bill 1, then why not incorporate the importance of language programs? Especially French; some students may be discouraged to take French immersion because of the price hikes!    This small change of a law may have an extensive impact on students and families across the province. Some choose to take alternate programs for many reasons: more extensive learning, learning a new language, etc. Adding your name to this petition can help improve this situation. Sources can be found here!  

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Petition to Zoocheck , People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Marine Life, West Edmonton Mall

Remove the seals out of West Edmonton Mall's marine show

For many years, West Edmonton Mall has had marine life around. In the past, the mall has taken many baby dolphin's lives. Recently, it has come to my attention that West Edmonton Mall doesn't have fair treatment of their marine animals. These animals are exploited for the enjoyment of people. These Sea Lions are trapped in an artificial pirates lagoon, it doesn't resemble the natural habitat of the Sea Lion in any way. I am disgusted at the treatment and the past of these animals in West Edmonton Mall. If you want entertainment, get human performers that have a choice and a say in what they do. West Edmonton Mall wouldn't be that affected if they lost the marine life show. Sea lions spend their days catching live fish, not begging for dead fish to be thrown at them. These animals are forced to perform twice a day, and many people of the public do not know the previous deaths of marine animals at West Edmonton Mall. These animals don't get enough natural sunlight or fresh air and the mall noises put stress on these animals. In the daytime when they aren't performing these animals are kept in cages. Since these sea lions have been raised in captivity, zoo facilities would be more prepared to take care of these animals. West Edmonton Mall is not a place for any marine life or animals at all. Animals do not have a voice, so we must provide it for them. I can't sit around and do nothing, Please it costs no money to sign. Marine life should not be held captive for entertainment.WEM marine life article 

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Petition to Mark Doram, Dean Hengel, Darcy Wiltse, Jim Williamson, Kim Turner, Will Jang, LeAnna Murtha-Toles, Ed Croken, Bruce Howlett, Chris March, Joel Lenius, Sarah Kennedy

Re-Evaluate Body Checking Bans in Hockey

In April of 2016 Hockey Edmonton banned body checking in Bantam and Midget levels below the "B" level. In 2013 Hockey Canada removed body checking from the level of "PeeWee." Delaying the entry of body checking into the game will create more injuries when players are bigger and stronger. Body Checking is part of the game of hockey for many years and it will never be completely removed from the game of hockey because would cause a huge loss in revenue for leagues which have many fans such as the NHL and the CHL. Players need to learn how to body check properly from a young age instead of it being thrown into the game once players reach a certain age. If players have started to body check at a younger age when the are closer to the beginning of their hockey careers they will grow up learning to body check properly, and when they are bigger and stronger they will know how to hit to get the puck not to injure the puck carrier. In the long term this will prevent having injuries in the game of hockey and bring back the passion for the game that has been lost at lower levels. Many people in the hockey world are against removing body checking, including don cherry as he stated to the Toronto Sun when body checking was removed from Peewee "Hockey Canada is on the road to Hell." Cherry also warned that by stating “You’re going to be sorry. You watch and see, you will be sorry.” Hockey Edmonton claims that removing body checking from lower level of Bantam and Midget will stop players from quitting the game of hockey when body checking is introduced. When in reality Hockey Edmonton offers a Recreational Hockey League that is offered for players who want to continue in hockey with body checking. Even with the removal of body checking in normal streams of Hockey in Edmonton. Hockey Edmonton is still convinced that the Recreational Hockey League will still run. In the report that Hockey Edmonton released on the change it states, "Effective in the 2016- 17 hockey season, Hockey Edmonton and its Clubs, Districts and Operating Areas will offer body checking in the Divisions of Bantam and Midget in categories of play that participate in Provincial Championships – specifically AAA, AA, A, and B." They state that only A and B can participate participate in Provincial Championships, but Hockey Alberta does in fact run Championships for the C and D categories, which teams in Alberta can play down to participate in. By removing body checking from these levels they are preventing Edmonton teams from being competitive in out of town tournaments and even preventing some players from playing competitive hockey throughout the remainder of their lives. In conclusion Hockey Edmonton should re-evaluate what are all of the sides of removing body checking from the levels that they have and take into account what parents and players want, as a Global News Poll stated that 79% of People are against the move.

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