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Petition to Chibuike Amaechi, Senator Hadi Sirika

Shut Down Arik

Flight from Lagos to New York Our companies, businesses, etc., constantly treat Nigerians the way they please and get away with it. It's appalling!  Who has the power to shut down an airline? I have no clue but I am writing this to the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Aviation. This has got to stop! My story below: My flight from New York to Lagos was on 12/12 and was supposed to depart at 1pm. Arik sent an email the day before saying it was delayed to 6pm. Great, I planned and got to the airport at 4pm. Not a single representative was there to check-in or address the passengers. I had to call customer service from the airport. Imagine! Only to call and this lady told me the flight has been delayed till 1:30 am. HOW DID I NOT RECEIVE A CALL OR AN EMAIL INFORMING ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER SO I WOULD BE IN MY HOUSE AND NOT WAIT AT THE AIRPORT FOR 6 HOURS. We finally boarded and didn't move until 3am. Part 2: My flight out of Lagos back to New York was scheduled for 12/21 at 11:30pm. In which I had a flight to Germany for 12/23 6pm EST. I called in the afternoon before heading to the airport, to ensure the same thing wouldn't happen and was informed that the flight is still running on schedule. After spending 4 hours in traffic to get to the airport, I got there and was told the flight had been canceled indefinitely. NO PRIOR NOTICE OF THIS WAS GIVEN TO ANY PASSENGER. Even the staff at the check-in counter had checked-in some people without knowing this would happen. HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT EVEN INFORM YOUR OWN STAFF OF OPERATION PLANS? ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE! I missed my flight to Germany (which was about $1000), regardless of what time they decide to fly (they still don't know). I now have to book a ONE-WAY flight straight to Germany for another $1000. I didn't come to Nigeria with any clothes for the winter I'm about to go face, as I was to go home to New York to change the clothes I had packed to Nigeria. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. HOW DARE YOU LEAVE PASSENGERS AND EVEN YOUR OWN STAFF IN THE DARK? HOW DO YOU NOT EVEN HAVE A BACKUP PLAN WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN? Imagine, the manager coming out and addressing only a few people, when asked why he isn't addressing everyone, he says he is talking to the Business Class passengers, WHAT NONSENSE, so the rest of us aren't human beings? #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik #boycottArik

Jessica Inyere
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Petition to Ryanair

Ryanair: Reward your loyal customers with a frequent flyer programme.

Ryanair may face criticism in the mainstream media but to all of its loyal fan base, Ryanair is synonymous with excellent travel at unbeatable prices. The wondrous experience of paying a fiver to fly across Europe is an epic myth to which millions of passengers will testify to. Oh Ryanair, we love you but, do you love us? The low fares airline isn't all as beautiful as its aggressive yellow and Chelsea blue colour scheme to which so many dazed passengers have fallen in love. For one, there is no rewards programme for us, its devoted fan base. A loyalty benefit would not be a question of baiting your customers so that they stay true to you because, let's face it, you will always be the cheapest and therefore inevitable option. Moreover, feel free to make the actually monetary value of your rewards insignificant, we would expect nothing more. It is a matter of having a miles programme which we can be proud about. In a world where stats are used for everything and yet mean nothing, this number would be different. A Ryanair miles sum would be a badge of honour, a sign to bring respect to he/she who has had most experience with, yes, its deepest pains, but most importantly, the sky-high joys of your airline. We all want to be your biggest fan, but how do we know who is? Who is it that has never fallen for your sneaky tricks to load us up with everything from insurance, car rentals, hotels, buses, a new luggage set, or priority bathroom queue jump? Who has best optimised their packing strategy to maximize carrying capacity at a minimal overcharge risk? Who perfected the art of last-minute check-in to obtain a free emergency exit seat? Who is the champion of the 4 am wake ups for 6 am departures? Who was it that started the jubilant applauses after your fantastic, although unfortunately now passed away (RIP), trumpet tune; to which so many scared-for-their-lives newbies so gratefully join in to?  Who has made the longest journey from those remote abandoned airports one lands at, to the actual cities bearing their names?  Who can truly call themselves Ryanair's number one fan? Only a miles programme will shed the light. Yes, you make low fares simple, but why do you make it so difficult to love you? Open up, accept the embrace. Start a rewards programme. Let's come together in one big low-cost family. How about a group hug?

Carlos Val Mas
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