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Petition to UK Parliament, Civil Aviation Authority

Stop airlines charging for seats

I want to bring to the attention of the UK Government, the unethical practice of airlines deliberately seating passengers apart in a bid to make them pay more money for seats together.  Recently I flew with TUI and Thomas Cook. My partner and I were on the same booking reference. So naturally we assumed we would be seated together on the flight. Upon checking in online with TUI my boyfriend and I were assigned aisle seats in different rows. As it turned out, the couple in front and behind us on the flight were in the same position.  At the time of checking in there had been ample available seats for us to be placed together. However, the system had assigned us seats apart, and the cost to reselect them was £14 per person. I queried this with TUI Customer Service in advance of travel. And asked if they would separate two passengers if one was a child. To this they simply would not comment.  On the day of the flight there were row upon row of empty seats. So I can only deduce that the seating policy exists purely to take advantage of passengers and force them to pay more money.  On our return flight with Thomas Cook we checked in at the airport and the same thing happened. We were seated apart, in different rows. Despite checking in together and showing up two hours prior to our flight time.  This is obviously a deliberate act on behalf of airlines and it really is a practise that warrants investigation. Not only is it unfair, it's also distressing to those like myself who are nervous flying, and presents a safety risk too. As in the event of a disaster, anyone's priority would be to reach their loved one. Something that would cause chaos if multiple passengers travelling together were seated apart, as was the case with our TUI flight. 

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Petition to Andrew Haines

Give Passengers More Legroom On Flights!

Whenever you are on a flight, it is very cramped and the only way to resolve this is by paying £25-£75 per person per way to get some extra legroom. The Civil Aviation Authority needs to enforce a law for airlines in The United Kingdom to remove a few rows and extend the amount of legroom per seat. This needs to be enforced on mainly short-haul routes which can last up to 5.5 hours long! Many passengers have sore ankles and legs after a flight and nothing can be done. The Civil Aviation Authority who make the laws for airliners can enforce them to remove a few rows giving you more space and less to worry about. It needs to accommodate for passengers up to 7foot on all short haul flights. Please sign and support this petition! This is vitally important. Even look at the following reviews on seats! : Thomas Cook Seat Review: Mike Hanse - "Just flown back from Lanzarote today. Flight attendants were very good but the seating is just the worst I have ever encountered. I am not exactly tall at 6ft but I have never suffered a 3 hour plus flight in such an uncomfortable position. The seats are wafer thin and I spent the whole flight with my knees against the seat in front. When the passenger reclined that seat the pain became even worse" Thomson Seat Review: Max Welsh - "I flew on Thomson Airways Boeing 757-200 in January 2017 from Lanzarote to Glasgow. The seats were so close together and barely any legroom. It was not only the legroom that was terrible, the comfort of the seats was absolutely horrendous.British Airways Seat Review: Ian Graham - "Sat in Row 27B and the seats have no recline due to toilets behind. Seat pitch poor felt very cramped especially when a person in front reclined seat. Seats not very wide either. Coming back on an A320 again sat in an emergency exit (overwing seat) and even though they were supposed to have a bit more legroom still felt cramped. Glad it was only a 2 hr flight." EasyJet Seat Review: E McLean -"Cramped and uncomfortable. My partner is 6'7" and was unable to move during the flight. He could not lean forward, nor could he rest his head on anything. I am not quite as tall but still left the flight with aching legs and had to walk around for some time to get the circulation back. Appalling conditions" That's been a mix of airlines and it's clear to see that something needs to be done! Action needs to be done and the CAA must enforce this law for airlines in the UK to remove a few rows of seats and make legroom bigger on every seat!   How it will be delivered I will email Signatures directly to Andrew Haines, CEO of the Civil Aviation Authority by me personally.

Marc Brady
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Petition to Blue Panorama Airlines

Make Blue Panorama Airlines refund victims of its "middle-name scam"

This petition is for the thousands of victims of Blue Panorama Airline's "middle-name scam" to demand the airline refund all of us the €50 - €80 per ticket they stole.  Furthermore, we are asking them to remove the middle-name requirement from their terms and conditions, which most other airlines do not require. An apology for their unethical treatment of their customers would also be appreciated.  If you are not familiar with this scam, for months they have been charging every passenger a €50 - €80 per ticket name-change fee just to add their middle name to the ticket, even though the airline's online form did not have any place to enter a middle name, there was only a field for "first name" and "last name."  In a clear admission of their "mistake," they have recently changed their form to ask for "all given names" to match your identification exactly.  Unfortunately, that improvement only helps people who book through the airline's own website.  Most people book through other online travel sites and many of them don't have a field for "middle name" (because most airlines don't require it anyway), so all of these passengers continue to be forced to pay the name-change fees.  To quote one victim's complaint on TripAdvisor "This happened to about half of the passengers on the same flight. The ones who didn't pay didn't have middle names." Were you a victim of this scam like me?  Please sign the petition and spread the word.  Perhaps they will finally do the right thing and we will all get our money back.  At a minimum, it will help warn others to avoid them and apply pressure to force them to change their ways.  As the number of victims who have signed this petition grows, it will also help convince an Italian law firm to file a class action lawsuit on our behalf if necessary.  After signing the petition, please scroll down on the page and add your "reason for signing" and include the total amount they charged you and any other comments or details about your experience.

Jesse Lambdin
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Petition to Anaphylaxis Campaign

Ban Nuts and Nut Products on Airlines

I am Han, I am 15 years old and I have suffered from an anaphylactic allergy to nuts and peanuts since being born. This is a life-threatening allergy and even one bite of a product containing my allergen can send me into a deadly anaphylactic reaction. I am like any normal teenager and just want to live my life and not have to constantly have to worry and check everything I eat. I have to carry my epi-pens, medication and language allergy cards everywhere I go. My allergy restricts me from living a normal day to day life and travelling with anaphylaxis can cause me a lot of anxiety. I am an anxious flyer anyway, but with the air being circulated on planes, the fact that my life is in the hands of whether or not my fellow passengers choose to eat nuts, makes it a whole lot worse. Somebody eating peanuts in the same aircraft as me can still send me into anaphylactic shock and can threaten my life. I struggle to eat anything in airports, as most food is nut based and it would mean more than anything to me if people could understand that by not eating nuts on flights, it could save my life. My last severe reaction happened 4 years ago on the flight home from my summer holiday. I was in a life-threatening condition that could've ended a lot worse than it did. I can't remember much of that horrifying day, but I couldn't breathe, my insides swelled up, I had the largest rash all over my body. To make matters worse, I was in the air, so the hospital was amoody impossible to reach. Therefore, I want to petition that nuts and nut based products be banned on all airlines. This could one day, be the difference between life and death of someone like me who suffers from an anaphylactic allergy to nuts and peanuts, so please sign this petition to help the growing number of nut allergy sufferers in the UK. It would mean so so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to read. Han:)

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