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Petition to Brad Sherman, David Ryu, Nikki Ezhari

We support Environmental Impact Study & Notice & Comment Re FAA Valley flight path change.

TO  DAN ELWELL, ACTING ADMINISTRATOR | FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION (FAA):  The FAA is considering the establishment of new Standard Instrument Departure procedures at Burbank Airport known as OROSZ THREE and SLAPP TWO.  Requiring planes to continue to two waypoints known as JAYTE and TEAGN will bring noise pollution and air pollution to Valley schools and residential neighborhoods. The changes under consideration are serious and will impact quality of life for Valley residents.   At this point, the FAA has not engaged the impacted communities in an open and transparent discussion regarding the proposed changes.  Implementation without comprehensive environmental review and public input process is unacceptable.  Valley residents and families with children in affected schools deserve the strongest possible environmental review process.  They also deserve written, intelligible notice of the proposed changes (so that a layperson can understand what the changes would mean in terms of planes flying overhead--where, how high/loud/often) and a reasonable period of time to comment in writing and in public hearings in which they can ask questions and express concerns to the FAA. We respectfully exercise our right to petition our government to address these grievances immediately by providing due process.

Christine Kim
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Petition to San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, California Air Resources Board

Speak Up for Clean Air in the San Joaquin Valley ¡Queremos aire limpio!

Versión en español a continuación It’s no secret: the San Joaquin Valley has some of the dirtiest air in the nation. Many days, it’s unsafe to be outside because the air is too unhealthy to breathe.  Instead of adopting a plan to clean the air, our state and local officials are seeking more delays on an already-overdue plan to clean up pollution in the region. We deserve better. Tell the Valley Air District and the California Air Resources Board to stop dragging their feet and adopt a strong plan to reduce pollution in our Valley. This petition calls on our agencies to:  Deliver clean air now; Design a robust air pollution alert system to alert us when pollution reaches hazardous levels; and Create an all-of-the-above solution for clean air.  The San Joaquin Valley is the most polluted air basin in the nation for fine particle pollution (PM2.5). PM2.5 can penetrate deep into the lungs, enter the bloodstream, and constrict or block blood flow to the heart and brain. PM2.5 is a known trigger of asthma attacks and is correlated with increased incidences of heart attack and heart disease. High PM2.5 contributes to an estimated 1,200 cases of premature mortality in the Valley every year.  Studies suggest long-term exposure may be associated with chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function and increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease.   We can’t wait any longer for clean air. Speak up now! Sign the petition and urge California's agencies to take significant action to clean up our air.  See the full text of the petition here.  ~~~~~ No es secreto: el Valle de San Joaquín tiene el aire más contaminado de la nación. Muchos días están demasiado contaminados para estar afuera. En lugar de adoptar un plan para limpiar nuestro aire, las agencias de aire están buscando más excusas seguir postergando un plan que ya está retrasado y que debería indicar como reducir la contaminación en la región. ¡Exigimos soluciones ya! Dígale al Distrito del Aire y al Consejo de Recursos del Aire de California que dejen las excusas y adopten inmediatamente un plan sólido para reducir la contaminación en nuestro Valle. Esta petición demanda de nuestras agencias los siguiente: Logren que tengamos un aire limpio ahora; Diseñen un sistema para alertarnos cuando la contaminación alcance niveles peligrosos; y Generen una solución comprehensiva que haga que todos los contaminadores reduzcan sus emisiones. Nuestra región tuvo niveles muy peligrosos de contaminación de partículas finas (PM2.5). Cuando se inhalan, estas pequeñas partículas se alojan en los pulmones y pueden ingresar al torrente sanguíneo, bloqueando el flujo de sangre al corazón y al cerebro. Estudios científicos han determinado que hay una conexión en los aumentos de los niveles diarios de PM2.5 y el aumento de visitas a la sala de emergencia, admisiones al hospital y muertes prematuras. Los estudios sugieren que la exposición a largo plazo a altos niveles de PM2.5 puede estar asociado con bronquitis crónica, función pulmonar reducida y el aumento de la mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón y enfermedades del corazón. No podemos esperar más para tener aire limpio. ¡Hazte escuchar! Firme la petición e exija a las agencias que regulan el aire en California a que tomen medidas inmediatas para limpiar nuestro aire.

Central Valley Air Quality Coalition
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Petition to Edgewater Harbors Residents

Reduce man-made pollutants affecting Edgewater Harbor Residents

It's beautiful living along the Hudson River in Edgewater Harbor, across from Manhattan but it also has its downfalls. Places like Pier 115 Bar & Grill make it impossible for hard-working professionals to sleep, as loud club music makes it way into our homes late at night and until early in the am (Thursday - Sundays). Shopping carts from Home Goods and CVS cause an obstruction for walking on sidewalks or block parking spots for patrons. Crossing River Road to get to cool eateries like Porto by Antonio or to buy fresh flowers at Beethoven's Veranda are quite dangerous! Watch for those turning vehicles, while your crosswalk signal is on! Irresponsible pet owners leave messes on the sidewalks for others to have to walk on. The Superfund Site is causing havoc on air quality for local residents and area employees. And I understand, that the air quality testers have been since removed from the site? The desolate property in between the Superfund Site and our homes is sited with asbestos and mold - what does this mean for our children and families to have to breathe in this unhealthy air? Have you ever walked along the boardwalk? There is debris on the outskirts of the river; full of tires, trash, litter and more! All of this combined, seems it's time for change. Let's cleanup Edgewater Harbor! Let's hold local businesses and building owners accountable to standards that allow residents to have a quality of life. From forcing Home Goods and CVS to better manage their shopping carts. To Pier 115 controlling the music, so that is does not reach resident's homes; especially at late hours. How many summons need to be issued before something else can be done?  To Pembroke Management holding pet owners and dog walkers responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Perhaps signage with fine notices? Their dog park is also unlocked, so non-residents can use it. Does this make it a public dog park, which should be up to par with code and regulations? You can smell urine as far as the pool and boardwalk. Speaking of dogs at this property, they have a list of breeds that are not allowed and are violating this - is there anything that can be done about that? Do all of these dog owners have permits for their dogs? To stop vehicles from parking in the fire lanes in the roundabout. Perhaps having police make regular stops for this very violation?  To Dunkin Donuts from blocking the sidewalk with their outside tables and chairs. I would imagine they should only be able to utilize a certain portion of the sidewalks, so there is ample room to pass.  To limit cigarette butt and litter pollution on the main streets. Perhaps a sign for littering with fine notices? To ensuring that the EPA is properly monitoring the cleanup of the Superfund site. And shouldn't they be involved with the tear down of the asbestos and mold ridden property next door?  These are some examples and together we may identify more; that may greatly improve the environment and habitable conditions for Edgewater residents. Join our cause for a better Edgewater Harbor today!

Angelina C
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