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Petition to Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Tamara Havicks, Mayor Dennis Tyler, Joe Donnelly, Sue Errington, Tim Lanane, Luke Messer, Commissioner Sherry Riggin, Melanie Wright

Make Muncie Safer! Demand a Public Meeting on Exide's Permit to Pollute in Muncie!

Exide Technologies has filed an application with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to renew their Operating Permit at their plant located at 2601 West Mt. Pleasant Blvd. in Muncie.  Please join with your friends, neighbors and residents in SIGNING this PETITION requesting a public meeting on Exide’s proposed permit and emissions in Muncie. It will only take a minute or less of your time. We are residents, neighbors & merchants concerned about Exide’s long history of excessive pollution, violations and fines in Muncie. Since 1989, Exide has released 227,275 pounds of toxic pollutants- including dangerous lead, sulfuric acid and arsenic- into the air and water in Muncie. If approved, this Operating Permit will allow Exide to continue to emit 474.5 tons (949,000 pounds) of toxic pollutants in Muncie PER YEAR, including 4.86 tons (9,720 pounds) of lead. This will negatively impact local homes, businesses, residents' health, our environment and wildlife.  We deserve to know more about this important public health and safety issue, including: - The negative impacts these emissions have on surrounding homes and residents’ health and safety? - Are any soil tests or impact studies on Exide’s emissions going to be required? - What regulations and air and water monitoring technology and controls will be in place to protect Muncie residents from these toxic emissions? - Can new or additional monitoring and safety devices be required like the WESP filtration device Exide’s competitor RSR has in their Indianapolis plant to reduce harmful emissions? - How often will the plant be inspected to ensure compliance (right now Exide only self-reports once every three years!)?  - What measures and penalties are in place should Exide- as has occurred several times at their Muncie plant- exceed emissions or be found in non-compliance? These questions and more are why we must demand a public meeting on this issue from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Unfortunately, we only have until July 21st to request a public meeting which is when public comment on the operating permit closes. Unless a meeting is requested, the permit will likely be approved and we will not be able to do anything to stop it...or learn more. You can also send an email by July 21st to Tamara Havics at to express your concerns and request a public meeting; refer to permit number T035-37825-00028 in your correspondence. We deserve to learn more about Exide’s permit and how we can better Protect Muncie given that Exide has one of the worst public health and environmental safety records of any company in the U.S. and have been subject to millions of dollars in fines and criminal charges in several communities- including in Muncie! For more information, or to get involved, email

Protect Muncie
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Petition to Secretary - General of United Nations, President of the United States, Council of the European Union, Theresa May MP, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, The Chief Justice & The Justices

The Cauvery River is the lifeline of Tamils.

Respected Sir / Madam, Tamil is the ancient language. Tamils are world's first race.The birth place of the World civilization, the cradle of world culture and the World's ancient heritage center are called Tamil Nadu state, a main part in South India, The first ethnic Tamils ​​of the world today are being destroyed by the government of own country.Tamil People live in harmony with nature. Tamils need only natural agriculture. The Cauvery River is the lifeline of Tamils.75 % of The Cauvery River Water should be issued to Tamil Nadu State. That is Ours rights.So, The Cauvery Management Board should be set up permanently. Indian government to plans to destroy nature.Tamils don't want Chemical factories, Terrible research centers and any other plant against nature. Tamils don't want plans like Methane Gas & Hydrocarbon Gas Plant in the agriculture lands at Tanjore,Neutrino Observatory at Geological Biodiversity area in Western Ghats,GAIL Pipeline Scheme to carry gas pipelines under the agricultural lands,Sterlite Copper Factory at Tuticorin,Nuclear Reactor Extension at Koodankulam, Coal Mine Extension at Neiveli and Adhani's Solar Power Plant at Sivagangai,Coca-Cola & Pepsi's Soft Drink Companies at Tirunelveli and Other places. Indian Central government acts actively and indirectly to destroy Tamil People, Tamil Language and Tamil Nadu State. Tamils are protesting against these plans and are conducting daily struggles. But the government is intimidating the police and the military.We ask you to immediately intervene in these issues and save them from danger.We urge you to take immediate action to save us. Ten crores of Tamils living worldwide are expecting your fruitful and justifying actions. Please take steps to preserve the world's first race Tamil. Your actions will be recorded and hailed in the History of mankind. Water is precious & Life source for many.                                                                                 Save Hills !  Save Forests !!  Save Nature !!! Save Rivers !  Save Animals !!  Save Agriculture Lands !!! Save Tamil People !  Save Tamil Nadu State !!  Save Tamil Language !!! Yours Sincerely, V. PalaniChennai,Tamil Nadu State,India.

Velumani Pazhani
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