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Formulate a policy on ‘The Pusa Decomposer’: The Best Solution To Curb Stubble Burning.

Stubble Burning has been one of the major causes for high pollution levels in NCR and the northern India. This practice severely affects the soil fertility and makes the land unfit for agriculture. The toxic pollutants released into air causes severe respiratory and mental health hazards. This practice needs to be checked. Recently, Indian Agricultural Research Institute(IARI) at Pusa, has come up with the most practical and viable solution called ‘THE PUSA DECOMPOSER’.This is absolutely a natural and climate inviting strategy to break down the stubble in a less expense and time. The public authority and pertinent specialists are mentioned to figure an approach on execution of this decomposer technique at the earliest opportunity in every single farm of India. Why slash and burn? Stubble (parali) burning is an act of setting fire to crop residue to remove them from the field to sow the next crop. In order to plant next winter crop (Rabi crop), farmers in Haryana and Punjab have to move in a very short interval and if they are late, due to short winters these days, they might face considerable losses. Therefore, burning is the cheapest and fastest way to get rid of the stubble. Impact of stubble burning. A study estimates that crop residue burning released 149.24 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2), over 9 million tonnes of carbon monoxide (CO), 0.25 million tonnes of oxides of sulphur (SOX), 1.28 million tonnes of particulate matter and 0.07 million tonnes of black carbon. These directly contribute to environmental pollution, and are also responsible for 7-78% of  the haze in Delhi and melting of Himalayan glaciers. The heat from burning paddy straw penetrates 1 centimetre into the soil, elevating the temperature to 33.8 to 42.2 degree Celsius. This kills the bacterial and fungal populations critical for a fertile soil. Burning of crop residue causes damage to other micro-organisms present in the upper layer of the soil as well as its organic quality. Due to the loss of ‘friendly’ pests, the wrath of ‘enemy’ pests has increased and as a result, crops are more prone to disease. The solubility capacity of the upper layers of soil have also been reduced. What if we don’t curb this?  Delhi’s air quality levels in winter exacerbate respiratory problems and lead to disruption in air and road travel due to the poor visibility. It also effects the mental health leading to psychosomatic disorders and depression. Doctors warn that respiratory problems caused due to stubble burning may even worse the Covid-19 fatality. Farmers face constant reduction in the produce due to declining soil fertility. This may lead to food crisis in the coming years and also make the land unfit for agriculture. What is Pusa Decomposer? Pusa Decomposer, a microbial spray, developed by the Microbiology Division of the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), Delhi, is the harbinger of hope for an end to stubble burning. It has come up with a set of capsules, which are dissolved in water containing jaggery, chickpea flour and a set of 8 types of fungi, essential to quicken the decomposition of stubble. This is to be fermented for 3-4 days, and liquid so obtained is ready to be sprayed in the farmers’ field. The stubble gets completely decomposed within 3 weeks which is far less than natural decomposition They state that four such capsules( each costing ₹5) are enough to make 25 litres, which can be sprayed over a hectare. Therefore, stubble gets converted into manure in the field and in turn increases soil fertility. Why Pusa Decomposer? There is another such other alternative, which the public authority is attempting to urge the farmers to utilize. 'Happy Seeder'. This machine eliminates the stubble from the field and sows new seeds. However, the farmers feel burning as a more feasible alternative as it spares less time and cost as compared to purchasing a collector. Stubble burning costs around ₹1000 per acre, where as using ‘Happy Seeder’ costs ₹300 more than burning it.Whereas, The Pusa Decomposer costs only ₹300 per acre which includes capsules, jaggery water and chickpea flour. This is the most affordable and environment friendly method of stubble removal. This also increases the productivity of the soil. Satpal in Barsalu village in Karnal district said, “I get 1- 2 quintal of harvest extra since I started using Pusa Decomposer”. Government actions. Recently, The Government of Delhi has come up with this Pusa Decomposer in  collaboration with IARI. The pilot projects are being held in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana regions. Call for the action. We encourage the Government specialists to perceive and execute 'The Pusa Decomposer' strategy in every single farm of India. Wide spread creation and conveyance of the cases is the need of great importance. With the appearance of harsh winters in the coming months and the compounding of pandemic situation, stubble burning will aggravate the issue significantly more. Please sign this petition to compel The Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and farmers’ welfare, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Central pollution control board and environment secretaries of every state to recognise and formulate policies for wide spread implementation of ‘The Pusa Decomposer’ method.

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Petition to Central Government, Delhi Government

Petition on pollution control in Delhi-NCR

Everyday delhites wake up to news like “Thick Layer of smog envelopes Delhi, ‘severe’ pollution likely to enter emergency zone today” or “New Delhi is choking on smog and there’s no end in sight”. Every Delhite consumers up to 20 cigarettes a day without even touching that Goldflake’s box. Air Pollution in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) has been witnessing new parameters of harmful air in the capital region at extreme Level in past few months. Although, this problem has been addressed at several occasions since 1990s due to which Mr. M.C. Mehta, a great environmentalist filed PIL against air pollution issue, even then, there is no serious concern and no effective actions are taken to control the immense pollution. Delhi Government has been conducting ineffective methods of controlling air pollution and there is no urgent consideration for this issue. The Air quality Index has been hitting the unhealthy category since 2010. And in 2019, there has been just two days below 50 AQI ( Air quality Index ) which is considered to be healthy and above 50 starts to create little imbalance in air. It has been more than 100 at present, which is an unhealthy state for elderly and people with weak-immune system. In certain regions, it is even above 200, which is very harmful and unhealthy air to breath and causing a lot of health issues, air imbalance in the environment and endangerment to manhood. The air quality index cannot be compared with previous years as many problems are arising. Instead, we should focus on decreasing its normal state by implementing some effective actions. It is extremely disheartening to know that human beings are just comparing the statics of the pollution rate falling with every passing year. However, the impact it makes on people is a serious issue and government should really make this issue a priority right now because it is, we, the people of India who are suffering the most right now. Moreover, this issue is only been discussed when winters are around the corner and not the other time due to smog and other factors. Air quality index remains the same throughout the year, which is extremely unhealthy and causing serious issues to the people. The government has been initiating several multi-dimensional plans for a clean and purified air by 2024 but nothing is certain before that period. Should human beings continue to live in such degraded quality of air and cause damage to their respiratory organs? Imagine the amount of lung cancers and asthma patients India will be witnessing soon. Government of India needs to come with better plans and policies unlike odd-even, which has no impact and proved to be a failure. Delhi and Mumbai can soon emerge as the smoke-chambers of world with unsustainable means of living due to rapid industrialization and commercialization. This petition requests the learned members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to pass a bill for special protection and control of pollution in North India and make it mandatory for all the companies in the said region to have a Corporate Social Responsibility towards environment. It is not the cars but industries generating the pollution across globe. Eventually everyone is going to suffer. However, every such problem comes with a solution. The solution is none other to prevent the root of such pollution. Industries must come up with an alternative than dumping the waste to water bodies or polluting the air through factory’s tall chimney. We need to address the health-related issues everyone is suffering due to this growing pollution like breathlessness, irritated eyes, throat and nose, headache, vision issues, heart and lungs problem etc. Moreover, due to blurred and total invisibility, the flights especially during winters get delayed causing trouble to various airlines. It certainly makes the transportation facilities in the city troublesome.  The lack of clean air in the environment also results in the violation of Article 21 of the Constitution i.e. Right to life. The Article of the constitution also known as the “heart” of the constitution includes various rights, one among them being the "right to clean and healthy environment" which is pollution-free. This petition has been filed in good faith towards our environment and aims to achieve following goals: 1.     Instigate government to take an immediate-action towards the said matter. 2.     Encourage the citizens of India to take necessary measures to prevent pollution in Indian metropolitan cities like New Delhi. 3.     Make it mandatory for all the companies to have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards environment. 4.     Create awareness in society for a pollution-free environment. 5.      Limit the industrialization level in New Delhi and NCR. Please sign the petition if you are in a long-lasting quest to breathe a breeze of fresh air in your own city. Please sign this petition if you support our cause and feel suffocated living and breathing in your own city. Please sign this petition if you have breathing issues and are suffering from various diseases due to this smog. Please sign this petition to SAVE DELHI FROM TANKING INTO THIS SMOG AND BECOMING INVISIBLE. We request everyone reading this petition to spread awareness and share this as much as possible. WAKE UP DELHI before it is too late.

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