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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, President of the United States

Farming Animals is Unnecessary, Please Stop Now

Slaughtering animals for our use is completely unnecessary. We do not need animal products for human health, they are not needed for anyone at any time of their life. In fact, the World Health Organization classifies meat as a carcinogen type 1. Animals are sentient beings, they feel pain, they experience joy, fear, and can feel happiness. Animals are here with us NOT for us.  Animal agriculture is NOT sustainable for the health of our Planet.  There are too many examples, studies, proof that a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle is the only way to reach optimal health for humans, prevent the unnecessary cruelty to animals and is the best way to protect our Planet.  Profit is not a good justification for exploiting humans, animals or our Planet's resources.  I am including some links with extremely helpful information on the subject from the experts: Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness: Animals Feeling National Geographic: Worldwide Livestock Population Study (Global Distribution): A Solution to World Hunger:  Thank you!  

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Petition to Duquense Light Company, West Deer Duquesne Light Company, Richard Riazzi, Jessica Rock

RESPECTAgZone: Say NO to DLC high voltage towers

We all need reliable energy. But not when high voltage transmission lines threaten our homes, our parks, our businesses, our animals, and our community. There are other paths to get us what we need with less of an impact. In June 2017, Duquesne Light Company proposed to run high voltage lines on huge towers through our agricultural zone in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This agricultural zone is one-of-a-kind treasure near Pittsburgh with clean and green-conserved properties preserved by long-standing efforts in Indiana Township. Our community includes precious few remaining woodlands and farms for all to enjoy. The 138-kv lines from Pine Creek to West Deer, proposed by Duquesne Light Company, not only disturbs the Rachel Carson Trail, land conserved by the Allegheny Land Trust, but also Hartwood Acres, two FAA landing strips, Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy, as well as many others! Alternative routes are clearly available. Duquesne Light Company must abandon their proposed routes through our agricultural zone and we need your help. Join us at RESPECTAgZone in calling on Duquesne Light Company to abandon any attempt to ravage the Agricultural Zone in Indiana Township with their high voltage towers. Choose another route! Please visit for more details! Find us on Facebook and Twitter @respectagzone #Dont_Zap_Our_Zone #Dont_Fry_Our_Farms  

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