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Save Goldicott House

Goldicott House is a Heritage listed property in Toowong.  Used primarily as a convent for the Sisters of Mercy and a boarding house for St Ignatius Primary School, its grand history came to an end when Sister Anna Ventura, the last remaining Sister, moved out in April 2017.   Built over 130 years ago, and having managed to retain its expansive grounds, despite all the development around it, it is a rare treasure.  It is exactly the rarity of its sweeping grounds, specifically noted in the Heritage Register, that have made it a prime target for greedy developers.  Pikos Developments purchased the property in a private tender process this year, and are already advertising it as a future aged care development on their website.  They plan to build towers on the grounds, big enough to house 600 beds.  The only access to the property is via a tiny residential cul-de-sac.  To make it clear, their development would have more beds than the Wesley Hospital, which accommodates 535 patients. As it stands, the property is not zoned for an aged care development.  In spite of this, Pikos have paid $8M for the site, and are advertising as if a complex rezoning and an invasive build on a Heritage listed property is a done deal. We don't think this is right, and we need your help to protect our heritage properties.

Save Goldicott House
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