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Petition to Trumansburg Planning Board, Trumansburg Village Board

Keep Trumansburg Flourishing: Support Housing in our Village

The conversation around the Hamilton Square proposal has become increasingly divisive. We have seen misleading literature spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt; a group of Ulysses Historical Society board members using the Society's name to promote their personal views; and a small contingent of residents exploring ways to sue the Village. As members of the Trumansburg community, we can no longer let the conversation be run by a few. To The Village And Planning Boards of Trumansburg, NY We, the undersigned members of the Trumansburg community, believe in the future of our village. We believe in a future where our schools have turned around 15 years of declining student enrollment. We believe in a future where our Main Street businesses are bustling with new customers. We believe in a future where our school teachers and Main Street employees can find affordable housing in our village rather than commuting from outside the county. To realize this future, we recognize that more homes and more apartments will be built. We recognize that we will have new residents and more cars in our village. And we recognize that previously open land will need to be developed. We also recognize that development is complex. That’s why we rely on you, our elected and appointed representatives, to ensure that all development gets the proper and necessary review. We know that, as our friends and neighbors, you will ensure development in our community is done responsibly. To build towards this future, we the undersigned, support new market rate and affordable housing in Trumansburg. We know that the Hamilton Square project will move forward only if it is found to comply with our zoning and planning ordinances and, if it does, we look forward to welcoming new families, students, customers, employees, and teachers into our community. This petition has been created by the Affordable Housing Advocates of Ulysses and Trumansburg

Affordable Housing Advocates of Ulysses and Trumansburg
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Petition to Burlingame City Council

Burlingame! Let's start an affordable housing fund with new city revenue from Top Golf.

Burlingame will be in a unique position to start an affordable housing fund AT NO COST TO TAXPAYERS. The Council’s recent decision to enter into negotiations with Top Golf for a new entertainment venue at the current Golf Center site will generate significant new revenue... estimates in excess of half a million dollars a year!  We urge the City Council to use the revenue to fulfill promises to support and fund affordable housing. Let’s face it:  Our current affordable housing crisis likely is only going to get worse.  In fact, a very large commercial development broke ground on the old drive-in site on Bayshore.  Soon, we can expect an additional 3,000 to 4,000 new jobs coming to Burlingame. Many of our residents who do not own their own homes—some who have lived here a long time, others who have kids in the schools--already fear being forced to leave town, due to escalating rents and down payments well beyond their reach.  And, these new local jobs likely will put even more upward pressure on housing prices, making it even harder for many of those who have already made Burlingame their home stay in our community. Top Golf will be renting city-owned land, so it is more than fair that the revenue derived from this city resource be used to address one of Burlingame’s most pressing issues.  The money can be used to fund an Affordable Housing Fund, similar to Menlo Park’s Below Market Rate Housing Program, which would enable Burlingame to partner with affordable developers and the County to build more units for low- to moderate-income residents. We believe this City Council should seize this amazing opportunity and direct all the new city revenue from Top Golf to start an affordable housing fund in Burlingame. 

elana lieberman
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Petition to Moorestown Township, Mayor, Moorestown Township, Council Members

Halt Council Approval of Low Income Housing Plan on Hartford Rd. in Moorestown

Re: Affordable Housing Plan for Hartford RoadDear Neighbors/Council: The Moorestown Township Council is considering a plan to move forward with affordable/low income housing units to be located on Hartford Road, at its intersection with Centerton Road. Though we do not yet know the details of this plan, the Township held a conference on September 20 (closed to the public) for developers submitting proposals for a development of at least 101 units, possibly as many as 200 units, with some reports that a Fair Share Housing Group is demanding that 1,521 affordable/low income housing units be built in Moorestown in the next 7-8 years. This plan has raised questions among some residents in Moorestown, including but not limited to: 1) will a new school be required when the large number of students (200-600, possibly many more?) all enter the school system within a short time once the housing development is completed, or is it the plan for the existing Moorestown elementary, upper and high schools to absorb that large number of new students; 2) what will be the impact on property and school taxes; 3) why was this location chosen, in the middle of open farmland and nowhere near any walkable section of town/shops, and what other locations (if any) were seriously considered;  4) what will be the impact on local traffic on Hartford and Centerton Roads; 5) what exactly is the income/affordability component of low income/affordable housing and how many of the proposed units are designated to be rental properties; 6) has the Township explored every possible other avenue and exhausted all efforts to meet its “fair share housing obligation”, before taking what appears to be a drastic step of building an entirely new and very large housing development; 7) were the residents in the area that will most directly be affected given proper notice of the meetings where decisions were made on this important topic? 8) are there alternatives (such as senior affordable housing or building 10-20 units at a time and spreading them throughout the Township) that were seriously considered;     9), would this new contemplated development consist of high-density 2-3 bedroom rental apartments similar to the developments in Mount Laurel and Marlton (much larger towns than Moorestown) where the Township will collect $0 in taxes from the community, thereby significantly increasing the tax burden of all other taxpayers in the Township? I am sure other questions exist among the Township residents. The Township held an "informational" conference on Sept. 20 for developers/groups who intend to make proposals for the affordable housing development. The qualified submissions will be announced by the Council on October 4.  There is a Council meeting on Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m., at which time this plan may be discussed.   Please sign this petition to present to the Council demanding that any action on the affordable housing plan be halted pending answers to these questions and additional information.  We want to make sure that due diligence has been performed and that every possible option (including continued litigation, if there is a chance of success) has been and will be considered.  We are aware of some of the components of the fair housing obligations in the State of New Jersey and we realize that some additional amount of affordable housing will need to be provided in Moorestown. Nevertheless, the members of this group have legitimate questions about this plan and want to make sure our interests/concerns are conveyed to the Council and that due diligence has been performed before final decisions/approvals are granted. Thank you.

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