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Petition to Moorestown Township, Mayor, Moorestown Township, Council Members

Halt Council Approval of Low Income Housing Plan on Hartford Rd. in Moorestown

Re: Affordable Housing Plan for Hartford RoadDear Neighbors/Council: The Moorestown Township Council is considering a plan to move forward with affordable/low income housing units to be located on Hartford Road, at its intersection with Centerton Road. Though we do not yet know the details of this plan, the Township held a conference on September 20 (closed to the public) for developers submitting proposals for a development of at least 101 units, possibly as many as 200 units, with some reports that a Fair Share Housing Group is demanding that 1,521 affordable/low income housing units be built in Moorestown in the next 7-8 years. This plan has raised questions among some residents in Moorestown, including but not limited to: 1) will a new school be required when the large number of students (200-600, possibly many more?) all enter the school system within a short time once the housing development is completed, or is it the plan for the existing Moorestown elementary, upper and high schools to absorb that large number of new students; 2) what will be the impact on property and school taxes; 3) why was this location chosen, in the middle of open farmland and nowhere near any walkable section of town/shops, and what other locations (if any) were seriously considered;  4) what will be the impact on local traffic on Hartford and Centerton Roads; 5) what exactly is the income/affordability component of low income/affordable housing and how many of the proposed units are designated to be rental properties; 6) has the Township explored every possible other avenue and exhausted all efforts to meet its “fair share housing obligation”, before taking what appears to be a drastic step of building an entirely new and very large housing development; 7) were the residents in the area that will most directly be affected given proper notice of the meetings where decisions were made on this important topic? 8) are there alternatives (such as senior affordable housing or building 10-20 units at a time and spreading them throughout the Township) that were seriously considered;     9), would this new contemplated development consist of high-density 2-3 bedroom rental apartments similar to the developments in Mount Laurel and Marlton (much larger towns than Moorestown) where the Township will collect $0 in taxes from the community, thereby significantly increasing the tax burden of all other taxpayers in the Township? I am sure other questions exist among the Township residents. The Township held an "informational" conference on Sept. 20 for developers/groups who intend to make proposals for the affordable housing development. The qualified submissions will be announced by the Council on October 4.  There is a Council meeting on Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m., at which time this plan may be discussed.   Please sign this petition to present to the Council demanding that any action on the affordable housing plan be halted pending answers to these questions and additional information.  We want to make sure that due diligence has been performed and that every possible option (including continued litigation, if there is a chance of success) has been and will be considered.  We are aware of some of the components of the fair housing obligations in the State of New Jersey and we realize that some additional amount of affordable housing will need to be provided in Moorestown. Nevertheless, the members of this group have legitimate questions about this plan and want to make sure our interests/concerns are conveyed to the Council and that due diligence has been performed before final decisions/approvals are granted. Thank you.

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Petition to Michael Bennet, Cory Gardner, Diana DeGette, John Hickenlooper, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, John Cornyn, Chuck Grassley, Kevin Brady, Devin Nunes, Peter Roskam, Diane Black, Kristi Noem, Rob Bishop, Donald Trump, Greg Walden, John Shimkus


  An amendment to the tax bill was passed Saturday by the Senate that included The Robert’s Amendment. This amendment strikes artist housing from the list of qualified groups who can benefit from federally subsidized low-income housing. If the provision makes its way into the tax bill that moves on to the White House, it would forbid developers from using housing credits to build affordable housing with a preference for artists. Moreover, as written, the law would also render all existing artists’ housing developments built with housing credits retroactively ineligible for the benefit. The amendment includes a simple line-for-line language swap. Where current law carves out a special exception for individuals “who are involved in artistic or literary activities,” the new bill would instead specify a benefit for those “who are veterans of the Armed Forces.”   While we are also supportive of housing for veterans, we believe both should be included, not one swapped for another. Elimination of this tax credit for artists will have a significant impact on the ability cities have have to protect their cultural community. We are respectfully asking that you DO NOT REMOVE THE ARTIST PREFERENCE clause of SEC.42(g)(9)(c) Law. We would like to see the artist preference clause kept and the new veterans preference language added to it, making it a stronger and more inclusive piece of legislation.  

RiNo Art District
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Petition to Ted Wheeler, Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz, Dan Saltzman, Chloe Eudaly

No Vote, No RIP! Portlanders Deserve a Vote.

Portland voters should decide the fate of their own city!  If City leaders are confident that the sweeping changes represented by the Residential Infill Project (RIP) are in the best interest of our city, they should also be confident that the final proposal can withstand a popular vote. To Mayor Wheeler and Members of the Portland City Council, We the undersigned believe the current RIP recommendations are so incredibly far-reaching – affecting every person living and/or doing business in Portland – that they should be placed on the ballot for a final-decision by the voters.  We believe that the people of Portland have lost confidence in the City Council’s ability to fairly enact such sweeping changes unilaterally. Ordinary residents – homeowners and renters alike – have gone largely unheard in our planning decisions and when such input is actually sought, it is routinely ignored. Furthermore, we believe that RIP has specifically ignored the concerns and needs of our most vulnerable citizens -- disability rights activists have been denied access, public meetings have been held in inaccessible venues, and poor and minority voices are scarcely represented even as such voices are increasingly priced out of Portland. We believe the committees and advisory panels like RIPSAC are unethically dominated by developers and urban planning consultants, rather than by the ordinary citizens whose lives will be forever changed by the enactment of these proposals. We continue to believe that it is unethical to personally profit from one’s own ‘official’ recommendations. We believe that RIP will incentivize more demolition of our city's remaining affordable housing stock in favor of new, luxuriously unaffordable market-rate apartments, mcmansions, & commercial spaces. Spaces that ultimately sit empty and held as investments. We believe RIP will exacerbate the affordable housing crisis by replacing affordable homes with unaffordable ones. We believe that the up-zoning outlined in RIP will make lots with existing homes more valuable as teardowns than they are as affordable homes. We believe RIP does nothing to address our near complete lack affordable-housing  which has risen to the level of humanitarian crisis. We are seeing disturbing-numbers of Seniors, disabled folks, and children among Portland's homeless population. We believe that RIP does nothing to bring to these Portlanders back into the stable housing that they need. We believe that it is inhumane to build more luxury housing while thousands of people sleep on the street. We believe that RIP encourages environmental degradation via toxic, un-contained and poorly overseen demolitions and threatens our established urban canopy through rampant tree loss. Attritions that create an unhealthy living and working environment for all our citizens. We believe that our neglected infrastructure can’t handle overwhelming developer-driven, market rate growth. Our combined-sewage system, our water problems, our schools, roads, and public-services aren’t being improved in ways that match either current or future growth. We believe that a public vote on such sweeping changes is appropriate – whether one strongly backs the RIP proposals, has concerns and hesitations, or is outright opposed. By signing this petition, we demand that we be provided an opportunity for every Portlander to have their say, yea-or-nay, on the final Residential Infill Project proposal.Sincerely, #RipCityRIPvoteFor More Information on the Residential Infill Project:

Stop Demolishing Portland
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Petition to Mark Cunningham, Todd Pitman, Michael U Salas, Robert H. Frazier, Malia Mahi, Pradeep K. Khosla, Pierre Ouillet

Keep ARCH Mesa housing affordable and environmentally friendly

Dear Residents: Please be aware the remainder of North Mesa is tentatively scheduled for demolition by March 2018. This includes the current Central Gardens, Central playground, and surrounding open space. Phase 2 of the Mesa housing development was slated to begin in 2019. Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) is moving one year ahead of schedule without explanation. We are a growing collective of Mesa residents who strongly oppose the timing, management, and planning of residents’ relocation. We are also angered by the lack of consistent, transparent communication from HDH, as well as the disorganized rush to relocate tenants as quickly as possible. Immediate effects of the relocation include:   Permanent loss of affordable housing for students; Extremely higher, unwarranted, and unjustified rental increases; Permanent loss of open space and green, family-friendly park space; Permanent loss of gardens with no plans for replacement; Permanent loss of amenities including storage space and balconies.   We are in the process of compiling a list of demands for HDH. Please become involved to save the park and gardens while ensuring your rental rates for 2017-2018, 2018-2019, and beyond are “grandfathered” into your new leasing agreements -- regardless of where you are unwillingly relocated. You have rights. Let your voice be heard. We are listening. Follow the link to see some pictures of the beautiful open spaces that will be permanently lost:

North Mesa Residents
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