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Petition to Eleanor Norton

Help "Divas" Keep the Gun Industry & our Elected Officials accountable for the Violence!

As a mental health awareness advocate and organization, M.I. Mother's Keeper is saddened by the many instances of horrific violence, and more importantly violence perpetrated by the use of a gun, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, that is alarmingly becoming the norm for many in our communities and across the nation. Now more than ever we need more funding to support various methods of mental health screenings, research, treatment, and programs.  We want answers and we need action!  Mental Illness and Gun Violence are public health matters, that as of late have been at the forefront of our atrocities as a nation.  The State of our City, communities, and our nation are under siege due to violence.  It's time for a real change! Help us help the nation, one community, and one family at a time.  We are all in this together!  Proper Mental Health Matters! We need more funding! We need more caring! We need more accountability!  Join Us!  We're calling on all DIVAS in the community to help us raise awareness to this very sensitive and necessary movement.  M.I. Mother's Keeper believes that our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, etc. are the nurturers of the community.  We're asking our DIVAS to stand up for proper mental health!  Stand up and help us take back our communities!  We're losing our families to violence and we've got to stay vocal to be heard!  Calling all DIVAS....M.I. Mother's Keeper needs your voice!  Our communities need healing!  We need your persistence, we need your Love!  Sign up today and show your support for the many families that are in crisis due to violence.Are you a DIVA? A nurturer who is "Deeply Incensed by Violent Acts"...Stand with us and help to secure more funding to get our communities the help and resources needed to keep the nation mentally healthy and aware!. Join Us! 1-844-36HELP2!

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Petition to Donald Trump, Health And Human Services Secretary Burwell, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Governor Charlie Baker, MA HHS Sudders, Senator Warren

Epidemic letter to The President

Please find our letter to President Trump, HHS Burwell, and key Govt. and our state officials regarding a declaration of a public health emergency by HHS Secratary Burwell and a National State Of Emergency by President Donald Trump. Sincerely, Sarah P AhernFounderEndTheStigma EnoughisEnough President Donald TrumpHHS Secretary BurwellSurgeon General Vivek MurthyGov. Charlie BakerMA HHS Mary Lou SuddersMayor Martin Walsh To Whom It May Concern,We the undersigned are writing to demand President Trump, HHS Secretary Burwell, and key federal and state stakeholders declare a National State of Emergency (and subsequent National Public Healthemergency, and state specific PHE ) in response to the public health crisis we are facing that is taking365 beautiful lives every day to a preventable disease. Since the passage of The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act passed into law on July 12, 2016with no real funding our nation has lost over 10,000 Americans to unintentional drug overdose.Some communities are losing 5 a day and counting. This National Crisis has claimed millions for two decades and is taxing all of our states public health and safety departments. The states simply don't have the means or the infrastructure to" Turn The Tide" in this deadly epidemic. Americans are dying hourly because they can't access treatment for lack of resources and "Stigma " which is alive and well in various communities all across the country.We are devastated, helpless, and angry as this preventable condition kills our loved ones, destroysfamilies and is unraveling the very fabric of our society. We are tired of our loved ones who struggle with the disease of addiction continuing to be treated assecond class citizens for having a medical disease by the very people tasked to help. Hospitals and ERsare shuttering their doors in an epidemic they caused violating the very oath they took to heal andprotect and most importantly do no harm. This is one of THE biggest barriers to treatment.There is no more time to wait, This epidemic is like having an F4 tornado dropping in every community.Just imagine that, Without a National response, We will not beat this and We will lose an entiregeneration. We implore HHS secretary Burwell to declare a Public Health Emergency in accordance with PublicHealth Services Act ( PHS) ( section 301, 319) FFDC Act, Social Security Act and activate the US Public Health Service ( USPHS),the National Disaster Medical system ( NOMS) and deploy the Medical Reserve Corps. We implore President Donald Trump to then declare through Executive order a National Emergency inaccordance with National Emergency Act ( NEA) sections 201, 319 to authorize a true NationalEmergency response as Congress couldn't be bothered to take this National Crisis seriously even in light of the preventable deaths mounting daily. The declaration of a National State of Emergency will authorize the National Medical Corp. (NMC) toassist communities in hospitals, army bases, hospital ships to treat acutely patients who need that level of care as would happen during a National disaster. It will also authorize the HHS Secretary to release funds directly to the states and local communities. It will demand hospitals open beds to patientssuffering with SUD and authorize use of federal facilities including Military bases/hospitals/ships fortreatment. In 2009 President Obama declared a state of emergency in response to the H1N1 flu strain. During this time I was a Practice Manager for an Internist and saw first hand how quickly federal, state, and local resources were activated, yet no deaths occurred during this outbreak. Again with Ebola billions were spent on a disease that netted zero US deaths. The same I fear will happen with the Zika virus where no US deaths have occurred yet Congress again is asking for billions. We can no longer wait for the infrastructure to be built or for Congress to vote on the 2017 budgetwithout a guarantee of promised funding.We need help Now!We carry the weight of millions of Americans and their lost loved ones who stand with us and are ready to serve. Sincerely, Sarah P. Ahern, Founder EndTheStigma William Pfaff, founder Heroin Is Killing My Town Please Note: The research contained within this document concerning The Declaration of a NationalState of Emergency and subsequent PHE is the sole property of Sarah P Ahern, Founder EndTheStigma. Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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