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Petition to The Government

The government Discrimination dont you think felons have rights to?

The government has laws against discrimination that protects whites , blacks , gays , or straight people etc. What about felons? why do people discriminate against all or most felons? people say all of the time that you can always do better or just try to put it behind you and move on. how can us the real victims put it behind us when every time we try to do so and get a job we get judged by our backgrounds or just about anything we do can't work at about 85% of businesses can't get help with hud if you need it and have kids ect. and that's not right people can't put anything behind us if people don't let us or even try to help us that's why most felons go back to their old ways anyone and everyone can change if they want to some people make mistakes so why hold it against them for their entire life please sign this petition to show that felons or most felons have equal rights just like everyone else show that people can change and can do right and work the same jobs like everyone else does help your children and the generations and for all the kids that might end up in the same situation that you or I am In thank you for doing so and for your time reading this I'll be looking forward for yours and everyone's support stop supporting the government and please stick up and help support us the people just cause your not a felon doesn't mean your not one it just means you wasn't or haven't been caught help support the USA of the people for the people that really want to show a change 

Jeremy Mentzer
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Petition to Judge Paul Pape, Mel Hamner, Clara Beckett, Mark Meuth, Donna Snowden

Remove the Confederate Monuments from Bastrop County Property

Let’s demand the removal of the Confederate Monuments standing on the grounds of the Bastrop County Courthouse, in Bastrop Texas. The monuments are engraved with two crossed confederate flags on one side and the words of a Confederate war song “Lest we Forget” on the other.  They were established by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1910 to honor Confederate soldiers from Bastrop County who fought in the war against civil rights.  These monuments were set on the lawn to memorialize the history of the confederacy.  As it was stated, to cherish the heritage of southern blood and southern chivalry.  The United Daughters of the Confederate supported white supremacy, the Ku Klux Klan, and the altering of textbooks to change the narrative around slavery.   Confederate monuments were built and given places of honor in public spaces.  These symbols of white supremacy have always been memorials to the cause of slavery and the denial of humanity to Black people. Now they are being weaponized to rally white supremacists. We have the power to diffuse these modern-day lynch mobs by removing these statues altogether, instead of giving white supremacists a rally point. The intent of this petition is to request that Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape and the commissioners of the court:  Mel Hamner, Clara Beckett, Mark Meuth, and Donna Snowden, immediately remove all Confederate monuments from all County properties in Bastrop County; including but not limited to, the two confederate monuments currently located on the Bastrop County Courthouse grounds. These monuments are a representation of the pain, affliction and oppression inflicted upon Black Americans.  We are at a time in history where we should be promoting equity for all, and denouncing all forms of racism that poison our communities.   Removing all Confederate monuments would be one step among many in sending the message that we are no longer honoring white supremacy at a societal level.  Join with me today and pledge to support the removal of all Confederate monuments and symbols from the greater Bastrop County communities.   HELP US TAKE THEM DOWN!

Cheryl Lee
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