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Petition to Bryan Hughes

Stop Texas representatives from removing minority history from the K-12 curriculum

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) histories are under attack in Texas. On July 9th, Bryan Hughes, a Republican member of the Texas State Senate, introduced bill 87(1) SB 3 for committee consideration in the state legislature. The bill effectively seeks to erase marginalized histories from "the social studies curriculum for each grade level from kindergarten through grade 12." On July 16, the bill was passed in the Senate. Just take a look at one of the parts of the bill that removes from the curriculum "the history of white supremacy, including but not limited to the institution of slavery, the eugenics movement, and the Ku Klux Klan, and the ways in which it is morally wrong." Among the other provisions is the removal of "the history of Native Americans" and elimination of "historical documents related to the civic accomplishments of marginalized populations," including those related to "the Chicano movement," "women's suffrage and equal rights," and "the American labor movement" from the curriculum.  If Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 3 into law, "Martin Luther King Jr.'s... 'I Have a Dream speech," "the Emancipation Proclamation," "the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth," Amendments to the United States Constitution," and "The United States Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education," would all be eviscerated from classrooms. Names like Frederick Douglass, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Héctor P. García would disappear from curricula. What would remain would be a condensed, whitened version of the history of Texas and the United States that ignores BIPOC struggles and triumphs. How can students be equipped to reckon with the racial realities of today without knowledge of our racist past? As a first-generation Asian-American, I am deeply concerned by Hughes' crusade against diverse narratives within Texan and American history. Racism is an infection. By ignoring it, we only allow it to clench its fist more tightly around our society and systems. Only by having frank conversations and uplifting BIPOC narratives from the very beginning, starting with our K-12 classrooms, can we spark meaningful change. Join me in showing Hughes and the Texas House of Representatives that legislation stifling marginalized stories and voices in our classrooms is regressive and unacceptable. Act now against SB 3 by sharing this petition and taking a stand. Want to take more direct, personal action? Go to the Action Center: Full text of the bill:

Siddhanth Pachipala
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Petition to Manhattan High School, Manhattan city council, Manhattan Residents

Change Manhattan High Schools Mascot

The High School in our lovely town's mascot is depicted as a Chief that they called "Indian". The name Indian is a derogatory term towards Native Americans and has been since Christopher Columbus set foot here.  As someone who is from a (sadly extinct) tribe, moving here and seeing the use of a Chief as a mascot, along with the use of Indian to describe them, blew my mind. Native Americans are not your mascot, they're people. No one would like if we used "Caucasians" as a mascot, and there would most definitely be an uproar about how it's "racist" and "belittling" towards white people. As the protest from Native Americans comes to all the schools and sport teams in the US, using their culture as a mascot goes on, it goes ignored. Thankfully, a few years back, Manhattan High School stopped using a ceremonial headdress, a traditional piece that is custom made for Native Americans for ceremonies that has different meanings depending on the feathers added to said headdress, as a costume during games and pep rallies. Changing the mascot is a great step towards helping lower the amount of racist schools using an entire culture as a mascot. We can change the mascot to an animal like almost every other school in our town. We could change it to a dragon or a wolf and be one step closer to changing the way Americans see Native Americans and their Tribes in this country.

Kyrryn Seagraves
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Petition to Doug Piper, Ron Robison, Piper Criscola

Retire the Portland Winterhawks "Indian Head" Logo

The Portland Winterhawks have long used the logo of a Native Indian mascot on their jerseys and branding.  Just this past February, they created with Adidas an alternate logo/crest they are promoting as a third jersey option. With this new design, the organization has created jerseys and branding with a anti-racist design while keeping the name and spirit of the Portland Winterhawks. Article with new design promotion here: There is no justifiable reason to continue to use antiquated and racially offensive branding to promote this sports team.  The requests for this petition are simple:1. There should be no "third" option, this new Adidas-designed logo should be the primary and ONLY option that is for sale.  A compromise of not creating new merchandise with the former logo would be acceptable. 2. The Portland Winterhawks should immediately update their social media branding and update their website with the new designs to encourage the use and adoption of their new crest.  No new media collateral should use the retired logo. 3. The Portland Winterhawks Skating Center must update their branding to reflect the new logo. 4. Sponsors of the Portland Winterhawks should cease the use of the former logo and should not create any new materials promoting the Winterhawks with the former logo. 

Whitney Jacobson
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Petition to Culpeper County Board of Supervisors

Remove Confederate Flag at Lenn Park

Lenn Park in Culpeper, Virginia is a county park that is used by many local and surrounding counties.  It is a park with many amenities that other parks in the area do not have and considered the best park in our town due to this.  But Lenn Park is not used and enjoyed by all the county residents due to the Confederate flag that is proudly displayed when entering the facility.  The Confederate flag is not a symbol of southern pride but rather a symbol of rebellion and racism. Symbols of hate have no place in our county ran facilities. The Confederate battle emblem represents: hatred, death, slavery, and a division amongst all people. It is past time for the flag to come down. The battle to remove the flag was denied a few years back but now is the time to fight again! This facility is ran by the county of Culpeper but the land on the website states “that it was donated to preserve the civil war significance that played a major role in the 1863 Battle of Brandy Station between Federal and Confederate Calvary soldiers”. But why does this symbol of hate have to be displayed??? 5years ago the removal was turned down, we should not let this happen again!! As residents and leaders in Culpeper County process and respond to racial injustice in our country, now is the time for our county to do something to show a commitment to diversity, unity, equity, and justice.  Remove this flag and let the unity begin!  Please sign this petition for the removal of this flag.  

Amy Hunter
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