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Petition to Fresno Unified School District, Fresno Unified School District Board of Trustees

Change Fresno High School's Mascot Image!

This is Yokuts Land and we are Valley Natives for CHANGE! (FB) 65% of Native Youth (link)57% of Natives who strongly identify with being Native (link)67% of Natives who frequently engage in cultural practices (link)STAND AGAINST AND ARE DEEPLY INSULTED BY NATIVE MASCOTS. 896 high schools have removed Native mascots since 2014 (and counting).That's an average of approximately 150 per year! Fresno High School sits on #YokutsLand. This land was taken through acts of genocide, systemic racism and oppression. The use of generic Native imagery as a mascot has not only caused pain to many Natives in the community, it reinforces archaic and racist ideas about Native Americans as violent savages from a bygone era. This concept of the "Noble Savage" is one of the oldest racist tropes used against our people, yet, is surprisingly one of the most used within the framework of the Native mascot issue. Unbelievably, Fresno Unified School District allowed for this patently racist idea to have a platform in what was billed as a "Town Hall discussion" under the guise of "Community Voice & Diversity of Thought" Racist concepts like this, reinforced by shame, ridicule, disdain, threats of violence, etc., have forced many Natives to live in silent shame, to hide from or abandon their culture. This divisive dehumanization has to end, for the sake of our children. Q: Is this just a local issue, or is it bigger than the Fresno area?A: TENS OF THOUSANDS of Native voices have fought the use of Native mascots since the NCAI - Native Congress of American Indians first launched a campaign against these dehumanizing mascots in 1968. The NCAI is the oldest and largest organization representing "over 566 federally recognized tribes, all of which are sovereign nations – with lands located within the borders of 34 states. Over 5.2 million American Indian or Alaska Native people were counted in the 2010 Census representing close to 2 percent of the US population." (link - page 5)1,500+ Native organizations and advocates have signed a letter asking for the removal of ALL Native and imagery. That is not a small minority group, that is a NATIONAL MOVEMENT! Listen, Native People have decidedly spoken out against this gross misuse of our culture, and the time is now to move on this issue in Fresno, Ca. The right side of history beckons us, our children beckon us, and Native people are offering their hand in friendship. Make the move towards reconciliation and healing by removing this dehumanizing relic of a shameful period in American history. Fresno Unified School district recently passed an "Anti-Racist Institution Resolution" where it vowed to take a stand against racism, and any divisive idea that separates children from the learning experience. It's time to MOVE on this issue.The Golden State Warriors did it! They moved from a dribbling Indian racist caricature, to an Indian headdress, to an image of "The City", and still remained WARRIORS. It can be done! The time is NOW! CHANGE THE MASCOT.Change the #FresnoHighMascotChange every #NativeMascotWe are #NotYourMascot#FUSD 

Valley Natives for Change !
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Petition to Ralph Northam

Replace Confederate War Memorials statues with Martin Luther King Jr Statue

To facilitate racial unity in Virginia, USA and the world. I propose a statue of Martin Luther King Jr replace one of the soon to be removed confederate war memorial statues in Richmond Va. We need assistance of all who value human rights to uphold the dignity of those oppressed and mentally scared by the reminders of the institution of slavery and even the loss of life of adults and children of African Americans and our Caucasian supporters, #ItTakesAvillage. For there to be change for the minority, it will come at the partnership and strength of the majority. Silence is Compliance!  Confederate monuments have always been symbols of white supremacy. The majority of the monument building, between 1890 and 1920, was also a time of extreme racial violence, as Southern whites pushed back against what little progress had been made by African-Americans in the decades after the Civil War. As monuments went up, so did the bodies of black men, women and children during a long rash of lynching (derived from brothers Charles Lynch and Willie Lynch, see Willie's letter to slave owners My personal negative experiences are riding through the Confederate War Memorials located on Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA and USA Civil War reminders in Appomattox VA near where I was raised. In Appomattox Court House Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the American Civil War. The confederate idolologies should have died with the surrender and not been tolerated until this day.  We need leadership at all levels of government to make this and other social and economic changes. In addition, they must condemn not only their actions but also the symbols of white supremacy itself.  It will require political assistance to include, but not limited to, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Richmond VA Mayor Levar Stoney. Truly patriotic Americans, of all colors and creeds, should stand up to them as they did this past weekend. But we also need leadership at all levels of government to condemn not only their actions but also white supremacy itself. Thank you for your consideration. 

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