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Petition to Mayor Cr Jenny Hill

Billionaire Adani doesn't need Townsville Ratepayers’ Gift - Council Must say "NO"

Townsville City Council recently voted to gift Adani Enterprises $18.5M to build a remote airstrip to support that company’s proposed Carmichael coal mine. This decision was made in secret, and the community was never told by the Mayor of her intention to push this gift through without asking the public about it. Council explains that the funds for this have been made available from savings achieved from this year's mass redundancies of over 300 people. Basically, Mayor Jenny Hill has (after receiving $1,467.45 in gifts from Adani in March this year) shoved a large amount of ratepayer’s money to an Indian billionaire. This decision can and should be reversed and all the relevant documents behind this secretive decision should be made available to the public. There are more pressing local priorities that this money could and should be directed towards.  We the Citizens call on Mayor Jenny Hill and elected Councillors to: 1.      Withdraw this decision at the next Council meeting and notify Adani, and 2.      Make all documents related to this decision available to the public, free of charge so they can be openly viewed   By signing this petition, you can send a clear message to Jenny Hill that it isn't good enough for hard-earned ratepayers’ funds to be provided to a Billionaire, who should be funding his for-profit enterprises himself.

Peter Newey
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Petition to The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission

Queensland CCC: Make a Full Investigation of Townsville City Council /ADANI Relationship

The Townsville City Council is using $Au18.5M ratepayer funds to support Adani Enterprises in building a remote airstrip to support that company’s proposed Carmichael coal mine. The decision has been made almost wholly in secret with almost no consultation of the Citizens that fund the council's workings.  Recently, a clear Right to Information request was submitted to the council to make public the grounds for the secretive decision to gift this substantial amount of Citizen's funds: minutes of debate between councillors, analyses of costs and benefits to the Citizens whose funds are being gifted and the like. So far, the council is refusing to comply with this request. See for more information. $18.5M is more than $100 for every Citizen - woman, man and child - governed by the Townsville City Council. It is a substantial fraction of a whole year's council income. Such secrecy around the deployment of such a substantial amount of Citizen wealth is therefore highly irregular. One must therefore conclude it to be plausible that the decision is at least in part driven by unseen benefits for undisclosed parties. Given the council's unwillingness to give Citizens due account of the use of Their wealth, and in the absence of other obvious drivers of the decision, one must conclude this plausibility simply by a logical process of deductive elimination. We the undersigned therefore call on the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission to undertake a full investigation of the relationship between the Townsville City Council and ADANI. We call on the Commission to investigate both elected officers, represented by the Mayor Cr. Jenny Hill and nonelected executives represented by the CEO, Ms Adele Young. In the absence of a full and frank declaration of processes and proceedings by the council itself, we the undersigned seek verification of the council's probity by the Commission to restore our full confidence in the probity of Local Governments of this Land and their answerability foremost to Citizens.

Rod Vance
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Petition to Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Tim Nicholls, Hon Jackie Trad MP, Steve Dickson, Steven Miles, Deb Frecklington, Christian Rowan

Queensland Politicians: Remember The Earth

The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea  invite you to join us in petitioning the Premier, the Deputy Premier, the Minister for the Environment, the Leader of the Opposition, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Steve Dickson, State Leader of One Nation in the lead up to the forthcoming Qld election. Out of nearly 800 Sisters of Mercy, 125 live in Queensland electorates. We are deeply disturbed by a growing lack of reverence for all creation and the continual degradation of the Earth. We urge all politicians to develop policies and plans that address the concerns raised recently by the Bishops of Townsville. In particular we are concerned about: the impending loss of the Great Barrier Reef with back-to-back yearly coral bleaching across two thirds of its length the future of the Artesian Basin and its age-old water resources which are threatened by extraction by  mega- mining developments across Queensland, and especially in the Galilee Basin  the impact of proposed mines in Queensland on the global climate the significant increase in lung disease in local coal mine employees the one-third increase in land-clearing across the state a need for urgent dialogue critiquing cultural factors such as individualism, self-centredness, unlimited progress, the unregulated market, and consumerism. We invite you to show your support for the Earth by signing this petition which calls on the major parties to provide strong indications that these concerns are also their concerns and that they have policies and plans in place to address them.   

Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea
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