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Petition to Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio, John J. Divney, Frank P. Edwardi, Jack C. Gibson, Cheryl Kehner, Mary Tighe

Beach Access in SIC should be offered to ALL

Sea Isle City, NJ offers no beach access for the elderly or physically challenged. The blocks they claim to be handicapp beach block entrances are on these blocks:  32, 40, JFK, 44, 63 and 85. However, it seems they do not truly understand the difficulties many face getting onto the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. Furthermore, what about the residents who live in the south end and not near 63rd or 85th street? Why can't the city of Sea Isle make 55th st and more near it a handicap beach entrance block? The beach access ramps are literally hills & they are very steep and extremely hard to climb. Additionally, there are no blue handicap mats once you get over the mountain of a hill.  Blue handicap mats on the beach would help those who struggle with walking to get down to the beach and near the ocean. To make matters worse these steep ramps are covered with sand and this makes it even more difficult to navigate. More disgraceful, is there are no public restrooms near the beach between 44th and 85th Street. Thus, even if you manage to get your elderly or physically challenged love one onto the beach you have to reverse this process each time they have to go to the bathroom. My elderly Father who is a Navy WW2 Vet deserves better.  He and others with similar physical challenges should not be denied a relaxing day on the beach with family and friends. Nor should they be denied access to a nearby public bathroom while enjoying their time on the beach. I am asking you to like the FB link for the petition, sign this petition, forward it to all your contacts on all your social media accts and to also email the Mayor of Sea Isle City, NJ and SIC Council Members if you agree.  Just copy the text, paste it in the body of your email to the mayor and council and tell them you agree.   His email address is Here is the email address for the council members:,, and  Thank you in advance for your time and help. I and many others really do appreciate it.  #WW2NavyVet #ElderlyDeserveOurHelp #HandicappBeachAccess #DoTheRightThingMayorLenny

Karen Rodgers
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Petition to Charlie Baker (Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), John McCormack, Stephanie Pollack, Thomas Koch, Nina Liang, Noel DiBona, Kirsten Hughes, Brad Croall, Brian Palmucci, William Harris, Ian Cain, Anne Mahoney, Katy Zazzera, David McCarthy, John Keenan, Tackey Chan, Bruce Ayers

#WollastonStation closure is not ready for prime-time on Jan. 8, 2018 wait til Spring

Ladies and Gentlemen: We are eager for the MBTA to renovate Wollaston Station, a public structure, making required improvements in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (this federal law went into effect July 26, 1992, making it 25 years old). Nevertheless, we are distressed at the MBTA’s decision to close Wollaston Station for renovation for two years.  Over the past decades whenever the MBTA communicated information to the community about upgrading Wollaston Station there was never any mention that the MBTA intended to close the station. The MBTA’s decision to close Wollaston Station was only revealed to the public on April 3, 2017, at a Quincy City Council presentation.  During the community meeting on April 4, 2017, Joe Cheever mentioned that the MBTA has the option to keep Wollaston Station open during the renovations, but it was ultimately decided to close the station for undisclosed reasons relating to time and money and by whom the decision to close was made.  We are perplexed why Wollaston Station commuters are not accorded the same consideration provided to commuters at other stations undergoing renovations. Ashmont, Shawmut, Fields Corner, and even Charles/MGH remained open during their renovation projects.  We all understand keeping the stations open during renovations places the larger burden on the MBTA rather than on the backs of individual Wollaston commuters. The MBTA has the ways and means of handling such burdens whereas your customers do not.  As for costs, the value of time lost by Wollaston commuters will far exceed the increased cost to the MBTA. During the community meeting, Joe spoke about the fact that the Government Center station was closed for renovations for two years. Government Center project is not comparable to the Wollaston Station project. You are comparing apples to oranges. Government Center is a far more complex station, but more importantly Government Center is a destination point for the daily commuters using it. On the other hand, Wollaston Station is a starting point for daily commuters. So you must compare Wollaston Station to Ashmont, Fields Corner and Shawmut and these stations all remained open.  By closing Wollaston Station, the MBTA will be causing hardship on the thousands of daily commuters who currently use the station. Currently, commuters with physical challenges gamely manage the obstacles at the station, but dealing with the shuttle buses will be a far greater hardship for them. A shuttle bus driven through rush hour traffic to North Quincy station is not an accommodating substitute for a six-car train.  Over the two-year closure period please consider possible negative outcomes for your Wollaston Station commuters:  Job losses. Even patient employers cannot be expected to deal with constant late arrivals for two years. Most workers don’t have the luxury of working for patient employers. Many commuters juggle more than one job and/or attend evening classes. Many commuters utilize the Wollaston Child Care Center as part of their daily commute routine so now they have to take a shuttle bus twice in the morning and twice in the evening, once to drop off their children and again to get to their jobs. At the end of the day, they have to reverse the process to go home. Parents who are late picking up their children will have to pay late fines from formal daycare providers and will pay an emotion price (guilt, anger, stress) from family daycare providers. Wollaston Business District proprietors should expect an economic downturn as the station closure will impact customers who want to avoid shuttle buses and would rather do business in another location that is more convenient for them.  Commuters who want to avoid the shuttle buses and walk to North Quincy station will be subjected to additional risk of personal injury as they attempt to cross busy and dangerous West Squantum Street at Hancock Street or at Holmes Street resulting in injuries and fatalities. Please keep #WollastonStation open.  Please run full simulations to determine exactly how much additional time it will take Wollaston commuters to travel by shuttle bus to/from Wollaston Station and North Quincy Station. A guesstimate is merely an assumption and you know what happens when you "assume"! Please run full simulations to determine how many commuters can safely stand on the platform at North Quincy Station, especially when there are service delays. Please run full simulations to determine that all personnel working at Wollaston Station and North Quincy are trained to provide acceptable customer service by being approachable and to solve problems rather than create them. If you insist on closing Wollaston Station would you please postpone the start of the station closure to Spring 2018 so that there is more time to work out the "bugs" of your untested system while the weather is less extreme. Please use the MBTA’s T alert app to announce all community meetings so that all riders receive news about the meetings well in advance thus offering those interested in attending the time to make arrangements to do so.  Please cooperate with us and we will cooperate with you.

Mary Lally
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