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Petition to Greg Goodnight

ADA compliant sidewalks in disenfranchised, low income, non-white areas of Kokomo, IN.

The sidewalks in the low-income, non-white neighborhoods of Kokomo, IN have deteriorated to the point they are a public health safety hazard. In affluent, mainly white areas the sidewalks are safe and ADA compliant.  It's important to note that there is institutionalized racial and economic discrimination going on. Most of these unsafe sidewalks are in low income, non-white areas. County tax dollars do not pay to fix sidewalks in Kokomo, IN. Because a majority of the homeowners who suffer the unsafe sidewalks cannot afford to pay what the city/county requires to fix them, I ask you to please sign this petition to make government act like government and use tax dollars to attend to public health--as that is the main function of government.   More so, to allow the weakest and most vulnerable among us the same luxuries we all enjoy--being able to walk down the street/sidewalk without the fear of dying, something we like to call equality or stopping the discrimination. Most of the sidewalks within a 20 block radius of the Pettit Park neighborhood, specifically, a family centered, multicultural, low-income, historic district, houses a popular elementary school and a decade old free food pantry that serves hundreds every Tuesday, many of whom are disabled and elderly. The issue on W Monroe, specifically, becomes an ADA issue because of the decade long food pantry at 614 that serves disabled and elderly.   I am also asking you to sign this to ask the ADA to uphold the standard by which is set and to act on this gross misappropriation of power, immediately.  The current solution listed on the Kokomo city website reaches outside the cultural context which is meant to serve. It assumes all poor people including disabled have tax returns and have the ability to do all the paper work and get the quotes. This is simply a bureaucratic move to slow or hide how tax dollars are spent. If this system worked these sidewalks would have been fixed a long time ago.  Once this petition reaches 1000+ I will present it along with other documentation with the hopes of compliance, immediately, to the Kokomo City Council.   The community thanks you for your support,  Chris Wendt

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Petition to Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio, John J. Divney, Frank P. Edwardi, Jack C. Gibson, Cheryl Kehner, Mary Tighe

Beach Access in SIC should be offered to ALL

Sea Isle City, NJ offers no beach access for the elderly or physically challenged. The blocks they claim to be handicapp beach block entrances are on these blocks:  32, 40, JFK, 44, 63 and 85. However, it seems they do not truly understand the difficulties many face getting onto the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. Furthermore, what about the residents who live in the south end and not near 63rd or 85th street? Why can't the city of Sea Isle make 55th st and more near it a handicap beach entrance block? The beach access ramps are literally hills & they are very steep and extremely hard to climb. Additionally, there are no blue handicap mats once you get over the mountain of a hill.  Blue handicap mats on the beach would help those who struggle with walking to get down to the beach and near the ocean. To make matters worse these steep ramps are covered with sand and this makes it even more difficult to navigate. More disgraceful, is there are no public restrooms near the beach between 44th and 85th Street. Thus, even if you manage to get your elderly or physically challenged love one onto the beach you have to reverse this process each time they have to go to the bathroom. My elderly Father who is a Navy WW2 Vet deserves better.  He and others with similar physical challenges should not be denied a relaxing day on the beach with family and friends. Nor should they be denied access to a nearby public bathroom while enjoying their time on the beach. I am asking you to like the FB link for the petition, sign this petition, forward it to all your contacts on all your social media accts and to also email the Mayor of Sea Isle City, NJ and SIC Council Members if you agree.  Just copy the text, paste it in the body of your email to the mayor and council and tell them you agree.   His email address is Here is the email address for the council members:,, and  Thank you in advance for your time and help. I and many others really do appreciate it.  #WW2NavyVet #ElderlyDeserveOurHelp #HandicappBeachAccess #DoTheRightThingMayorLenny

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Petition to Mark R. Shaw, Steven Goldberg, Ryan Green, Ellen Torbert, Landon Nitschke, Scott Halfmann

STOP Southwest Airlines from using an Airborne Killer on its planes! #StopSouthwestPeanuts

There is an airborne allergy that can kill people within 15 minutes of breathing any particle of it- that is a peanut. Unless you have a peanut allergy, or have a loved one that is afflicted with this deadly allergy, you are not aware of how being allergic to peanuts can kill you, if you do not get medical attention within 15 minutes. The last place you can do that is in sky, so why would an Airline intentionally expose people to this allergy?  Why would they do this when you are confined in a pressurized space? #StopSouthwestPeanuts Most people believe that if someone has a peanut allergy, as long as they do not eat the peanut they are fine. THAT IS WRONG. Exposure to the dust, especially in a confined space, where air is recycled is one of the most dangerous places to be for that person.  Most people believe that if someone has a peanut allergy, they will be fine after injected with an Epipen. THAT IS WRONG. After being injected with an Epipen, the person needs to get serious medical attention immediately after this adrenaline shot. They cannot do this while in a plane in the sky. Epipens DO NOT CURE it!  Southwest is literally setting the stage for a murder. They tell people with a peanut allergy it is fine they will not serve them. See at the bottom here, their own words to my complaint letter- they can help the "Majority" of their peanut allergic fliers. Persons with a Peanut Allergy can experience a myriad of symptoms of anaphylaxis - and all are life- threatening.   These symptoms can include:  Mouth: Itching, Swelling of lips and/or tongue Lungs: Shortness of breath. Coughing or WheezingHeart: Weak pulse; Dizziness; Passing out or ShockSkin: Itching; Hives; Redness or Swelling Throat: Itching; Tightness/closure or CoughingStomach: Vomiting; Nausea; Diarrhea or Cramps Or Death. Steward and Stewardesses on Southwest Airlines have admitted they have no way of cleaning up the peanuts dropped, spilled, or crushed on the floor. The remnants, particles that are in the air remain! And they have no way of knowing about or cleaning up after those customers (who have been seen doing this) who wiped their hands off on their seats or seats in front of them, after eats peanuts.  This can be from other flights, not even the current flight! The twitter links below show photos from a flight where no peanuts were served, yet peanuts were all over the plane, that was from when I boarded the plane! The Americans with Disabilities' Act states: that something is a disability if it substantially impairs a major life function. Breathing is a major life function.  Someone with a deadly allergy like a Peanut is considered disabled under the law. Further, in 1986, Congress passed the Air Carrier Access Act. Under ACAA, the Department of Transportation does not generally consider an allergy to be a disability, however "if a person’s allergy is sufficiently severe to substantially limit a major life activity, then that person meets the definition of an individual with a disability," a DOT spokesperson told ABC News. (citation below). DOT defines an individual with a disability as someone who has an impairment that substantially limits their ability to care for themselves, perform manual tasks, walk, see, hear, speak, breath, learn or work.  If someone can not breathe after being exposed to peanuts, under this definition they are disabled due to this allergy!  So why won't Southwest help the disabled? Why do they continue to put this "killer" on their planes?  They claim their customers love peanuts too much. Putting peanuts over lives. We need to stop this, please support this petition and #boycott Southwest until they remove these deadly killers from their all of their operations.  Below are photos of peanuts all over a plane where no peanuts were even served on that plane! And Southwest's "response" My original email to them on February 16, is below- after watching a woman on a flight after eating her peanuts, wipe her hands all over the back of the cloth seat in front of her. "Hello I am aunt to a 7 year old beautiful nut allergic little girl. I fly on Southwest all the time. I cringe when you pass out peanuts on every flight. On every flight I refuse them in protest. Each time, the stewards always say well we don't serve them on flights when a known nut allergy is on board. I always have the same response- nearly every flight i see food on the floor of a prior flight. If even one peanut is on the floor, and I have seen some, any person with a nut allergy would immediately - once the plane becomes pressurized become deathly ill. Those Eppi Pens only give you 15 minutes until you need medical attention. Southwest continues to pass peanuts out though even though a large population of people have this DEADLY Illness. This illness is a disability. Since the planes are not fully scrubbed of peanut particles and debris I am formally requesting you STOP serving these as you are playing with people's lives. I love flying your airline, but this practice is truly irresponsible. They do not do this in Europe Airlines anymore. You are expanding your routes now and taking on a larger group of people and someone is going to be hurt, or killed because of this business practice. As a civil rights lawyer and a loving aunt, I beg you to please stop."   This was their cold hearted response from a "no - reply email: "Dear Traci, Thank you for contacting us. I am so glad to know that you are usually pleased with your experiences on Southwest. We appreciate the loyalty you’ve shown us as a Rapid Rewards Member since 2009 and I welcome the opportunity to address your concerns. I am truly sorry for any disappointment with having peanuts as our snack option. As you know our Employees are trained to follow certain procedures when we are notified that a Customer is traveling with us and has a severe allergy to peanut dust. That said, we have decided not to forego serving peanuts for two reasons:  1) Experience tells us that we can accommodate the majority of our Customers who have peanut allergies with our current procedures and 2) The feedback we receive from our Customers doesn't justify the need to permanently remove peanuts—a trademark of our Company. In fact, we get a great deal of positive comments regarding our peanuts from Customers who were counting on a low-sugar, low-carbohydrate snack. And, we often must respond to complaints from Customers on flights that we do not serve peanuts. Rest assured, we are grateful for your taking the time to inform us of your concerns as we realize the usefulness of Customer feedback and its purpose to improve upon our operation. Please know that I have tracked your concerns via our monthly summary, which is distributed to our Senior Leadership. We are fully committed to providing our Customers with affordable, dependable, and genuinely friendly air travel, and we will continue to do our very best to meet or exceed our Customers' expectations. Your patronage is very important to us Traci, and we hope to welcome you onboard a Southwest flight soon. Sincerely, Sloan Chatterton, Southwest Airlines The file reference number for your email is 2224661574247."    Citation:  

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Petition to Stonewall Inn, K Kelly, Mike Salinari

Apologize for Violating the Americans With Disabilities Act - And Fix Your Space

On June 4th, 2018, Lynn Zelvin - a blind person with a service dog - was turned away from Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn is a historic place that helped propel queer rights to the forefront of the US consciousness. It exists because of a disabled trans woman of color, Marsha Johnson. Two friends, Isabella Maxine Kalish and Elena Gibbs, were with Lynn as they explained that turning them away was a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Several employees were involved, including a manager named Mike.  The following is from the YouTube video of the event on Isabella's page (of which a transcript is available here): 'I firsthand witnessed my blind friend and their service dog were illegally denied entrance into the Stone Wall Inn. This is a harsh reality that people with service animals have to deal with on the regular day-to-day basis.It is illegal to deny entree, the law directly from the website states:“Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), privately owned businesses that serve the public, such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, taxicabs, theaters, concert halls, and sports facilities, are prohibited from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. The ADA requires these businesses to allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals onto business premises in whatever areas customers are generally allowed.” We read the Disability Act directly from the website and it was disregarded by the bouncers. It was illegal to do what they did. It is against the law to ask for paperwork. After waiting for 20 minutes, the manager still didn’t come out. My friend and I went in to talk to the manager to let our friend in, but he would barely say more than a few words to us. The manager didn’t care and shrugged it off without even coming out to speak to them. We went to a different bar and the bouncer accommodated us 100% and concurred that what they did was illegal. Nobody else in the queue to go in stepped out to defend my friend. This is part of the harsh reality that blind people face every day.' According to a story on Them - as well as social media - an apology has popped up. However, said apology falls incredibly short of actually addressing anything. It even pins all the blame on their third-party security staff - ignoring the part played by Mike, the manager. I share Isabella's sentiments here as well: "Stone Wall sent a copy and paste message to her, commented the same thing on my video, and also sent the same thing to a different writer. The fact that they're putting the blame.on security was disgusting. Their manager clearly said he didn't want a dog in the bar and didn't give my friend the time of day. They messed up big and are trying to weasel out of it by passing the blame onto other people rather than themselves who should really be blamed." In order to rectify this situation, I ask Stonewall to do the following: Hire an accessibility consultant to make their space accessible Donate to disability organizations Undergo disability sensitivity training Stop violating the ADA  

Kirsten Schultz
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