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Sydney Alton for Disney Channel

Sydney Alton for Disney Channel Sydney Alton NEEDS to be on Disney Channel.  Sydney Alton Deserves to be on Disney Channel. She is the NEXT Disney Star and by NEXT I mean NOW, ASAP, like why has it taken this long for me to see her in a show? a movie? hear her music on the radio? hmmmmmm Hi, I am a fan of Sydney Alton her voice, her acting, her amazing personality, she is everything and more that a Disney Star is.  Lets be real, Disney Channel had a great run with shows like Hannah Montana, Wizards, Sonny With a Chance, Camp Rock, Jonas, and more!  I miss those stars, the kind of kids who could sing like Demi Lovato, act like Miley Cyrus, And be Cute Like Selena Gomez! Yes Disney has great stars like Sabrina and Rowan and great shows now too but theres still something missing and Sydney Alton can make that missing piece of the Disney puzzle complete!   Disney Channel is doing a disservice to us as viewers by not putting Sydney on the network, I see her songs on youtube and her posts on social media and I truly see one of the most brightest shinning talents that this world will ever see! C'MON ALREADY DISNEY! We want Sydney Alton to be on Disney Channel, she needs her own show and a movie and a record deal and more!  So this is why I believe we as fans can make one of our idol's dreams come true, she's given back to us so much, inspiring us with her songs she writes, such as her new song Soldier, its really helped me and so many other fans through difficult moments and she's also such a kind hearted person who listens to her fans when they're dealing with tough days!   If you want to know the many reasons why Sydney Alton is our next Disney channel star then lets start here: 1. She's an super amazing actress, she's always improving and makes her fans laugh on her live streams with her funny skits and baby voice its something I would love to watch on tv! 2.  She's like a real Disney princess, It's not an act its like the real deal, she's kind, sweet, and sings like an ANGEL have you heard her If only cover?  3.  HER SINGING! Like some singers just sing but Sydney Alton SANGSSSS!  4. Her Youtube, this goes along with her singing but her covers are some of the best and unique covers I have ever seen, she also does instagram covers and her MOANA one is the best!  5.  She Dances <3 6.  She loves giving back to her fans! The best Disney channel stars are the ones who care about their fans and Sydney really truly does 7.  She's a GOOD Role Model and is inspiring, a lot of todays stars that we as kids and teens have to look up to are not relatable I don't wanna see someone that comes on the network and changes on their instagram who they are Sydney Shows who she is as a good person who is pure and sweet!   8.  She's beautiful and goals!  9.  Her Lyrics speak to my soul <3 aka amazing songwriter like Taylor swift quality 10.  Do I honestly need a 10th reason, SHES JUST DARN AMAZING!  If you need more proof that Sydney Alton is perfect for Disney Channel then I am going to get 10,000 Signatures to prove it, Please we as fans just want to see our girl live out her dreams for us! Please Disney Channel <3  If you don't know who Sydney Alton is then watch this cover below, if you didn't know her before you will and you won't forget her after watching her If only cover Sydneys instagram : @sydneyalton go watch the Moana cover <3 --- If only Cover by Sydney Alton  

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