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Save Mother of 3 from Deportation

Minerva is a devoted, loving mother who has lived in North Carolina for the past 17 years. She first came to the United States seeking safety and special education for her oldest son who is blind as a result of complications from cancer. Minerva is the head of household for her 3 and 6 year old sons who are American citizens and her 21 year old son who has DACA. Since 2013, ICE has granted a routine stay of removal each year for Minerva and has given her permission to live in the United States. Minerva had her deportation suspended when she was granted prosecutorial discretion by the government several years ago, along with thousands of other people who were not a priority for deportation. Minerva has no criminal record, and everything has remained the same in her case, with no changes. However, when Minerva met with ICE in Charlotte on May 25th, they ordered her to leave the country by June 30. Instead of leaving, Minerva went into Sanctuary at UCC Church with her sons for almost 100 days. At that time, a federal judge vacated her stay which meant she could return home to Winston Salem until her court date in November 2018. Minerva's attorney, Helen Parsonage, continues to explore legal options to keep Minerva home with her children. Please share Minerva's fundraiser at GoFundme (Save Minerva from Deportation under Emergencies). Minerva needs you to sign this petition to help stop her deportation and keep her and her children together and safe in North Carolina. Minerva tells her story in her own words: "My name is Minerva Garcia. I am the mother of four children, and I would do anything for them. I have lived in the United States for 17 years, and I have worked and paid taxes here. I own a home in Winston-Salem, NC. My oldest son is a Dreamer, and my youngest two boys are American citizens. I have been ordered to leave the country at the end of June. Where I grew up, Guerrero, is one of the most dangerous places in Mexico. My oldest son is Eduardo. When he was 3 months old, he had cancer and was made blind. Guerrero was not safe, and there were no schools for him, so we came to the United States. My second son was Diego. Diego came with us to the United States, but when he was 9 years old he was diagnosed with leukemia. We had to fight cancer for a year and a half, and he died in 2007. My third son Antonio. He is here with me, and so is my baby, Mateo. They are three and six years old. They were born in the United States and are American citizens. I am a mother, and I have tried my whole adult life to be strong for my sons. I want them to grow up strong, kind, loyal, educated, and free. I know their best chance to be all of those things is to grow up here in North Carolina where they have always lived. If I am deported, Eduardo loses his mother's support and assistance, and I do not know what will happen to my sons. I fear they will not be safe. I fear they will not be free." Please help now by signing the petition to urge ICE to allow Minerva Cisneros Garcia to stay in the United States with her children.

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Petition to ACT

Say No to scrapping Iran Deal

Say 'No' to "...scrapping 'Iran ... Deal'..." :)On Disabled Greens News and Conversations:Say 'No' to "...scrapping 'Iran ... Deal'..." :) On Change . org: Act: Say No to scrapping Iran Deal :) Peace Action: Please take a brief moment now to send a letter to the editor of your local news outlets calling for diplomacy, not war with Iran :) Nancy Pelosi: this is a grave mistake :) Right now, read, sign your name and share's Call to Action: This Nightmare Must End; The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go :) FCNL: Will you urge Congress to build an off-ramp from Trump’s path to war with Iran by writing a letter to the editor? :) petition: Donald Trump Wants to End the Iran Nuclear Deal. We're Counting On Congress to Tell Him No. :) embed: <script src=""></script><div class="care2PetitionEmbed" rssPath="952000923" adSize="small" publisherId="564162768" buttonColor="22489c"></div> BREAKING: Apology :) Jewish Voice for Peace: Abandoning Diplomacy, Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal :) The Real News Network: Is Trump's Exit From Iran Deal a Prelude to War? :) Council for a Livable World: Add your name to tell Congress to pass H.R. 669 and S. 200, the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017 :) Two Minute Take: Iran Nuclear Negotiations :)   Related advocacy :) Raul Grijalva: "We must remove Trump from office" :) Thank you for taking action: Tom Steyer :) Will you join me by making a commitment to vote this year? :) Just Foreign Policy: Urge Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand to lead in ending this catastrophic war by signing our petition :) URGENT- ACT TODAY: Stop the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act! :) Save Us All From Nuclear War, Censure And Impeach Trumpler Now :)   Two twigs of related poetree :)   The United Suck Of Assassins Lil' Israel, today, scuttled the long struggled for 'Iran ...Deal', an acheivement of the Obama Presidency, although he failed on his promises of "...watching the robots..." (20 % of "Bernie Or Bust 'Bots", the "hacker 'bots", and hackers globally, etc., biological machine parts of 'la machine', mega, mecha, techa vs. orga, soma, Gaia, which were central to the invisible coup that, with the tug, the S.S. Tea Party, to the tune of their manifest destiny rag, dragged 'The U.S. Constitution', our Ship of State, into the 'Plymouth Rock'Of this nation's original sin, imperialism, as they landed on it while it landed on "...we(e),...", Native Americans, Turtle Island,derailing democratically directed progress and installing Trumpler in the klukahouse) and "closing Guantonomo", etc., he kept many, making him singular amongst the number of the fingers of one hand at the top, The "Presidents Club". His legacy includes allowing the intelligence industrial complex, of the corporate structure's convolution, to purposely not prevent the hacking of the Presidential Elections of 2016, yet also includes such acheivements as the A.C.A., and the 'Iran ... Deal', it being the best possible foreign policy endeavor To move forward with Iran. Yet, Trumpler's feuhrer, Netsenyahoo's, putting on a show of shiny cd's, old intelligence that didn't even support his delusional projections, was all the cover 'The Donald' needed to follow his channeling of his inner-worst yahoo and "scrap",Racistly, that epitome of foreign policy success, "...because it wasObama's...", as was Trumpler's campaigning on his desires to "...update and use nuclear programs and weapons...". For, it's beencommon global foreign affairs knowledge for half a century that any nuclear war is the extinction of humanity in a can, thus 'containment', not proliferation', was the eternal order of the day. So, His Trunc-ularnesses not understanding why "...a country has weapons if they're not going to use them...", was not just a confession of his uttercriminal insanity, it was also one of his intent to break the "Non-State Agression" part of the Nuremburg Accords that was central to the lessons learned from WWII, like if you're not taking bullets you're making them,By globally selling not just unending war, but nuclear ones, discarding containment for proliferation, 'cause war pays extremely more than peace. What do you get when you mix imperialism, materialism, racism, religious bigotry, patriarchy, oligarchy, notsee Germany before it annexed Austria.Trumpenstein, blasting the keinder and gentler imperialism of remocrats,Is warring on dempublicans, voting, women's rights, healthcare, health, Et al, exterminating non-rem voters, etc., now he is angling for a Sunni wished for unending worldwide war on the Shiite, Iran, to be nuclear, kill all non: US citizens, Caucasians, upper-middle-class to rich, supposed Christians, as our notsee war machine has ever been oiled by the blood of, for more (like merx for more thru to mercs for unnecessary unendingworldwide war). Separating the real religion which all religions, etc., are a front for, avarice, from the State, as is dictated by our Constitution, is not only a necessity for "a nation and an individual", like Gandhi said "abhaya, fearlessness", is, it's now a necessity for the existence of humanity, neigh, all life and the Earth. He will end U.S. if we don't protect the vote, GOTV, vote, and impeach him a.s.a.p..     Save Us All From Nuclear War, Censure And Impeach Trumpler Now No "...upgrading the nuclear arsenal...", as Trumpler has promised,No more threatening the world with "nuclear war", as he has done."...We(e),...", are all downwind from it, accidents, or nuclear waste.'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand, at least. 'A stitch in time saves nine'.   More related urls for advocacy and activism   :) http://www.peaceforall.com http://www.PetitionPetition.com http://www.speakout.com http://www.alphacdc.com My website with clickable advocacy linx :) With advocacy and my twigs of poetree :) Thanx for all you do. Copy, share as you will. Have a nice day. Matutinally Yours, james nordlund, reality

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