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Petition to Skagit County Superior Court

Judges Must Acknowledge Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

On October 20, 2016 Ken Ward and two others were arraigned in Washington State on criminal charges of burglary, criminal sabotage and being part of an assembly of saboteurs. Ken Ward, an activist with the Climate Disobedience Center, now faces up to 30 years in prison for breaking through a fence to turn off a Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline valve. As The Guardian reported earlier today: "In courtrooms across the US, the activists are pushing to argue that these disruptions are a last resort given political inaction and are “legally justified to avoid the catastrophic harm caused to humanity by unprecedented climatic disruption”." This so-called "necessity defense" has legal precedent. But Skagit County Superior Court Judge Michael E. Rickert, who presides over the case, has dismissed the proposed necessity defense on the grounds of his own uninformed opinion. Claiming that "[...] there’s tremendous controversy over the fact whether it [climate change] even exists. And even if people believe that it does or it doesn’t, the extent of what we’re doing to ourselves and our climate and our planet, there’s great controversy over that.” Judge Rickert further remarked that there’s “great controversy” with “over half of our political leaders”. Finally, he argued that Mr. Ward's action would do nothing to thwart any environmental disaster. "All that happens is a valve is turned.” While it is true that a large number of primarily conservative politicians continue to falsely claim "great controversy" surrounding climate change, there is no room for uninformed opinion in judicial decisions that directly, and potentially severely, affect people's lives. The scientific consensus on climate change itself has been confirmed in multiple independent, peer-reviewed studies. 97% of publishing climate scientists agree that humans cause climate change and the greater the scientists' expertise in the field, the higher the consensus (Cook et al., 2016). Furthermore, the risks of climate change and failure to mitigate these risks have been highlighted repeatedly in the annual global risk reports of the World Economic Forum, the IPCC Assessment Reports and publications of every major scientific organization in the world. To willfully ignore this evidence is unbecoming of a judge. To dismiss acts of civil disobedience as pointless is an insult to the many resistant men and women we celebrate today, the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marion Wallace Dunlop, and César Chávez, among many others. We ask that Judge Rickert reconsider his decision after adequately informing himself on the issue of climate change. Alternatively, the decision regarding Mr. Ward's necessity defense should be reassigned to a scientifically literate judge at the Skagit County Superior Court. More than ever, we must be able to rely on our courts for decisions grounded in facts, not political opinion.  (Photo: Ken Ward. Photograph:

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Petition to Democratic National Committee

Draft Governor Martin O'Malley for DNC Chair!

Martin O'Malley for DNC Chair Join us in recruiting Governor Martin O’Malley to be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee!  Gov. O'Malley has exhibited the strong, proven track record and leadership necessary to rebuild the DNC from the grassroots up, a must-have skill set required to lead Democrats to victories across the nation.  As a presidential candidate, he showed us first-hand that he understands the importance of meaningfully engaging Democrats of all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and ideologies.  As Chair, Gov. O’Malley will make the DNC a welcome home to all and give each of us a voice in our party’s - and nation’s - future. Gov. O'Malley's accomplishments and commitment as Chairman of the Democratic Governor's Association led us to countless victories around the country.  We have no doubt that he will lead our party to victories in next year's gubernatorial races, the 2018 midterms, and the 2020 presidential election.   As a former local elected leader, mayor of a major city, and Governor of the great state of Maryland, Gov. O'Malley understands the importance of ensuring our elected officials have a strong role in shaping our party's winning strategies while also building the bench of future leaders.    A life-long Democrat, Gov. O'Malley has worked closely with State Democratic Parties for decades and will strongly revive and invest in the State Partnership Program with our fifty states, territories, and Democrats Abroad.   Traveling the country as a presidential candidate, Gov. O'Malley always prioritized meeting with Democratic constituency leaders of every faith, ethnicity, and ideology.   He understands that investing in our Party means investing in the people it represents - in women, APIAs, African Americans, Hispanics, Ethnics, LGBTQ community, Native Americans, People of Faith, rural and urban voters, Veterans and Military Families, Seniors, Youth and College Democrats who are our party's future.  He's always prioritized a person-to-person engagement approach and has empowered his staff with the necessary resources to succeed in implementing effective engagement programs.  He is someone who will attract the best and brightest to work at the DNC, understanding the importance of investing in those who invest in our party, with a long-term vision of building a strong army of dedicated political assets who will lead our party to wins for years to come. Gov. O’Malley is the team builder and team leader our party needs. As the son of immigrants and of an honored WWII veteran, Governor O’Malley has always fought for the issues that are at the heart of our party's principles and values because he has lived them.  He embraces hard work and will not yield our party's vision.  He understands how to engage voters in both cities and in rural communities, the importances of “outside the box thinking,” and ensuring the DNC brings to the table experts in the issues that our party represents.   Many Democrats are still shocked by an election that resulted in a Donald Trump win.  But it's clear we need a 100% dedicated full time Chairman for the DNC to not only rebuild one of our most important institutions of our party, which was severely targeted by a hostile foreign government this past election, but a Chair who has a strong legal background and served as a prosecutor who will show the American jury of voters on every part of the political spectrum on why Donald Trump is dangerous for America and hold him accountable for his actions as president.    Join us in recruiting the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee and helping rebuild the Democratic Party.  It's time we rebuild, mobilize, fight, and win.  It's time to recruit Governor O'Malley Chair of the DNC, a step toward our future victories!  @MOMforDNC 

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