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Petition to Councellor Andrew Davis

Petition to reduce all-day parking and congestion on residential streets

Please help us reclaim our residential streets in Esher, Claygate and Elmbridge! Due to the high cost of parking in Elmbridge, people working in local shops and businesses are choosing to park their cars all-day, on nearby residential streets. This creates congestion and causes a risk to pedestrians and other road users. The levels of parking in residential roads in Esher, Claygate and Elmbridge has suddenly increased over the last few years. Cars, vans and construction vehicles are parked all-day, close to junctions and on both sides of the road, making the roads difficult to navigate and significantly increasing the risk of vehicular and pedestrian accidents, especially for children walking to and from school. Once quiet residential roads are now too dangerous for children to play out and ride their bikes. (Our road was, until recently, used by local schools for cycling proficiency lessons, but this has now stopped.) We are calling for Elmbridge Borough Council to take action and provide ADEQUATE, AFFORDABLE or FREE town-centre parking for all shop, school and business workers and implement a PARKING STRATEGY that REDUCES the parking and congestion burden on residential roads, to make our roads safe again. Providing free or low-cost parking for businesses in Elmbridge, will not only help residents, but will help boost the local economy, support the high-street and make the towns attractive to business. Elmbridge Residents - Please sign our petition so we can affect change that will make a difference to our community!

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Making Roads Safer in Laois

Residents of Portarlington road where driver killed 'living in fear' PORTARLINGTON KILMULLEN ROAD RESIDENTS WANT THE COUNCIL TO TAKE ACTION AND MAKE THEIR ROAD SAFERThe Residents of Kilmullen Rd R420 Co. Laois Surrounding Area and Road Users and for roads policing. This request is being sought due to a large number of road traffic accidents and most recently a fatality which occurred on August the 7th 2017. The An Garda Siochana and the other emergency services in Portarlington and Portlaoise are aware of these accidents as they are often called to the scene of same. However, many accidents also go unreported. The R420 is a very busy road with in excess of 4,700 vehicles using it per day. The road is populated with families and there are a lot of children who avail of a local bus service to schools. This necessitates children waiting at their gates and the bus pulling up along this road in the mornings and evening time when there is peak traffic. There are a number of bends along the roads and although there are a lot of road signage traffic frequently loses control at these bends. Almost every resident along the R420 from Kilmullen Bridge to Nolan's Cross have been affected by road traffic accidents outside of their property. There has been considerable damage done to walls, fences, hedges, signs and gardens. It is commonplace for us, the residents to have to ring the emergency services and to provide assistance to people involved in accidents along this stretch of road. I have personally been affected due to a 40-foot lorry veering off the road onto our property. My neighbour was involved in a two-car collision and sadly another neighbour was the first on the scene when a young man lost his life as a result of a crash at her gate. The residents believe many factors need to be addressed to make Kilmullen road safer. They point to the high traffic volumes, now estimated at 4,000 vehicles a day, as the road is the main route for traffic from the motorway westward. The road surface, dangerous double bends and even overgrown hedges are all believed to contribute to the dangerous stretch. The residents are seeking immediate action by Laois County Council starting with the installation of a speed van on the busy regional road, and solar speed flashing lights to warn cars of their speed, as well as a road surface test. They also want the bends in the road taken out and due to the high volume of cars on the regional road a day. Speed is a major contributing factor to many of these accidents. Therefore we the Residents of Kilmullen R420 Surrounding areas and Road Users are requesting a strong Garda presence on the R420 from Kilmullen Bridge to Nolan's Cross and policing to ensure that the speed limit is adhered to. We feel that this will prevent further accidents and road deaths.   1. The speed limit reduced to 60kph for the complete area of Kilmullen from Hopes Bridge to Lea Cross. 2. Widening the road. 3. Garda van to conduct speed check. 4. Re-surfacing the road- where worn 5. Sufficient lighting 6. Sufficient signage 7. CCTV 8. Solar speed flashing lights   We have been advised by our local representatives that the more people that are concerned with Making Roads Safer in Laois the more likely the Laois County Council will respond to our concerns.  I urge you to please sign this petition and ask a friend to do the same.           

Kilmullen Residents
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