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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis

Implement disabled friendly measures in Mumbai Central Station

I was groped, manhandled, and molested by the porters of Mumbai Central Station because they took advantage of my disability. I am wheelchair bound and the porters were supposed to help me me board the train. Instead they molested me and left me in tears. For people with disabilities, accessing basic services such as trains, toilets is difficult. This means we can’t travel, it impacts our ability to hold jobs, it stops us from living full lives. But I refuse to just sit at home, I decided to do something to change this. I started a petition demanding accessible railways earlier this year. Because of the petition, significant changes have been made, in Kerala. A railway official and I have implemented portable ramps and aisle sized wheelchairs in the expressway trains in Trivandrum, Chennai, Kochi, and Thirchur, which has been a hit and has helped many disabled passengers. But no such action has been taken in Mumbai, my hometown. To make this a reality in Mumbai, I’ve met with many politicians and they haven’t been interested in my idea. What I’m asking for is low to zero cost. Why isn’t my idea interesting when it’s helped many disabled passengers to board the train without segregation? All I’m asking for is a portable ramp, small aisle sized wheelchairs, and a sensitivity workshop for the employees of Mumbai Central Station, which will make it easier in transporting a disabled passenger to and from the train. Until trains are renovated to make them disabled friendly, why can’t they implement a simpler system like Kerala? These ramps, wheelchairs, and this workshop is practically cost free. As a disabled woman, why do I have to fear traveling in a train? Why do I have to spend 5-times more money to buy a plane ticket? Why do I have to fear that the porters will again touch me in inappropriate places? According to this* report done in 2002, 15% of the population in urban areas of Maharashtra were affected with a locomotor disability leading to paralysis. That report was done in 2002, that number must have tripled by now, so why aren’t there any facilities that provide accessibility for that 15% in the railways? Please sign my petition if you believe that Bombay Central Station should be made accessible and inclusive for all. *

Virali Modi
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Petition to Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Mr. Narendra Modi, Maneka Gandhi, Suresh Prabhu

Implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways

I've been groped and manhandled three separate times by porters. They were helping me board the train because Indian trains are not wheelchair accessible. I am a disabled woman living in Mumbai who loves to travel. I have had to wear a diaper because I couldn’t use the train bathroom. And when I needed to change that diaper, I had no privacy and had to wait for hours for the lights to go off at night The railways treat the disabled as a piece of luggage. This needs to stop! Sign my petition and join me in asking the railway minister and the Prime Minister to implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways. According to The Disability Rights bill, there need to be facilities available for those with disabilities. The Railway Ministry has been talking of making trains disabled friendly but in reality, we are still humiliated every single time because of poor implementation. My fight is to ensure human dignity for the disabled. I am asking the authorities for some basic things everyone takes for granted- Accessible bathrooms with proper space inside the bathroom, clean and higher toilets, low sinks so we can easily wash our hands.  Accessible coaches for the disabled in all trains, ideally one for each class. Enough space between berths so it is easy to fit a standard size wheelchair between the berths and we can shift onto our seats when needed.  Curtains around the berths for when we need to change. Often, I've needed to change my clothes and the berths are too small for me to role around to change my clothes, as well as have no privacy. Proper infrastructure to cross railroads if needed to change platforms. Beside these infrastructure related demands, I also want an attitudinal shift in the way the disabled are treated: Sensitise people to let those with disabilities board first as the general public normally does not care about our well being. Everyone is in a rush to get to their seats. Sensitise abled-bodied persons to not board the handicapped compartment, especially in local trains. We often see that in the local train, those who are not disabled will climb in. That isn't fair. Train the drivers and TCs to halt the train till a handicapped passenger has finished boarding, especially for local trains. The local train only stops for two minutes and with all the crowd, it is very difficult to board. I want to sit down with PM Narendra Modi or the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu and talk to them about the difficulties faced by those whom are disabled. Sign my petition and ask PM Modi and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to implement measures to make the Indian railways disabled friendly.

Virali Modi
201,782 supporters