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Petition to Target, Joe Contrucci, John J. Mulligan

Ask Target to turn the music back off

Target is in the process of remodeling over 1,000 stores across the country and part of that redesign has been the introduction of music. What seems like a harmless addition that might enhance the customer's experience is actually a serious issue that impacts accessibility for many. Many people don't realize that Target used to be one of the only stores that didn't blare music. For children and adults living with a wide range of challenges from  sensory processing disorders to anxiety disorders, adding that music was a significant change. For example: Target has long been my son's favorite place to visit, and we eventually realized that it was because he wasn't constantly having to process the racket of piped-in tunes. Collin has multiple disabilities, which makes going out into the community complicated at the least and impossible at the worst. But Target felt like a haven for us: fantastic accessible parking, wide aisles, good lighting for his sensitive eyes, and a peaceful setting. We could tool around, take our time, explore. I went to Target for anything I could. I tried taking Collin to Target last week, and within minutes of entering the front door, he totally shut down. He wouldn't look around, he wouldn't look at me when I talked to him, and he wasn't even interested in the toy section because he couldn't focus on the toys over the loud music. It was heartbreaking. I soon gave up and we left. I see you leading the charge of inclusivity, Target, with adaptive clothing lines and beautifully diverse advertising. Target was one of the first stores in our area to have a Caroline's Cart and large family restrooms that accommodate wheelchairs. Please consider making this a part of that campaign. Make Target a welcoming place for all by turning the music back off.

Annie Kratzsch
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Petition to AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres: Provide Open Captioning In All Theaters

My name is Drue Polkey, and I am an 18 year-old film student at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. It is a university with 6,366 total students enrolled with a growing student population. Obviously, I love movies. I love watching movies, I love analyzing movies, I love critiquing movies, but most of all, I love going to the movies. I am a first-year student at my university, and I am part of my university's Gamma Phi Beta Sorority chapter. I am an introvert, but that has not stopped me from making many new friends during my college career. Some of these friends are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Thibodaux is a small, rural area. There isn't a lot to do, so when my friends and I want to have fun, we often have to go out of town to the surrounding, more urban areas. What do we do for fun? Well, we go out for food, go shopping, and go to the movies. There are 6 AMC Theaters within a 50-mile radius of my university.  Seeing a movie with a group of friends can be so much fun, but only when we can all understand what's going on. When a deaf or hard-of-hearing friend comes to the movies with me, they have to use CaptiView devices that often don't work or Sony Entertainment Access Glasses that are distracting. You can read more about CaptiView devices here or about Access Glasses here. These devices turn our fun activity into a search for a solution.  My proposed solution is that AMC Theaters implement open captioning in their theaters. Open captioning is a text display of all of the words and sounds heard during a production onscreen. This is similar to the closed captions that you can turn on and off on your television, blu-rays and DVDs, or on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. My deaf and hard-of-hearing friends and family members rely on visual communication. This includes sign language, lip reading, and, yes, captions. Open captioning could be the most helpful auxiliary aid, but it is avoided by theaters in favor of other aids that are often broken, distracting, and unhelpful. Think of your deaf and hard-of-hearing friends, family members, neighbors, students, co-workers, colleagues, and fellow citizens. Think of the ways they accommodate us and change their lives to match the standard of ours daily. Why shouldn’t we think of ways to better help and accommodate them? In addition to helping them, it is my firm belief that watching a movie with captions is a way to understand the movie you are watching much better. You may think it is distracting, but give it a try at home. Test it out for a while. You may grow to love captions and understand the things you watch in a whole new way.  If you want to join me in taking action to urge AMC Theaters to provide an option for open captioning, sign my petition. If AMC makes a change, it may encourage other theaters to do the same.

Drue Polkey
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Petition to Syracuse University

Health & Wellness Vending Machine Petition

We, the student body, demand equal access to health and safe-sex products from Syracuse University. The campus community urges the administration to install a Health & Wellness Vending Machine that vends cheaper alternative Plan B, in addition to offering free health items such as menstrual products, condoms, and other wellness products. While Health Services also provides free condoms and alternative Plan B for $39, students are not always able to access or afford these resources when they need it the most due to limited business hours, location, and cost. Adopting Health & Wellness Vending Machines would enable students, faculty, and staff to take control over their own bodies in a more comfortable and accessible way. A Health & Wellness Vending Machine will further protect students’ privacy by preserving anonymity, preventing Health Services visits from being billed through insurance, and lessening the stress on the Health Services resources and staff. Additionally, it would allow the responsibility of obtaining health resources to be more equally shared between partners if they so choose. Syracuse University should join the movement. We, the undersigned, are concerned members of the Syracuse University community who call upon our leaders to act now to implement the Health & Wellness Vending Machine initiative.

Students Advocating Sexual Safety and Empowerment (SASSE)
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Petition to Edinboro University

Save the Attendant Care Program

My email written to Interim President Hannan of Edinboro University: This email is being written in regards to the rash decision made by executive staff at Edinboro University. First, I would like to give you a little background information about myself. My name is Alyssa Briglio, I’m 20 years old, and I’m attending Edinboro University to complete my bachelors degree in biology. I am slightly different than traditional college students since I am wheelchair bound due to a progressive form of muscular dystrophy. I’ve required extensive personal care my whole life and will continue to require it as my disease progresses. Yet, the one thing unaffected by my disease is my brain and I hope to put it to the test by becoming a pediatric neurologist. Edinboro University, for at least the past 30 years, has been known around the country for their 24/7 personal care staff and other disability related services. This service is vital to my success as a student, and if nothing else, to my existence. Yet beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, this service will be terminated. We will be left with an outside agency to cover around 36 students needs. I can say from personal experience that this is not effective. This decision was made without the input from the students and senior staff members directly involved in the program. Edinboro University should realize that taking this program away is equivalent to taking the students’ independence away. They should realize that there is no correlation between the functionality of our legs and the functionality of our brains. They should realize that although we may need to be lifted out of bed, or need help picking something up off the floor, or need medication placed on our tongues because we simply can’t reach our mouths, we deserve a fair chance at getting an education in a place where we feel safe. If Edinboro prides themselves on their diverse campus and numerous disability services, why would they want to abolish it? I live with 35 students who fear that their degrees will never be completed because of this change. I know staff who have put in 30+ years of work into this program and got handed their notices while on duty today. I know Edinboro University is better than this and I will not give up until my voice and all of the other affected voices are heard. Help us keep the ability to attend college without worry of being stranded in bed. Sincerely, Alyssa Briglio

Sitting Scots
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