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Meta: Please identify apps with captions / subtitles in your VR app store

In 2013, someone started a petition for Steam to list subtitle options in their store. Steam obliged and makes it easy to filter to show only apps with subtitles. MetaQuest's store does not give users a way to search for apps with subtitles or no audio. I've tried searching for "captions" and "subtitles" and only two apps show up. A Verizon Media survey has found that 80% of the people who use captions are not deaf or hard of hearing. Although I was born profoundly deaf and depend on captions, I meet people every day who tell me they use captions and they aren't deaf or hard of hearing. That's the curb cut effect of captions. In an article, I issued a call to action to Meta and virtual reality app companies to add accessibility and filtering capabilities, especially for subtitles. Since there has been no action, I'm starting this petition as I've seen successful outcomes. Ubisoft tracked subtitle usage data on Assassin's Creed Origins, just over 60% of their players actively chose to turn subtitles on. In successive games, the subtitles were on by default as 95% of Assassin's Creed Odyssey's players left them on and 97% had them on in Far Cry New Dawn. Additionally, Naughty Dog shared their data on subtitles OFF by default, they saw the same thing, 63% choosing to actively turn them on. Forrester says that 1 billion strong market of people with disabilities has $1.2 trillion in annual disposable income. And 84% of companies are working to achieve digital accessibility.  If Steam can make it easy to find apps with subtitles, then Meta can too. If something doesn't change, then more people will shop on Steam where they know they can quickly filter to find what they want and need.

Meryl Evans
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Petition to Mayor LaRhonda Patrick, LaRhonda W. Patrick, Derek Mack, Larry Curtis, Clifford Holmes, Charlie Bibb, Keith Lauritsen, Kevin Lashley

Make The City of Warner Robins, Georgia Accessible To The Blind

Hello everyone,   My name is Armando Vias, and I am starting this petition in hopes to making change in the city of Warner Robins, Georgia.   I am a blind advocate who isn't afraid of change. The reason that I started this petition is because I believe that we have a lack of accessibility options in the area for people who are blind.   For example, we, as blind people, have limited access to public transportation (buses). We have to rely on Uber/Lyft, in which it can get pretty expensive, especially if we decide to go to one of the colleges, or if we commute to work, etc. Some of us rely on family members or friends to take us to where we want to go.   Gas is also crazy expensive right now, causing headaches for us, especially if people who are blind don't have someone to take them places.   I urge you to do the following: Create a Blindness Committee: The Blindness Committee should consist of people who have a history with people who are blind. I recommend the National Federation of The Blind of Georgia if you want to look for your next candidates. Unfortunately, over 70% of blind adults are unemployed, according to the National Federation of The Blind. Fix all websites with accessibility improvements in mind: I'll be happy to collaborate on helping the city make the website accessible. We use screen-reading software in order to navigate our devices. Fix the bus system: Warner Robins is a growing city, and as an expanding community, we need to ensure that the public transportation system is up-to-date. This means adding more buses to the system. I believe that there is only one bus, but this needs to be improved to about 10 or 15 buses to the system. Add more bus stops to frequent locations, and also locations of worship, such as churches that blind people frequently go to. For example, we need to add a bus stop on the side of Highway 41, on Watson where most people get groceries (Kroger), the Houston County Mall, etc. Make ordering bus passes accessible via an online portal: Some blind folks don't feel comfortable calling up dispatch for a public transportation service. Hence, that's why we must create a portal to help the shy blind people to book their passes. That way, they can pay online using Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit/credit cards, etc. This will make it easier for folks at dispatch from having the volume of calls raised too high. Yes, we can make a customer service line, but as a person who believes in online technology, everything is done online now, such as email, or even text messages! Improve street crossings with audible tones or talking signals when the signal changes: This would be beneficial when a blind person crosses the street, especially if there is a lot of traffic on the road. Add visual-interpreting services: AIRA is a visual-interpreting service that has trained agents to help the blind in every day tasks. Other places that has this service installed are: City of Minneapolis, Sedgwick County, Wichita, KS, State of Connecticut, Visit Mesa, Mesa, Arizona, etc. This will help blind folks get access to inaccessible information to locations that are not yet accessible. I urge you to check out their partners page at I understand that it costs a lot of money, but this should get the city on the right foot. I will be happy to collaborate with all of the City Council on making this happen for everyone. I believe that this will be an all party effort. If you believe that this city should become an accessible city for the blind and the visually-impaired, please take action by signing my petition. The more signatures we get, the more likely they will listen to us.   If you have any questions, you may email me at my email address:   I'll be happy to answer your questions as best as I can.

Armando Vias
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Petition to Minneapolis City Council, Mayor Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Public Schools

Broadcast MPS Finance, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Mpls Boards and Commissions!

In a time where where public trust is low and access to information is being made complicated and in some cases denied with public data requests, we need to see what those we pay/elect are doing. It is inequitable, albeist, and a huge barrier when we cannot adequately keep tabs on decision makers.  We are reorganizing our government structure, a move that consolidates power, school board members have resigned, students and teachers of color have consistently been unsupported and bulldozed by administration and "process", residents feel their money is being misused and in some cases is unaccounted for- there is no shortage of issues and if elected officials and those they direct want to re-establish public trust than we need to take actions to show that they can trust us to conduct OUR business.  During COVID, meetings were televised so why can we not continue this necessary investment? Not to mention, who is to say we will not have more surges with this or any other virus that would require us to go back to working from home again. This "accordion" method of budgeting is part of why we have so many gaps to fill. We put in and then take it back. The invest then extract cycle is ineffective.  This is not just a City of Minneapolis issue. This is an issue with MPS as well. We should not have to fight for basic access. The best way to approach this leading up to the preliminary proposed budget coming this month, is to make sure that they hear from us, loud and clear.  Please consider signing your name to this petition and making sure that they know what the people are demanding and set expectations for what it looks like to have elected officials who show through their policy making and budgetary decisions that they work for us.  This is not a call out. This is a call in.    What can I do?Sign the petition.  Email: Mayor Frey: Minneapolis City Council: councilcomment@minneapolismn.govMinneapolis Public Schools BOE: Call Mayor Frey at 612-673-2100.  Show up to give public testimony. You can track committee meetings and their agendas on Next opportunity Jun 29th, 4 pm, City Hall Mpls, BET Meeting  With revolutionary respect and love for our community,  Samantha Pree-Stinson Ward 1 Minneapolis ResidentBoard of Estimate and Taxation Commissioner, President

Samantha Pree Stinson
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