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Petition to Dana Hoyt, Frank Parker, Administration, TSUS Board

Change SHSU's Position on it's Students with Disabilities.

After spending about 2 and a half full years at Sam Houston State University, I have slowly become more aware of the problems that I, as a student with a disability, have come to face over the years. Since being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, it has become increasingly difficult for me to get around campus without the use of my car. In order to prevent injuring myself any further, I have been issued a disability placard for my vehicle. Today, I was issued a ticket for parking in a disabled parking space with my placard visible because my "disability permit" on campus (unbeknownst to me) expired over the weekend at the beginning of the month. After paying the top price for "exclusive zone one parking", no one informed me that after renewing my state issued placard, I had to obtain yet another disability e-permit. People with disabilities SHOULD NOT have to pay an exclusive fee for special parking on campus, we should just have to pay a lower fee (i.e. zone 3 remote parking fee) and park where ever an available handicap parking spot is located. Handicap parking should not be treated as a luxury, this singles out those with disabilities as if we chose to have the disabilities. Unfortunately, this does not even exceed the tip of the iceberg with the amount of problems I have found on campus. The pavement on some of the walkways crumbles, making it more dangerous for those with disabilities to walk through. I have had a severely sprained ankle for over a year now, because the walkways throughout campus are so hard to walk on. A lot of the buildings also do not have automatic opening doors, making it hard for those that use wheelchairs or other mobility aids to get inside academic buildings. Although there are "accessible" walkways and entrances throughout campus, a lot of them take the person completely out of the way in order to get into a building safely, making it a less feasible option for those who have trouble walking. We need a more accessible campus to make it more friendly for people with disabilities. SHSU Administration, I call on you to make these changes and be more open to supporting those with disabilities. Please consider making these changes in order to create a safer more diverse community on this wonderful campus.  

Christa Riter
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Petition to United States Access Board

People with Special Needs Deserve Dignified Diaper-Changing Spaces

Diapers aren't just needed for infants or toddlers learning to potty train. There are many older children and adults with special needs, as well as elderly adults who, for whatever reason, must wear them as well. Many people know this. Far fewer think about the potential, day-to-day implications this could have on both the individual and their caregiver. For example, what happens when an older child or adult in a diaper wants to go out in public yet needs to be changed by a third party? They can no longer fit on changing tables for babies, so what do they do? This may seem small, but it is a tremendous issue for those with special needs and their caregivers, as the options are limited and often degrading. [1] Many caregivers have no choice but to lay the person on the dirty, germ-ridden bathroom floor. Others have to change the person in their cars or elsewhere in public. Still others either avoid going out for long stretches of time or reduce their fluid intake so as to prevent the individual from being forced to sit in their own waste for any extended period of time. In any case, this is distressing, degrading, and all in all a serious violation of a person's innate, human dignity. People with special needs deserve more and deserve better. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that "public accommodations must comply with basic nondiscrimination requirements that prohibit exclusion, segregation, and unequal treatment." [2] If people without disabilities had to lie on the bathroom floor or wait until they got home to perform their most basic bodily function, that would be an enormous outrage. It should also be the case for people with special needs. Indeed, this is not an issue of luxury but an issue of necessity and equality for all. Luckily, there is a solution. If public venues' restrooms were required to be equipped with height-adjustable changing tables for individuals greater than 40 pounds, [3] that would be an enormous relief and help for both caregivers and people with special needs. Tell the United States Access Board to update the ADA Accessibility Guidelines to require facilities to provide adult changing tables for those with special needs.

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Petition to Ryah Kazman, Judy Pfeifer, Tracy Mac Charles, Mary Proc, Phil Verster, Michael Wolczyk

Make GO Transit Long Branch Accessible for Everyone by 2018

There are 64 GO Train Stations across Ontario and MIMICO and LONG BRANCH are two of five that STILL DON'T have basic ACCESSIBILITY features, i.e. ramps and/or elevators, no accessible route off the platform. I have young children who are still in the stroller and so do many other parents in my neighbourhood, Go Transit is the only mean of transport in the area for us that is under 20 mins to downtown, but it is such a disappointment ... I cannot use it because it is not accessible. Long Branch Area is packed with families with young children, elderly and people with disabilities. We are in more need for accessible transit than anyone else and still, Metrolinx thinks it is not that important! Metrolinx planned to have all of the train stations upgraded by 2016, but didn't keep its promise, that was put on hold until 2025 as if this is something not that important. When you look through their budget plan for the upcoming year you can see that the funding priority shifts towards modernization and look upgrade of the existing stations that are already accessible. Every year they are upgrading something in the Union station as if this the only station they have in Ontario. What is the matter with you Go Transit? There is an obvious gap in your budget planning... Wake up! Accessibility should be the first priority. Articles from 2011 and 2016 (it is 7 years almost) on that same issue and still no changes:2016 Article in CBC News Article in The Star

Yuliya Bondarenko
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