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Ban Toxic Chinese Drywall, Provide Medical Monitoring, Injunctive Equitable Relief, Public Awareness

After Hurricane Katrina, our Family moved from Louisiana to Florida. We bought a new house and were thrilled to be getting a fresh start. However, our happiness was short-lived. Soon, the entire family’s health, and our house’s appliances, air conditioning unit, and wiring all began failing. It was a bizarre nightmare. What we learned later was that our walls were literally made from poison. After talking to neighbors who were experiencing the same issues, we brought in a forensic toxic specialist. Our drywall had been shipped in from China and was made with toxins that should never have been allowed in a building product. But by then, it was too late. Our builder had gone out of business, our insurance had a pollution exclusion, and our mortgage company said we were responsible. I filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner and after investigating they dismissed my complaint stating in fine print there was a pollution exclusion, I knew they weren't referencing these gasses emitting from Chinese Drywall. I need your help to make sure no family has to endure what we are facing. Join me in demanding that all Chinese drywall be banned from  the United States until it has been guaranteed to be safe and toxin-free. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Chinese drywall flooded the US market. According to shipping information Knauf Tianjin sent at least 38.7 million pounds of Chinese Drywall, Knauf Wuhu sent 28.6 million pounds. Based on U.S. customs and census information these figures indicate 78% from these two China plants in 2006. Those numbers have continued to increase affecting more innocent homeowners. It was used in countless homes, and thousands of families are currently involved in lawsuits over it. They have experienced the same horrible health effects as us, such as eye and upper respiratory infections, chronic nose bleeds, vomiting blood,scalp sores, migraines and chronic fatigue, and have also seen it destroy everything they worked hard to build. The problem is so bad that Congress passed a bill to learn more about the dangers of Chinese drywall used in homes like mine. We ended up having to walk away from our home, losing over $100,000 in equity. After we did, it was bulldozed to the ground. When we moved into a new place, we learned that it, too, had Chinese drywall. This toxic product is everywhere. There is reports of eleven infants at Fort Bragg that have mysteriously died  and the homes contained Chinese Drywall. This design defect by China allowed high levels of sulfide gasses: carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and other chemicals to emit through off-gassing into our homes. If it can corrode wiring turn our metals, silverware, jewelry black,  what is the long term health effects we face? We have photos of congress entering our homes wearing masks, however their saying theirs no danger when you leave. They refuse to study the health effects that families have suffered and continue to suffer daily. My family has never received justice. We still suffer from ill health, our credit has been destroyed, and we have to scrape every penny just to get by day-to-day. We are no longer home owners, we rent. Recently, I learned I have thyroid cancer, and I know in my heart that it is from the Chinese drywall. A home is supposed to protect you, not kill you. It is time to ban Chinese drywall until we have answers and guarantees that it is safe.

Crystal K
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Petition to Charles Schumer

Increase access to proper health care for incarcerated individuals.

The purpose of this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in the efforts to preserve the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - a landmark statute that expanded health insurance coverage for millions of Americans - including individuals involved in the criminal justice System (CJS). Prior to the ACA 80-90% of individuals in prisons and jails were uninsured, both before and after incarceration. The ACA was a turning point for uninsured individuals in the CJS - who, prior to its passage, were often released from jail or prison with no insurance and no way to access healthcare services. Research shows that the first two weeks after prison release an individual’s risk for death is 12.7 times higher than the general population, especially due to drug overdose and cardiovascular disease. The ACA has made it possible for CJS-involved individuals to obtain health insurance. Lack of insurance means individuals will have limited or no access to health-related services and without services to address chronic illness, mental illness, and drug addiction many will cycle back through the CJS and be incarcerated again. The ACA is a step towards actualizing and protecting health as a human right.  In addition, this petition was created to encourage our State Senator to file an 1115 Demonstration Waiver to expand the services covered by Federal Medicaid funds while an individual is incarcerated. Studies have identified that in comparison to the general population CJS-involved individuals are burdened with higher rates of health conditions: 50% of incarcerated individuals report having a chronic health condition (vs. 27-31% of general population); 14-21% report a diagnosis of an infectious  disease (vs. 5% of general population). In addition, 53% of individuals in all state prisons and 45% of individuals all federal prisons meet the DSM criteria for drug dependence. Submitting a demonstration waiver to allow Federal Medicaid funds to pay for basic health care needs including the initiation of substance use and mental health services will help to remove barriers to treatment and will not only improved individual health but also improved community health. Submitting a demonstration waiver is an important step in the efforts to protect incarcerated individuals human right to health. Lastly, this petition is to urge support from our State Senator in efforts to improve correctional health services to protect an incarcerated individuals human right to health. Through additional support and funding, incarcerated persons with physical health, mental health and/or addiction will be able to receive better treatment services while imprisoned. Without proper medical care and consistent treatment, incarcerated individuals often experience high levels of sexual and physical abuse by other inmates and prison guards. In addition, without proper care incarcerated individuals have a higher rate of recidivism.  It is of most importance that our State Senator help to restore and protect incarcerated individuals basic human right to health. Created by MSW Students - Jennifer Maine, Shelby Bour, and Nicole Jezairian

Jennifer Maine
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Petition to Kemp Hannon, Richard Gottfried, John Flanagan, Carl Heastie

Enact the "Dream law" Bill S1165/ A5514 for all Transplant Patients 2018

TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the public health law, in relation to deeming central venous lines as medically necessary Dream Shepherd is an 12-year-old girl who has courageously battled Sickle Cell Disease and who suffered a stroke in 2010 at the age of five. In December 2014, as part of a study, Dream received a stem cell transplant as part of her treatment plan and fight against Sickle Cell Disease. After the transplant she remained in the hospital for several months, while Doctors worked to stabilize her immune system, which was crucial to her discharge and transplant success. Additionally while in the hospital Dream had a Central Venous Line placed into her heart. The Central Venous Line has strict care requirements. In New York State Health Facilities only Registered Nurses are legally allowed to administer I.V. medications with use of a Central Venous Line; which have to be properly managed to ensure that Dream, and other's with a Central Line, do not acquire infections, especially if immuno-compromised. This central line goes directly into the right atrium of the heart, and requires immediate action should there be a disconnection for any reason as a patient with this type of line can exsanguinate should this go unmonitored or unnoticed. In addition to the high risk of infections, other complications of Central Venous Lines include Air Embolism, Pneumothorax, Pinch-off, Syndrome, Drug Precipitates, Thrombosis, Catheter Occlusion, Catheter Malposition, and Sepsis a severe blood infection caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Sepsis is extremely serious and can be life-threatening.  Due to the high potential for dangerous infections, as part of discharge planning, Dream's mother, who is not a medical professional, made a request for a skilled private duty nurse to care for Dream's central venous line. This request was denied by the insurance company as it was "not deemed medically necessary." Due to this rejection by the insurance company, the hospital informed Dream's mother, that she was required to provide the necessary care to Dream's central venous line. Not ensuring that Dream would have the correct and proper skilled nurse to provide the care after discharge which could have caused irreparable harm, including the worst outcome. Attempting to force the mother to provide the care would have required her to lose her job and source of income, along with saddling her with the anxiety of overseeing the medical attention that if not done properly, could lead to the loss of her daughter's life. That is a position no family member or friend should ever be in.

Diana Lemon
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