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Petition to Daniel Andrews

Compensation for the forgotten Stolen Gen members in Vic, before it's too late!

My name is Daria Atkinson and through my position as Bringing Them Home Worker at the Victorian Aboriginal health Service and from personal experience, I believe compensation is well overdue for members of the Stolen Generation.  It  is time to make things right with this forgotten group of people in Victoria who have suffered many traumas. Unfortunately, many Stolen Gen members may never see compensation, as they are an aging group. The Stolen Generations are in need of healing and reparation for the forced traumatic lifestyle, which not only they have lived but has been passed on to many generations after them….. and many more to come.       On the 26th of May, 2017 which was the 20th anniversary of the  Bringing Them Home (BTH) report, 350 Community members including Elders from the Stolen Generation gathered to commiserate, remember and acknowledge the suffering and survival. When you get a chance to have a yarn with a member of the Stolen Generation, you can here from them the pain is raw and their experience is still effecting them today. It's very emotional. Of the 54 recommendations made in the BTH report, only a very small number were implemented. In other states, Stolen Gen members have received compensation for being forcibly removed by government polices but, not in Victoria as yet! It's as if the Stolen Generation didn't happen here. This petition is a call to action to the Victorian Government  to address the ongoing effects of past removal policies in Victoria and the lack of implementation of recommendations to address the members of The Stolen Generations. Its time NOW, for our Victorian Elders to receive compensation. It will never take away the stress and trauma but would aid their healing process.   *Please note: We plan to present this petition to Daniel Andrews over dinner with members of the Stolen Generation.                     

Daria Atkinson
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Petition to Australian Parliment, Malcolm Turnbull, Daniel Andrews

Waiving separation period of divorce where domestic violence has occurred.

Domestic violence has been part of my life for longer than I care to admit. My father would fight with my mother on a regular basis. Often, it was very heated and would end up in some form of physical violence. A punch, a slap, throwing things - or her - against the wall.He would come into our room and emotionally manipulate us so that we would beg him to stay. Things would be ok for a while, then the cycle would start again. That cycle of abuse all suffers get caught up in.  I remember being 12 and it was the same old story. I said to him, "Go on, do it then, kill yourself, I don't care anymore." I'll never forget that moment in my life, where I then became the punching bag. I was 16 when I hid my brother and sister in my wardrobe, calling the police through muffled tones. I thought for sure he would kill her. The police arrived 3 hours later, I'm thankful they act a lot quicker today. When I was 18, my parents had a massive fight, I got in between them and my dad was so furious. I remember running down the drive way to get away from him. He was quicker than me and hit me so hard on the back of the head I blacked out. He then dragged me back inside for disobeying him. Suffice to say, I moved out the following week. I was 17 when I first started dating my husband. I remember vividly after dating for a couple of months, he punched me in the arm for something I said to him. I thought to myself, "You are never to be with someone who hurts you like your dad did to your mother." Except my subconscious had gotten so used to this kind of treatment that I let it continue. The brainwashing, the "I'm sorry, I'll do better," sucked me in time and time again. He was always SO emotional, I never knew which person I would get. But when he was nice, I loved him, so it blinded me from his toxic bahaviour. While we argued a lot, the physical violence happened maybe twice a year. How sad that I can justify that! We got married at 20, baby at 24, and at 27 when he threatened me with a machete, strangled me so that I nearly died and punched me so hard I bruised all over my backside, I knew that I couldn't do it anymore.I reported him to the police, they discribed the event as one of the worst they've seen and he was arrested. I got an AVO, which is nice in theory but does little when they are allowed off on bail by a magistrate and his charges were not addressed in a timely manner. My biggest issue - and what I want to petition today - is that I have to wait 12 months before I can divorce the man who abused me. 12 months of his manipulation and control. That is not fair. That is exactly why women/men go back to their partners because they get brainwashed time and time again. I'm asking for a no waiting period. I want to be divorced from my abusive husband now, so he no longer has any control over me. How can we make a stand when everything is in their favour?

Leila Jones
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Annastacia Palaszczuk, NSW Police, Yvette D’Ath MP

There Is No Excuse For Domestic Abuse - Harsher Laws!

To the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, the Hon Yvette D'Ath Attorney-General - to any magistrates, politicians reading this that have ever dismissed domestic violence as minor offence. Your honour with all due respect,You weren't there for every argument.Every beating.Every time he put their hands around her throat.Everytime they had you pushed up against a wall with a knife.Everytime you were too scared to walk into your own home not knowing what mood they were in.Your honour, you have little idea of the physical, or how good we were at hiding it - but the mental and emotional I assure you, is much harder to live with - and will forever be etched into our brains. You can't forget it, you can only learn to live with it.Rebuilding trust, and some form of a life is hard - which should make your job easy. When someone assaults another within a relationship no less - one person is taking advantage of another's heart, that's the weakness. To hope they will change, get better, calm down - because they say they love you surely it's true? You have no idea what goes through the head of someone in that situation, so don't try to pretend you do - instead put legislation in place to protect victims, show the offenders there are consequences for their actions, and severe ones at that.If it was your daughter, son, mother, father, any part of your family - how would you respond? Australia needs a massive wake up call. You wonder why people like Tara Brown was killed in a DV relationship? You wonder why people like Tara Brown were killed in a DV relationship? How many more deaths will it take? How many more children will lose their parents? Siblings? Teresa Bradford thought the system would protect her when she had her husband charged with assaulting and choking her. Then he was granted bail and given the opportunity to take her life. She should have been safe. She wasn’t. Jessy Jess recently has gone through a traumatising ordeal when her ex partner belted her, put his hands around her throat (a red flag for homicidal attempts) taunted and emotionally abused her - she takes it to court, presses charges against someone so intimidating to the average person and he walks from court with a suspended sentence because "he seemed of good character" - in a court room he probably seemed like an angel because he was being reprimanded for commiting a violent act on his partner at the time...behind closed doors? Would not care - he got away with it, that's all he wanted - that's why he showed remorse in your courtroom as he winked and smiled at the press. My ex partner almost ended my life, physically, emotionally and mentally and the magistrate gave him 2.5 years suspended sentence...he then went and assaulted his new girlfriend 3 days after court for my assault and got only 9 months prison for assaulting her. He also has countless DVOs on him from all ex girlfriends and previous assault charges. The police do everything they can, they saved my life with there perseverance and persistence and support - they fill out days of endless paperwork and document every incident and make sure the arrest is handled and the DVOs are in place and affective yet when it comes to court, because the offender seems "remorseful and of good character" it's ok to let them walk free and not feel the gravity of the situation? This is what causes reoffending. Once again, if it was your family - what would you do? Let's put laws in place with the respective consequences to domestic violence - open communication so the victims are protected and so if the offender is incarcerated then the first victim can know when the offender will be released so that they have all security in place In case the offender attempts to reoffend. With all due respect - a DVO is simply a piece of paper in the offenders eyes, it's perceived as this because it's how the courts treat it when dealing with these cases. I can say this because I've been there, I've seen it first hand. The offender shows remorse - because he or she got caught - because they don't want prison time so they sit there and plead and beg they won't do it again and learnt their lesson...yet re offend time and time again. And yet as the victim you sit there, losing a little more hope every day, waiting for that person to walk through your door and just end your life because nothing more can be done. It took over 12 months for my ex to be prosecuted, 12 months of him breaching his DVO, trying to still control me, threaten to kill me, destroy me - it's no wonder people give up. But I'm asking you to re evaluate the process, the prosecutions and the outcomes. Keep. Your family safe. Only 30% of DV cases are reported so what's to say it's NOT your family being affected? Stand up and speak out, there is no excuse for domestic abuse! I'm calling the government and head magistrates of Australia to listen to us, to talk to us and do something and be proactive and take action!   

Nicole Blachut
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