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Justifiable Forgiveness Movement---Support for Mental Health, Abuse and Addiction Crisis!

                         JUSTIFIABLE FORGIVENESS MOVEMENT My name is Troy Fitzgibbon and I am contacting you because of the Mental Health, Abuse and Addiction crisis that our country is in the grip of. As a survivor of severe emotional, physical and sexual abuse (#me too), I have an important story to tell you and to all who care about how our young people are falling through the cracks, silently screaming for help and continuing the cycle of horror which never stops. Please, please take time to read this short letter and consider whether you might play a role in changing lives and finding lasting solutions to this epidemic. Whether opioid deaths or school shootings, I think you already understand the dire needs. My initiative called “Justifiable Forgiveness” and dealing largely with the dumping ground of U.S. prisons, will be explained a bit later, along with contact information. Right now I'd like to briefly share my story. Trouble for me started early. Coca-Cola and black coffee were in my baby bottle and white crosses would give in to me like candy. At the age of 3, I set a fire and was referred to the department of family and children in Georgia, then to Clayton Mental Health, where I was diagnosed with ADD. At age 5, I was prescribed Ritalin and Dexedrine, and from then on I took one form of phych drug or another. Drugs were intended to help my out- of- control behavior but mainly made me an addict. Lots of abuse was happening in my life that was left unreported out of fear of further abuse. There was a mother and father in my house as well as my baby brother and my baby sister. My father singled me out for abuse while my mother watched on helplessly; taking me to see professionals who she hoped could fix her "problem child". I often went to school black and blue, but those were not my school colors. My dad was an abuser; he had been abused himself, by my grandmother. I do believe there was love there somewhere hidden away which I never quite experienced. Physical and especially emotional beatings were routine and expected. I was being programmed for trouble, drugs, organized crime, violence and incarceration. Fear kept me from crying out for help, and what was "help” anyway? For instance, there was the time when I was young and my father took an extension cord and whipped me from my face to my feet, then told me to tell my school that I wrecked my bike and went over a fence. The only reason my parents sent me to school was because the school board was already complaining about me missing so much school due to the beatings. Dad, who was never at my trips to the psychiatrists, never took the advice of the therapist. I remember being handcuffed to the washing machine leg and to my bed and at other times being locked in a dark closet. He had me pick out a good piece of wood from the woodpile to become my whipping paddle.  Friends or neighbors who visited were encouraged to sign their name to this torture device, lending approval to what was beaten into me. I never set out to be a bad guy and all. I can remember the first time and was bullied where this one kid would talk bad about my mother, bragging that if I touched him his parents, who owned the trailer park we lived in, would kick us out. Knowing how it felt to be hurt and bullied, one day he said the wrong thing and I reacted by beating him up, which caused my family to have to move. It was a bad feeling, especially after receiving more beatings as a result. Staying with my godfather at one point lead to several years of him sexually abusing me. One time when I had been dropped off at my grandmother's house, she confronted me with “Did that man touch you?" Of course I lied, afraid of what my father would do to me if he found out. I thought no one would believe me anyway if I told the truth. All of the abuse had effects beyond just myself. My younger sister, who had not been abused herself, suffered tremendous guilt when she found out that I was abused. Since the age of 15, she's been strung out and is now in prison like I am. Three family members close to me committed suicide as a result of drugs and emotional abuse. Once I had been hallucinating on psych meds and thought that I heard my cousin, who had committed suicide, tell me to also commit suicide. I've had three documented suicide attempts plus others not documented.  My daughter, at the age of 12, said she would kill herself if I didn't come home. My grandmother, out of guilt, believed that she was going to hell for not helping me when I was abused, even though she had been an abuser herself. I am the one to stop this curse upon my family, and hopefully on other family's too. There's been a major change in my life since I've placed my faith in Jesus Christ, and I have made it my business to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from the same things I suffered through. It isn't just about me, you see.  A troubled young man named Nicholas Cruz recently slaughtered 17 people at his former school after the silence had met his anguished cry for help. I can relate to him in that help arrived too late to prevent a tragic outcome. The ugly truth is that we must each be involved in a solution to stop the train wrecks of lives ensnared in Abuse, Addiction, Mental Illness and Criminal Behavior. I believe my behaviors could have been prevented early on. Our hospitals and prisons are overcrowded! We're flushing lives down the toilet! I admit to lawbreaking which led me to prison with a 2042 date. I feel terrible to have caused pain!  Wanting to be part of a solution, my" Justifiable Forgiveness" initiative, I hope and pray will be adopted by authorities and lawmakers who recognize that punishing people who've been punished their entire lives does not lead to better outcomes.  Radical changes are needed to restore lives that are being lost.                                   JUSTIFIABLE FORGIVENESS Justifiable forgiveness is an initiative of Troy Fitzgibbon, a prison inmate and abuse survivor, to address issues of neglect in the areas of abuse, addiction and mental illness. It seeks to enhance public policy as it applies to government programs, private organizations, and prisons. Using social media and petitions such as ones set up at, Troy seeks to build a database of supporters who can help him accomplish his dream of seeing an abuse- free, addiction-free, and a mentally healthy America in his lifetime, an America which does not use prisons as a dumping ground of the so called refuge of society but which works toward restoring the forgotten individuals who have been cruelly left behind. PROBLEM:  Drugs are used as a substitute for long term mental health counseling because of profit incentives and the cost of long term care. SOLUTION:  INVEST in the long term solutions and regulate the influence of pharmaceutical companies. PROBLEM: Physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse is tearing at the fabric of our country. SOLUTION:  INTERVENTION!  Movements such as # (me too) bring awareness, but education programs that encourage reporting are needed.  Neglect is not an option! PROBLEM: In America there are still prisons cynically being run as human landfills, throwing window dressing on rehabilitative efforts, and doing little to affect the rate of recidivism. SOLUTION:  INCENTIVIZE the system, not through profits, but through better outcomes for those incarcerated men and women who are willing to do what it takes, through hand-ups rather than hand-outs, through more restorative justice alternatives, evidence-based solutions, and clemency. PROBLEM: Psychological counseling is helpful but isn't enough. SOLUTION:  INSPIRATION---Faith and Character based programs show evidence of real change and should be promoted by the government as an integral part of a multifaceted approach to helping in recovery of Abuse, Addiction and Mental Illness. The Justifiable Forgiveness Movement seeks to give those who've fallen through the cracks a second, even a first chance, at getting their lives straight, and through that process, work towards practical solutions such as Clemency given to those for whom forgiveness is justifiable! Every person is of infinite worth and should be given this chance if the circumstances allow for it.  Neglect of these problems---abuse, addictions and mental illness---will eventually tear this nation down to nothing. I'm working toward a real solution.  Won't you too? God bless you! Troy Fitzgibbon Graceville Correctional Facility Graceville, Florida PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITIONS! SEND IDEAS! JOIN WITH US! Email us at:                                          

Troy Fitzgibbon
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Help Abused Teens Get Away From Their Abusers

New Hampshire is not the only state to not have an emancipation law, but that does not mean it is right. It puts youths in danger. Even just making it so they can stay in shelters without police intervention or having to call their parents (abusers). I know many teens who live in abusive households. One of which is my best friend. Her stepfather beats her mother on a whim and beats her younger siblings if they ever disobey. He leaves cuts and bruises. She ran away because she feared for her safety on a night when he was particularly violent and when her parents called the police, she was forced to go back where they have now cancelled her car insurance , took her car battery out of her van, quit her job for her, cancelled her phone service, took her phone, and her laptop, all of which she paid/pays for. She now has no form.of communication should her stepfather decide to beat her. He has not until this point because her father would press charges. Her father is not, however, fit to take her because of drug problems and an inability to support himself. Though her stepfather has not hit her, he has sexually harrassed her by commenting on her breast size, asking if she and a friend went skinny dipping, and coming into the bathroom while she showered repeatedly, and on one occasion he did this, he was upset with her and ripped the shower curtain off. She also has endured years of mental and emotional abuse leading to heightened anxiety and depression which in turn lead to self harm and suicidal thoughts. Her grades are suffering, and as finals approach with her laptop taken away, she is unable to complete them or any other school work. DCYF has been called but is slow to lead an investigation, and in many cases I know of they have proven unhelpful to other teens I know suffering from abuse. Despite thus, thet are currently the best chance she has. If New Hampshire had an emancipation law I and many others would sleep sounder knowing she would be safe in her own care. She has proven time and again she can take care of herself but is still forced to live in an abusive household because New Hampshire has no way to free her of it. Please help her and many others like her. This is very important to many New Hampshire teens and future teens.

Madeline Robbins
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