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Petition to Martin Glenn, Greg Clarke, Theresa May MP

Ensure Abuse Victims Have Access To Compensation

Ever since former footballer Andy Woodward waived his right for anonymity and spoke out about the abuse he suffered as a young player it has become clear that there was a failure to protect children who participated in the sport at a grassroots level. With over 1,000 cases of historic abuse reported to the police since the football abuse scandal went public there are clearly a large number of victims who have lived with this burden and have never received justice. Abuse often took place at smaller local clubs that have since disbanded; it is for this reason that abuse survivors can find it difficult to seek civil justice against those who were negligent in their duty of care to children. It is thought that nearly 250 clubs will be impacted by police investigations into historic abuse, with many of these not having access to the resources required to settle compensation claims from those that they failed to protect from abuse. We are calling on the FA and its membership to be charged a small fee that can be placed in to a compensation fund, which will ensure that abuse survivors receive a fair amount of compensation for the negligent care they received. This fee could be charged when the FA and its members renew their employers' liability policies. A similar fund was established for those diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer linked to past exposure to asbestos. This fund was collected by insurers through a small levy placed on liability policies and highlights that the establishment of a compensation fund is both achievable and beneficial – to both claimants and defendants. While justice can be served against individual abusers through the Criminal Courts abuse survivors often feel that the institutions and organisations that exposed them to abuse do not have to face the same justice. Civil claims against those organisations that failed in their duty of care are the best way of delivering a sense of justice and closure to survivors of abuse and the establishment of this compensation fund will ensure that no abuse survivor is told that they cannot make a claim because an old insurance policy cannot be found or that their old club no longer exists. As the FA is the single body with oversight of football at various levels across the country we call on Martin Glenn and Greg Clarke – the FA's CEO and Chairman – to take action and establish this levy to ensure that abuse victims are properly compensated for the years they lost due to a club's negligence.

Peter Garsden
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Petition to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Tim Farron

Call for Edna's Law and a public inquiry into whistle-blowing

We call for:   1.  Edna's Law to replace the Public Interest Disclosure Act which has failed to protect the public, the victims or the whistle-blowers.    2.  A public inquiry into whistle-blowing in all sectors, ie including social care, construction, finance, education, local authorities, police, civil service, transport, military, NHS.  We want it to expose wrongdoing and hold individuals and institutions to account for past cases of cover-ups and victimisation of whistle-blowers, and to recognise and compensate those who suffered detriment for doing the right thing. EDNA'S LAW: Would make it a criminal offence to fail to act on the genuine concerns of a whistle-blower and would hold individuals accountable. The wrongdoing would be made public in a criminal court and corrective action would be taken. Edna's Law would put the victims of silence first and would protect the protectors who report wrongdoing. The State would prosecute and uphold the public interest (instead of expecting the whistle-blower to pay thousands of pounds to represent themself at an employment tribunal against experienced barristers). Edna's Law would be a deterrent because it would create strong case law precedents. The whistle-blower would be a protected witness. It would be a criminal offence to harm a genuine whistle-blower. Bad companies and organisations would be held to account, resulting in real culture change. The whistle-blower would be compensated for loss of trust and loss of employment. A law that protects whistle-blowers protects us all, and that is what Edna's Law would do. Together we can break the shameful chain of complacency, ignorance, denial and silence so please sign and share this petition now. Here are just a few  well-known cases of deaths and serious harm which were ALL preventable if whistleblowers had been listened to or if others had not been too scared to speak up: Mid Staffs, Bristol Babies, Jimmy Savile, Piper Alpha, Clapham train crash, Herald of Free Enterprise, Rotherham, Hammersmith Radiology.  All these are well documented but many more cases never make the news.  Edna’s Law will break that silence.  The reality for whistle-blowers includes harassment, physical assault, suspension, false counter-allegations, dismissal, loss of income, unemployment, ill-health, high legal fees, months or years of stress, loss of homes, and broken relationships and family break-ups due to the stress.  Their relatives, even young children, have been targeted for indirect reprisals.   All that is bad enough - but often no action is taken on the wrongdoing or risks, which continue unchecked, covered up by employers.  Other workers see this and decide it is safer to stay silent so the cycle of wrongdoing continues.   PIDA cases are said to be "an employment issue" so the employment tribunals may reject certain evidence as being not relevant to the employment issue, even though the whistleblower's reported concerns clearly relate to the public interest. Would YOU report wrongdoing or risks if you knew what the consequences would be for you and your family? And if you knew that the law would not protect you? And if it still wouldn't stop the wrongdoing or risk anyway? Please sign the petition now to stop needless suffering and risk. The alternative would be to do nothing and just wait for the inevitable news of the next case of avoidable harm or death - which might affect YOU or your loved ones.  People are suffering and dying today, and others being put at risk or being defrauded financially (even though they may not know it) because whistle-blowers are ignored and victimised and others are too scared to speak up.  This affects everyone. Which will you choose?  Please sign now. We hope we have already convinced you to sign.  If you need more detailed information before you sign, please read on..... Background details and examples: Edna's Law is based on evidence from 1500 whistle-blowers, given to Compassion In Care  This has now increased to over 5000 who all confirm the need for this law.  The evidence has been given to many Government ministers and all MPs in the 2015 Parliament.  Edna was a defenceless elderly lady who died after terrible abuse in a BUPA care home even though it had been reported by no less than SEVEN care workers to Des Kelly.  He was not at arm’s length, he was directly involved as the decision maker and the whistleblowers gave him personally the evidence in a formal meeting with the prescribed regulator under PIDA.  Des Kelly also heard it afterwards in a court as he sat through every day of the employment tribunal of the BUPA7, as they became known. He rose to become "Sir Des Kelly OBE" and an advisor to the Government and CQC on elderly care, and head of the National Care Forum and on DEMOS.  We often refer to him because all the evidence is available on what he did, there is no "grey area" or room for interpretation, it is all documented fact in the public domain. He is just one of many wrongdoers who have never been held accountable for their actions and now hold senior positions - this is at the root of why whistleblowers are still victimised or ignored, because wrongdoers like Des Kelly escape accountability. The BUPA7 lost their jobs but the wrongdoing was not put right, the abusers continued abusing, and Edna died.  Four years later it was revealed that people had continued to suffer in that home.  Imagine how much preventable suffering that was.  Failures in legal protection demonstrated by the BUPA7 case left a toxic legacy, because it told BUPA and other employers that they could get away with ignoring concerns and victimising whistleblowers in spite of the Public Interest Disclosure Act which had just come in at that time.  This sent a strong message to other workers to stay silent for fear of ending up unemployed like the BUPA7. PIDA failed the BUPA7 and it still fails today's whistleblowers. Employment tribunals hear PIDA cases but have no power to make sure problems are put right - so whistle-blowers lose their jobs and still the wrongdoing and risks they reported continue unchecked. The 2015 Francis Review and the new National Guardian will do nothing to protect whistle-blowers or encourage anyone else to raise concerns because the recommendations rely on policies, procedures, employers and regulators – which include the very same people who have “got away with” cover-ups, ignoring concerns, and victimising whistle-blowers for many years. The Francis "Freedom to Speak Up" review in 2015 was an expensive public relations sham, and held no wrongdoers to account. We say it never intended to and here is why: Robert Francis is on the CQC, which has invited Des Kelly's input even though Des Kelly had ignored seven whistleblowers and had deliberately put an abuser in at least three BUPA care homes. The CQC has ignored multiple whistle-blowers, eg the abuse at Winterbourne View and Old Deanery, and many more.  Is that so surprising when they have included in their press releases a significant contribution from Des Kelly, a man who could have prevented Edna’s death but chose not to?  Instead he deliberately gave Edna’s worst abuser access to other defenceless people to torment.    Compassion In Care and Private Eye joint investigations have proved that the CQC lied and misled the public for many years but no-one was held accountable.   The CQC falsely claimed it had closed 100 care homes, an outright lie as it was only two.   They have been complicit in re-registering care homes as "new" under slightly different names, but the same ownership, in order to hide bad inspection reports. Now the supposedly "independent" new National Guardian for the NHS is to be overseen guessed it......the CQC. It's like the story of The Emperor's New Clothes - the evidence, in this case of wrongdoing and complicity, is there in plain sight for all to see, but most are scared to point it out or just can't believe what they see.  But Robert Francis and many others in Parliament and the care sector know it is true because we have presented the evidence.  Many are "Guilty By Association", because by praising and harbouring wrongdoers, they are complicit in the wrongdoing. This isn't a fairy story. People are suffering right now so we're speaking up loud and clear that Edna's Law is needed to protect the public. Whistleblowing helplines paid for by employers can never be independent - they protect the employer, not the employee because they make their income by selling policies and procedures to employers so their loyalty is to their customer. After Mid-Staffs, Robert Francis spoke a lot about "changing the culture" but clearly it didn't work, because he was shocked by how many people told him they still felt unable to speak up.  Many trusted the Francis Review and hoped it would be a turning point.  But as whistle-blowers, we have already been failed by his “policies and procedures”and “Guardian” approach.   We have been contacted by people in roles designated "whistleblower supporter" who then lost their own job after reporting concerns themselves. We know it doesn't work, it has never worked before and it can never work in future.  We don't need any more expensive hot air about "changing the culture" - we need to change the reality and bring in Edna's Law. More than 900 callers rang Eileen's helpline after BBC Panorama "Behind Closed Doors"   Thousands more calls/emails have come in since the Francis Review.  Many of these whistleblowers still experience lasting detriment, so cannot put their names publicly to the petition yet, though many have left public comments on the petition which shows how widespread this is.  You might ask "Why didn't they just speak up in their workplace?"  But how can we expect workers to report wrongdoing when they have seen what happens to those who do?   Would you? Please help us break the shameful silence and ensure accountability – by signing Edna’s Law now. Thank you. For more information: Edna's Law demonstration CQC - An Ongoing Concern Breaking The Silence Parts 1, 2, 3 Part 4 is now in preparation. Whistleblower Interviews Charlotte Leslie MP speaking in Parliament BBC Panorama Hammersmith Radiology BBC Panorama - "Behind Closed Doors" Beyond the Facade - story of the BUPA 7 We are sending this to all party leaders so that we can continue building support for the long term change that is needed.

Compassion In Care
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Petition to Madame Cleroux, Geoffrey Howard, Roger Mills, Ottawa Citizen

Bell Baker's John Summers - Stop a Crime Against Humanity - What would his Mother think?

Is Bell Baker's John Summers just a cog of another corrupt law firm of many that prostitute themselves to the highest bidder regardless of ethics and human decency?  OR, is John Summers part of a Deep Conspiracy of a vast chain of command which includes dirty cops, lawyers and certain provincial court judges in Ottawa, Canada's capital? What is apparent is that Bell Baker's Mr Summers has prepared a fraudulent affidavit and has perpetrated abuse of court procedure and other techniques of deception that have been responsible for an elderly woman no longer being able to talk, walk and write in Ottawa. This Bell Baker lawyer has used those lies to deny her very son the ability to see his own Mom, and the ability of a battered and neglected Mom to see her own son - for much longer than over excrutiating 500 days now. John Summers has not only violated ethical standards which governs lawyers in the Province of Ontario; but has also violated our very principles of decency as human beings. John Summers' client who began abusing this poor elderly woman used to be a 'normal' human being until he began dabbling in demonic rituals. He then began to rant about 'aliens' visiting him in his dreams and the “extraterrestrial threat”. His personality began to change. He began to become disoriented; while losing a basic sense of "right and wrong". He then became violent. It was then that John Summers mysteriously came out of the woodwork to reveal a network and fraternity of apparent “fifth column” operatives whose allegiances appear to be anything but human – reminiscent of John Carpenter's film “They Live” and other such spectacles of that genre. John Summers shows us all, that a member of the legal profession in Ottawa is prepared to not only deny social justice to others but is also prepared to use lies to support a Crime Against Humanity. We, as human beings declare our commitment to empathy, social justice, freedoms and the due process of law which entitles a law-abiding son and a law-abiding mother to be able to see each other. We united against the actions of an aggressive abuser who has been responsible for assault, treachery and lies that have been embellished by Bell Baker's John Summers; ans also unite against the Office of Mr Summers' wilfull contempt of honour and integrity, along with the high esteem that we, as humans, have for our Mothers. In so doing, we, as humans beings, declare our sovereignty on our Planet Earth from whatever force that's alien to our very humanity that propels Bell Baker's John Summers and his network of co-conspirators to deny the inviolable right of a law-abiding Mother and son to see each other of their own volition. We call on our fellow human beings who support the rights of other human beings including that of a Mother and son who have not seen each other for nearly two years to not only economically boycott doing business with John Summers but also Bell Baker in general. We plea with all people who love their Mothers and who deplore the unethical and treacherous actions of John Summers to spread this message of an economic boycott; and our collective desire for the Law Society of Upper Canada to disbar John Summers for his role in a macabre scheme. The actions of Bell Baker's John Summers begs the question.  What would his Mother think?  Would John Summers and the rest of his colleagues liked to have been cut-off from seing their own Mother, having lost the ability to speak, write and talk at the hands of an abuser?  It is apparent that lawyers like John Summers lack empathy and a sense of ethics and morality, and that such lawyers have no business practicing in the Province of Ontario or any other part of Canada which values civil rights and Motherhood itself.

John Stokes
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