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Petition to Derryn Hinch, Daniel Andrews

Implement a National Domestic Violence Perpetrator Register.

This is a petition to ask for changes to be made to the domestic violence laws in Australia. We believe that changes need to be made at local and national levels, because often the victims of domestic violence are at risk of murder or suicide. One of the first things we can do is start a national register for perpetrators who are charged and found guilty of domestic violence crimes and abuse. This is what we are asking for: a national register similar to a sexual offenders register. As domestic violence is a growing epidemic and perpetrators are able to continue their patterns after punishment has been served (in the cases where punishment was implemented), it creates a concerning situation of more victims being created. If perpetrators of violence and abuse against their partners were put on a national register, women (and other potential victims) would be able to look them up before beginning relationships. They would be able to protect themselves financially, physically, and emotionally. They would be able to protect their current or future offspring. This will have positive impacts on society at large: the national register will positively impact the health sector, the education sector, and the welfare sector. Survivors of domestic violence and abuse are often forced to rebuild their entire lives and often require ongoing therapy after being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and/or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Victims often feel as if they have no voice. As survivors of domestic violence and abuse, we have started this petition is a way to empower victims. By the courts naming perpetrators on a register, we can assist others by allowing them to view the registry and protect themselves against known offenders. We believe this will reduce the amount of victims that will be affected over time. Thank you for your interest in our cause. Let’s make Australia a safer place!  

Bianca Ascher
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Petition to Kelly O'Dwyer, Malcolm Turnbull

Make the specific act of Domestic Violence a criminal offence in every state of Australia

The specific act of Domestic Violence is NOT a criminal offence in any state of Australia....I bet you are thinking “no, that can’t possibly be right” .... but I assure you - as of this moment, there is not one person sitting in any jail in Australia convicted of committing the crime of domestic violence..... because they can’t be, as it is not a crime in our country. With 2 women being murdered every 11 days in Australia by current or ex partners ... the problem is not going away and why would it? What message does it send when we as a country have more of a penalty for catching a fish that is too small than we have for terrorising and destroying your own family or loved ones life? It says we don’t give a damn and we don’t .... and that’s why women are still dying and DV is costing our economy billions each year.... its because we don’t take it seriously. Violence is violence - it should not matter who the victim is to the perpetrator, why should one act of violence have police take action and arrest and the courts convict while another gets pushed into family court?! What has Violence got to do with family? Nothing - Violence is violence. Assault is a crime.Sexual assault is a crime.But what comes before these with Domestic Violence? .... Psychological, emotional and financial abuse nearly always comes before physical abuse and without any law recognising this pattern of behaviour women (and some men) are trapped ....... unable to go as there is no way to stop the unrelenting torment..... I DO NOT WANT TO COUNT THE NUMBER OF DEAD WOMEN EACH YEAR .... one day one of them could be my daughter and that’s not good enough! - I don’t want a free call number to talk about it.- I don’t want counselling so I can live with it.- I don’t want 10 days paid DV leave so I can deal with it - And I don’t want a shelter where I can run and hide from it! I WANT A LAW TO STOP IT, THE FIRST TIME. And you can take the VROs or AVOs or FVOs and shove them as frankly, I’m pretty sure a person has been told more than once to STOP what they are doing before it gets to a court - a piece of paper isn’t going to magically make them listen and it provides zero protection!We don’t give bank robbers written warnings are tell them “now don’t rob that bank again and stay 100m away from it please” .... WE WANT TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT STOPPING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AUSTRALIA? �� MAKE IT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A CRIME �� It will end a cold day in hell before my 5 year old daughter grows up and gets asked to sign an employment agreement that gives her ten days paid DV leave, right next to maternity and bereavement leave - are we saying as a country we are going to accept DV occurs just like birth and death?! No! ....... it’s not supposed to be this way .... it’s not the lucky country until we are all lucky and equal and we are not, as women are being killed and lives are being destroyed and it’s not a “relationship issue” or “lovers tiff” and it’s nothing to do what to family and everything to do with control and hurt and abuse ........ LETS MAKE DV A CRIMINAL OFFENCE IN EVERY STATE OF AUSTRALIA BY THE END OF 2018...... Nothing else has worked - this is working in the UK and USA ..... one life saved is worth it ........ let’s do this! Info: Domestic Violence is rates a mention in the Commonwealth Family Law Act ..... ..... then it’s up to the States to legislate and make laws .... and if anyone can make sense of them you’ll be the only one as they make NO SENSE and are totally ineffective: In the UK and USA the specific act of Domestic Violence is a crime. The USA has the “violence against women act” In the UK coercive and controlling behaviour (emotional and psychological abuse) is also now a crime: Coercive or controlling behaviour offence: A coercive or controlling behaviour offence came into force in December 2015. It carries a maximum 5 years’ imprisonment, a fine or both. Victims who experience coercive and controlling behaviour that stops short of serious physical violence, but amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse, can bring their perpetrators to justice.The offence closes a gap in the law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour that occurs during a relationship between intimate partners, former partners who still live together or family members”

Linda Howard
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Petition to Daniel Andrews, Will hodgman, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP


Australia has a diverse, multi-cultural population which includes people from countries where eating dog meat is seen as acceptable practice. Many immigrants strive to preserve their own culture and traditions on settling in a new country, why would the consumption of dog meat be any different? Well it isn't. It's already happening right here with a petition on  (Google " Exotic Meats") which has over 4,400 signatures (to date) and the catch cry...... “We will no longer accept this racist and bigoted view that eating animals like Dogs and Cats is wrong. This is NOT equality”. It’s not widely known that the Greyhound Racing industry in Australia over breeds dogs, even providing incentives to breeders, breeding more than enough to sustain the amount of races held, in some insane desire to breed faster and faster dogs. Why? It makes good viewing for the punter watching Australian races televised live to international betting audiences. The public is led to believe, by fact of omission of information, that all these dogs, once no longer required, are adopted out to loving homes to live out their natural lives. The reality is that the Greyhound Racing industry, by its own admission, kills up to 17,000 young, healthy dogs nationally every year. Many of these dogs have never raced and so do not figure in any of the statistics relating to Retired dogs which have been released to the public. As such, there is a troubling lack of information regarding the true number of greyhounds being killed, the method of killing and their ultimate disposal.  The thousands of forgotten, unnamed dogs are termed “wastage” by the industry. To all intents and purposes, these dogs  n-e-v-e-r   e-x-i-s-t-e-d.  Because of this lack of accountability and control, there is no guarantee these dogs, the “wastage”, are not being acquired by dog meat traders. In fact, most trainers and owners would happily GIVE their dogs away than have to pay the vet fees to have them put down. Who knows what would happen if there were people willing to pay by the kilo for their dog / exotic meat. Human nature being what it is, the OPPORTUNITY is there, the  DEMAND is there and the SUPPLY is there. This petition aims to limit the OPPORTUNITY and potential supply, calling on the Premiers and governments of each Australian state where Greyhound Racing is permitted, to hold the Greyhound Racing industry responsible for “Whole of Life” tracking of any dog bred solely for racing. This will ensure every dog is accounted for and provide tangible evidence that they have not entered the food chain. Furthermore, this information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Self-regulation by the Greyhound Racing industry has proven to be a dismal failure in a number of areas. Federal Governments must take back control, levy the Greyhound Racing industry in each state to fund the infrastructure required and then police any failure to comply with these tracking requirements. It happened in Bali to unsuspecting consumers, take action now to stop it happening here. Irish, British and Australian greyhounds have been exported to China and when injured or finished racing, have been sold for their meat. Look again at the cover picture, sadly, these are greyhounds. People in the Australian Greyhound Racing industry treat these dogs as commodities and they will jump at any opportunity to make every last dollar they can from them.  Please vote to close the Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole now so that the forgotten greyhounds are not recycled into “EXOTIC MEAT” to be carved up and served on a plate.  Thank you for your support.  

Dion Martinus
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