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Demand Accountability from the Supreme Court - Class Action Lawsuit Against Supreme Court

Gone is the Warren Supreme Court, where cases were held without bias to Constitutional scrutiny. These recent decisions of the Supreme Court - tearing down the separation between church and state, overturning a woman's fundamental agency over her own body in Roe, chipping away Miranda rights, among others - prove that this body is politically motivated, not acting in good, unbiased faith, and not making decisions in the best interests of all Americans. When a Congress controlled by one party can simply change procedures to block or fast track Justice nominees, then there is no law. When the wife of a Supreme Court Justice is allegedly party to the treasonous overthrow of our government, then why should her husband's rulings carry any merit? Why is he even allowed to preside? We need a class action lawsuit, on behalf of all Americans, to nullify this politicized Supreme Court, and nullify every decision it has made since Justice Scalia's death in 2016, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell arbitrarily "declared any appointment by the sitting president to be null and void," and the "11 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signed a letter saying they had no intention of consenting to any nominee from Obama." ( One political party's fascist ambition is not the rule of the land. What needs to happen: Nullify all Supreme Court appointments made after Scalia's death. Nullify all Supreme Court decisions rendered after Scalia's death. Establish a Constitutional Amendment that defines set timelines, and fair and equal representation procedures for appointing Supreme Court Justices. For the purposes of checks and balances - as the People are the only ones who can check the Court's authority - establish a Constitutional Amendment that all Supreme Court rulings can be called once to a vote. Only after a federal election will the public decide whether or not a ruling will stand. Like police, like politicians, nominees and sitting Justices must be held to a higher standard, and if they do not recuse themselves at scandal - as Clarence Thomas refuses to do, despite his wife's Ginni's alleged involvement in the January 6 treason - then there needs to be established, fair guidelines for removing them, by Congress and by popular vote. Establish a new Supreme Court based on these guidelines. Re-hear all of the cases made after Scalia's death. When the Supreme Court negates something as fundamental to our nation as the separation of church and state - a cornerstone of her Enlightenment philosophies, our ingrained history of religious persecution people fled to the New World to escape - then they are deliberately acting in bad faith, and the will and rights of all the People must prevail.

Stephen Sonneveld
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