Abortion is murder

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Petition to United States Supreme Court

Protect the Unborn, Promote States' Rights

Recently, the United States Supreme court ruled that Georgia's "heartbeat bill" regarding abortion was illegal.    For those of you that don't know, the bill criminalized abortions after a heartbeat could be detected in the embryo- which does, in fact, violate Roe v. Wade.  The only way to move towards the right to life of the unborn, then, is to overturn this ruling. The rights to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" are integral to America's foundations as a country.  Does a murdered child have life?  Is a child in danger of being killed liberated?  Can a child killed before he or she can experience a taste of the world pursue happiness?  Murder is murder, no matter the victim. Humanity is not judged by size.  A person standing at 5 feet is no less a person than a 6-foot-four football player!  Development does not determine humanity- if that is the case, a ten year old is less human than an adult.  Location has no power to make a person- by the seven-inch space between the womb and the open air, we determine humanity?  Unthinkable!  "My body, my choice" is inaccurate here- a woman has a right to prevent a pregnancy, but to terminate one does not control her own body- it is the body of a separate human being, a separate future citizen of the US.  Simply because the fetus is dependent upon his mother, he is not inhuman.  All humans have some level of dependency! Please, those who believe in the humanity of the unborn, sign this petition to overturn Roe v Wade and make it the right of the state to protect human life.  The silent majority must speak out!

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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Ralph Northam, Gina Raimondo

Say No to Abortions of Personal Convenience

URGENT UPDATE: VA Democrats Propose Bill Allowing Abortion Up Until Moment Of Birth - we must create a movement!  CLARIFICATION! Due to a number of complaints and to avoid any further misunderstanding: This petition does not oppose abortions if the fetus either threatens the life of the mother or will cause her irreversible and serious physical or mental impairment.  This petition is opposing abortion for the 90%+ of women who do so for reasons of personal convenience. Please see the statistics at the bottom of the page. THE PETITION: Residents of NY State and citizens across the United States of America are horrified and outraged at the passing and signing of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which allows abortions “at any time when necessary to protect a woman’s life or health.’’  Of course, the bill does not define the phrase "woman’s life or health" and opens the door for abortion, in any and every case the woman deems necessary, up till the moment of birth. Considering that only 8% of abortions (see figures below) are related to either the health of the mother or fetus, a staggering number of women kill their growing and living fetuses for reasons of personal convenience.   We have now learned that VA is also considering such a bill, we must act quickly. We the People Declare: All non-acute medically related abortions must be banned at the commencement of brainwave activity.   Mothers take full responsibility for the results of their sexual activities, just as men are expected to take responsibility upon the birth of his child.  We must help those mothers who feel unable or scared to carry their babies to term by providing emotional and financial aid, and by encouraging adoption via government incentives.     We the undersigned are here to give voice to all those who do not yet have a voice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FACTS: A comprehensive study by the Alan Guttmacher Institute surveying 10,683 women from 7 States (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah) uncovered the shocking true reasons for abortion.  8% Primary Reasons for Abortions due to Rape/Health 1% of abortions are performed due to rape/incest.  3% of abortions are performed due to fetal health problems 4% of abortions are performed due to mothers health problems 92% Primary Reasons for Abortions are for Convenience. 25% Mother feels unready  23% Mother can't afford a baby  19% Mother does not want more children 8% Mother has relationship problems  7% Mother feels too immature  4% Pregnancy will interfere with mothers schooling or career 1% Parents or husband/boyfriend want the mother to abort 5% other reasons 

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