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Does Tasmania really "need" more abortion provision?

 Does Tasmania really "need" more abortion provision?  Lets look at the FACTS: The Hobart clinic closed down due to "decreased demand" - lack of clients. Funding for surgical abortion is freely available from many womens and youth services across the state. The abortion pill, which is widely used, is available via a phone call anywhere in the state. The money spent on an abortion clinic could be better spent on other un-funded options for women faced with unplanned pregnancy- like intensive pregnancy & parenting support services.There is also a need for specialized counselling support for women struggling with the news of fetal abnormalities, or those being pressured to abort by a partner, as well as those struggling with a pregnancy and/or to parent with an ABI (acquired brain injury) or learning difficulty. Where is the "clinic" to support these women? Where is the funding to ensure services can support these women? Are these women and their babies less worthy of the million dollars promised by Bill Shorten to establish an abortion clinic in Tasmania? Tasmania "needs" a lot of things but, while women have access to abortion via the Tabbot foundation and private and interstate providers it does not "need" an abortion clinic. What it does need is funding for support services that offer alternatives to abortion - viable options - for women when they are facing an unplanned and/or difficult pregnancy.  Tassie women deserve better than "just" abortion as an option. If the "mantra" really is "women can do ANYTHING" then we need to be sure they have FREE and unrestricted access to ALL of their options before making one of the biggest, life changing decisions of their life.

Christin Phillips
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Petition to Annastacia Palaszczuk, Jackie Trad, Yvette D'Ath

Make abortion legal in Queensland in 2017.

Make abortion legal in 2017. Abortion is still a crime in Queensland, even though 80% of people support a woman's right to decide. Queensland parliament recently failed to pass legislation to decriminalise and regulate abortion. Instead, the premier, deputy-premier and attorney-general promised to refer the issue to the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) and enact legislation based on the QLRC's report, in the next term of government. So far this referral hasn't been made, and there's every possibility it will report back too late for legislation to be introduced this year. Join us to call for the referral to be made to the QLRC now, for it to report quickly, and for a public commitment that legislation to decriminalise abortion will be introduced in this term of parliament, this year. Having abortion on the criminal code gives weight to anti-abortion stigma, takes away the legitimacy of women deciding for themselves whether or when to have children, and puts that decision-making power in the hands of doctors who must make a judgement about the physical and mental health impact of continuing or terminating the pregnancy. It empowers anti-abortion forces – most importantly in hospitals, where access to abortion is severely restricted. It means that most people requiring abortion must pay more and travel further, to access abortion in one of the free-standing private clinics. This situation is unjust, and out of keeping with the values of the majority of Queenslanders. It is not good enough to push it off into the never-never. No-one knows what the composition of the next parliament will be or who will be in a position to put any abortion-related bills forward. However, since this is the path that has been promised, we want the QLRC referral to be made now. We want to ensure that it reports quickly. And we want this parliament, this term, under this government, to legislate to decriminalise abortion. The parliamentary health committee has already twice conducted extensive hearings into the legislation, receiving submissions from psychological, medical, legal and ethical experts, women, women's rights and health care consumer advocates, abortion providers and numerous others. The 2002 Report of the Taskforce on Women and the Criminal Code advocated decriminalisation of abortion. While the QLRC will need to conduct its own research, it will have these reports, along with reports of the Victorian Law Reform Commission and those prepared for the Tasmanian parliament all available to it. Those who made submissions to the parliamentary health committee would be well placed to make submissions to the QLRC within a short timeframe. The QLRC has a staff of 4, with only one other report currently underway. So a timeframe of 6 months for the report, which would potentially allow the matter to be dealt with in the term of the current parliament, would be quite reasonable. We therefore request Premier Palaszczuk, Deputy-Premier Trad and Attorney-General D'Ath to ensure the immediate referral of this issue to the QLRC, with a timeframe for reporting of no more than six months, and to make a public commitment to introduce legislation to decriminalise abortion within the current term of government. Anything else is just transparent delaying tactics. We want reproductive justice and we want it now.

Kamala Emanuel
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Petition to Pauline HANSON

Late Abortions are extremely painful for Fetus. They should be Anesthetized before killing

What’s that most extreme form of punishment, which you would never wish for your worst enemy? May be, a very painful death. But what’s worse than that? It’s the fact that you had a choice to make it less painful. There is a famous story about the pain and sacrifice that a mother endures while giving birth. A boy once jokingly asked his pregnant girlfriend - how painful could it be to give birth to a child. Being full of wit herself, she answered - it’s nothing really. Just try this quick test – hold your lower lip and give it a pull. The boy did as instructed. Then she said – now stretch it a bit more. He did. And a bit more, does it hurt now? Yes, a little. OK, now stretch it over your head… You get the idea, don’t you? This story is a favourite with many Pro-Choice Activists, as it helps to explain a woman’s pain to others, who may not otherwise be able to appreciate it, and rightly so.  However, what we don’t know is that the story doesn’t really end there. The boy, almost in tears, holds his girlfriend’s tummy and whispers – now I know. The girl was moved by his sensitive response. She wiped the tears off him and said, don’t worry, I was just joking. Yes, it’s very painful, but since last year, I’ve done a lot of research. There are heaps of Pain Control methods available, that the doctors can use on me, when the time comes. The boy, now inconsolable, says – I know honey, I’m just crying for our baby that you aborted last year. She had his lips, and every other part of her body ripped off – one by one – and yes, only now I know how she would have felt. The above example is not an exaggeration. In fact, no example can make you feel the actual pain of being torn apart alive. But this is not a petition against Abortion, let me make that very clear. I’ll be very truthful here. Personally, I’m against the idea of killing a person (or a lifeform, in case you are Pro-Choice), just because I can. However, if someone is going to be killed anyways, the least I should do is to try to make it painless. We have won this hard fought right for Animals (Stunning before Slaughter), now let’s win it for Humans. Most people have a view that a mother who can kill her own baby must be cruel beyond reason. However, it may not be the case. They may just be as cruel as you, if you are a recreational hunter or love fishing. They feel the same way towards the baby as you feel towards your prey. And at the most basic level of ethics, they are no more cruel than you are. If you don’t believe me, try this simple question. Ask yourself - why is it ok to kill a fish for fun, but not a baby? Because it is human, right? Now comes the second part of the question – why is it ok to kill a fish, and not a human? I bet you can’t answer that one without some amount of hypocrisy. So why should you mothers care about your babies at all? Because you can. Whatever you say in public, I know deep in your heart, you wouldn’t do it if there was another way. There are very few Pro-Choice people who actually love Abortion. What they love is Themselves. It just happens to be at the cost of another Human. So if I say that I’m not against you, but I’m actually trying to help you by making your act less painful, would you not agree? Won’t you sleep better at night feeling less guilty? When your baby gets torn apart, won’t you at least want that to happen in her sleep? For the love of life, won’t you grant her – her Death Wish? This Death Wish is pretty simple: Please apply Anesthesia to the Baby, before killing it. For now, please use 20 Weeks as the cut-off gestational life for the baby to feel pain. However, this should be revised as more scientific evidence is available about the point at which the baby starts to feel pain. I appeal to Pauline Hanson, Member of Parliament, Australia to bring in a Bill in every State / Province that her party holds seats in. Abortion is a state issue. If a state has restricted Abortion to a certain Gestational Age, please ensure that any abortion allowed after this point is carried out under Fetal Anesthesia. (I’m appealing to Pauline because in my opinion she’s one of the few politicians in the country today who puts Conscience before Political Correctness). The State of Utah in USA has already passed such a law in May-2016. Please refer to Senate Bill Number SB234. At this point I think we need to take a pause and settle our emotions down. An emotional appeal is great, but without scientific basis, this would be nothing but rhetoric. Also, I’m not one who would support their claim by saying – “most scientists / doctors back this claim”. Remember, science is not democracy, truth is binary – something is either true, or not. Everything else is an opinion or a hypothesis. With this in mind, here are some truths that are universally accepted as such: By 20 weeks, a baby develops a full nervous system. This system is also connected to the thalamus, the part of the brain responsible for sensing pain. Adults that have lost other parts of their brain due to illness or accident can still feel pain. The baby violently reacts to painful stimuli. This includes, but not limited to sudden and significant increase in heart rate and pulling away from the intruder – all that we adults do under similar circumstances. The most incredible proof of this painful experience is the release of stress hormones in these babies, when they are hurt. The level of these hormones increase with the increase in the applied pain. When these facts are presented to the doctors whose livelihood depends on abortion, they do not deny it. As I said earlier, opinions can differ but truth can’t be denied. What they opine instead is that in spite of these facts, they believe the baby feels no pain. Note the term “Believe”. All these symptoms are nothing but a reaction to a stimuli. Their claim is disproved by the fact that when Fetal Anesthesia is applied, the release of Stress Hormones in the baby reduces significantly. At the end, here are some random thoughts. I refuse to call them “Arguments” as it would be an insult to our intelligence: It’s “My body, my choice” - Application of pain killer to the dying baby doesn’t take away this right in any way, unless this right includes “the barbarity of the kill”. Doctors know better about how to treat their patients – So the baby’s not the patient because she can’t pay, right? How about compulsory Anesthesia for Fetal Surgery? So the doctors would only use anesthesia when their paying client wants the baby? Does it not contradict their argument that the baby doesn’t feel pain? ProLife people are extremist Christians, who misinterpret the bible for their own ideological purpose – I’m not a Christian. Actually I don’t believe God even exists. If basic empathy is only dependent on Religion, it’s a very sad state of affairs. In a few years, these times would be known as the “Darkest period of Human History”, when the most vulnerable section of the Human society was brutalized for mere convenience. By signing this petition, you refuse to be a part of it.

Pradipta Ray
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