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Stop ABOG construction of new headquarters in Dallas TX

SB 8 effectively stopped most abortion care in Texas after 6 weeks gestation.  The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG), headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is responsible for certifying doctors after training. An oral examination is required, only given in Dallas, where all candidates must travel and stay two days before sitting for the exam. Yearly all doctors who are board-certified need to pay to maintain this board certification and complete educational requirements. Ob/Gynes are forced to support a state that has made most abortion illegal.  After SB 8 passed, there was a cry for ABOG to move out of Texas because the rights of women to safe and accessible abortion care are now denied. The unconstitutional law enacted makes it impossible for doctors to provide care protected by law for almost 50 years.  ABOG stated they were staying in Texas regardless of this hostile environment.  Recently, the tone-deaf ABOG announced that they are building a new facility in Dallas.  It is incredulous that ABOG is forcing OB/GYN doctors to support this state in any way.  ABOG needs to spend the money of its doctors in another state where rights are protected and not agree to the status quo.  In other instances, economic pressure has made a difference in affecting policy- Indiana and LGBTQ rights come to mind.  It is not enough for ABOG to sit silently.  Their argument that "we are not a political organization" is entirely correct! This issue should not be and is not political- it is a right in this country that we all have access to safe abortion care. ABOG needs to make a stand and move to a state that values human rights.  Our voices will make a difference.  Stop construction, tear up contracts, and move to a city where newly minted obstetricians and gynecologists can sit for their boards in a place that aligns with our values as physicians taking care of women.  

Carla Carpenter
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