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Petition to Concerned Citizens of Georgia, Reproductive Justice Supporters, Georgians Who Support Women, Georgians Who Trust Their Doctors

A call for Georgia companies to take a stand and respect reproductive justice!

When the religious freedom bill was being discussed in the Georgia legislature, heavyweights like Delta Air Lines, SunTrust Banks, and UPS came out in opposition and called for its demise. Why aren't these same titans of Georgia's economy and industries coming out against the proposed abortion ban that would endanger the lives of women all across this state? There have already been 100 local companies who have stood in solidarity with women against this atrocious bill: are calling on Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, SunTrust Bank, and UPS, Home Depot, Salesforce, and Southern Company, and Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and Georgia Chamber of Commerce to vocalize their stance on reproductive justice and vocally oppose HB 481 aka the abortion ban. Please join us in our calls to local companies and share! Want to sign your company on in support of Georgia women? Fill out this form: #pissedoffpeaches #noabortionbansga #handsoffga #nohb481 #trustwomen #trustdoctors Artwork credit: Megan J Smith

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