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Petition to Government of Canada

Create Grave Sites to Identify the Victims of Residential Schools of Canada

Residential school survivor testimony has long been filled with stories of students digging graves for their classmates, of unmarked burials on school grounds, and of children who disappeared in suspicious circumstances. What is indisputable is that based on the government’s own records, generations of federal government officials and politicians knew that the subpar conditions in the schools were killing children and chose to do nothing. Many now state that these children “only” died of tuberculosis, when in fact the many children did die of TB as well as epidemics of measles, influenza and other infectious diseases, but it is clear that these chronically and intentionally underfunded institutions actually caused the high death rates. There were overcrowded and dilapidated buildings with poor ventilation and insufficient heating as well as the woefully inadequate nutrition provided to students. “We cried to have something good to eat before we sleep. A lot of the times the food we had was rancid, full of maggots, stink.” Malnutrition, of course, compromised children’s immune systems, making them more vulnerable to TB and other infectious diseases. This then led to taking the opportunity to conduct nutrition (or ‘malnutrition’) studies on thousands of these children. The per capita federal grant provided for food in most schools was often half that required to maintain a balanced diet. And the same was true for nearly every aspect of the residential school system, which, from its inception to the closure of the last school in 1997, was structurally underfunded. Similar to common practice in residential schools, hospital and sanatoria administrators were lax in informing families about the conditions of a child’s death, where they were buried or, disturbingly, that the child patient had passed away at all. Many families still have no idea what happened to loved ones who left for these institutions and never returned.  The atrocities and horror will never be re-paid, but let us at least give these innocent children a proper gravesite with a gravestone for each child - we owe them this at the very least.  (Summarized from Photo from: https://www.  

Sarah MacMartin
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Julie Payette, Bill Blair MP, Carolyn Bennet MP, Government of Canada, Canadian Cabinet

Comm. Lucki & Dep. Comm. Zabloki Should Resign to Move the RCMP Past Systemic Racism

This petition is specifically about seeing to it that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki are made to resign over their struggle with the definition of systemic racism.The comments made by Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki with regards to being unable to see the presence of systemic racism within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were made on June 10th, 2020 in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. If Commissioner Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Zablocki are unable to see how the epidemic of missing and murdered Aboriginal women (and men) is not indicative of the systemic racism within the RCMP, then it is clear that Commissioner Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Zablocki are not fit to serve their posts. If we as a nation are serious about reconciliation and ending systemic racism, it is obvious that by Commissioner Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Zablocki must be relieved of their duties. If the Commissioner of the RCMP and Deputy Commissioner of the Alberta RCMP are unable to acknowledge documented problems regarding the RCMP and Alberta and Canada’s indigenous population it is evident this problem extends throughout multiple levels of the RCMP. This is the definition of systemic racism. If Commissioner Lucki and Deputy Commissioner Zablocki are struggling with definitions, they need time to put the pieces together. It is wildly inappropriate and incredibly damaging allow them to do so while they hold positions as RCMP Commissioners. The notion of tax dollars being spent to lend them patience is unacceptable. Now is not the time for patience, now is the time for reform.

Aziz Freeman
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Petition to Spirit Halloween Superstores LLC

Spirit Halloween LLC: End All Sales of Racist Indigenous Costumes

In light of the Truth and Reconciliation’s 94 Calls to Action; Business and Reconciliation, Call 92, Section iii, we the undersigned hereby demand Spirit Halloween LLC, End All Sales of Racist Indigenous Costumes today and prevent any future sales from their stores and online.  Each year we are faced with the images of “costumes” appropriating Indigenous culture for profit by Spirit Halloween stores, all across Canada, and Halloween 2018 sees no change.  These products are offensive, demeaning and harmful and to all Indigenous peoples.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada issued it’s report in December of 2015 and outlines its recommendation to Business Reconciliation in Call to Action number 92, in particular, section iii, which states: “Provide education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples (Indigenous Peoples), including history legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal-Crown relations.  This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights and anti-racism.” “In Canada, anti-discrimination legislation exists to protect and advocate for the human rights of Indigenous peoples.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act – including the repeal of section 67 – are dedicated to maintaining every individual’s rights under the law.” Every culture must be recognized and honoured as we seek a path towards reconciliation and ending racism at every level of government, service or business.   Join us in demanding Spirit Halloween End All Present and Future Sales of Racist Indigenous Costumes from their stores and online.

Lori Brave Rock
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