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Petition to Daniel Andrews

Compensation for the forgotten Stolen Gen members in Vic, before it's too late!

My name is Daria Atkinson and through my position as Bringing Them Home Worker at the Victorian Aboriginal health Service and from personal experience, I believe compensation is well overdue for members of the Stolen Generation.  It  is time to make things right with this forgotten group of people in Victoria who have suffered many traumas. Unfortunately, many Stolen Gen members may never see compensation, as they are an aging group. The Stolen Generations are in need of healing and reparation for the forced traumatic lifestyle, which not only they have lived but has been passed on to many generations after them….. and many more to come.       On the 26th of May, 2017 which was the 20th anniversary of the  Bringing Them Home (BTH) report, 350 Community members including Elders from the Stolen Generation gathered to commiserate, remember and acknowledge the suffering and survival. When you get a chance to have a yarn with a member of the Stolen Generation, you can here from them the pain is raw and their experience is still effecting them today. It's very emotional. Of the 54 recommendations made in the BTH report, only a very small number were implemented. In other states, Stolen Gen members have received compensation for being forcibly removed by government polices but, not in Victoria as yet! It's as if the Stolen Generation didn't happen here. This petition is a call to action to the Victorian Government  to address the ongoing effects of past removal policies in Victoria and the lack of implementation of recommendations to address the members of The Stolen Generations. Its time NOW, for our Victorian Elders to receive compensation. It will never take away the stress and trauma but would aid their healing process.   *Please note: We plan to present this petition to Daniel Andrews over dinner with members of the Stolen Generation.                     

Daria Atkinson
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Petition to Roche Group - Bill & Imelda & family, Dominic Roche, Mr Damian Roche, Minister Gabrielle Upton, Minister Sarah Mitchell

Don’t bulldoze Aboriginal heritage: save the Butterfly Cave

I’m one of the Aboriginal women who regularly visits a sacred indigenous site for women and kids near Newcastle. We call it the Butterfly Cave and it is incredibly important to us - but a giant property developer called Roche Group want to destroy thousands of years of Aboriginal women’s history by building a massive housing development only 20 metres away. It’s heartbreaking - the construction will damage our fragile cave. We’re desperate to save our sanctuary but the Roche Group Manager is threatening us with trespassing for continuing to go into the Butterfly Cave, a rare, private safe space for Aboriginal women. He’s installing CCTV, sends emails that show he’s spying on us and has even forced us to ask permission each time we want to enter. It's degrading and offensive. The Cave is incredibly special to Aboriginal women. Generations of women have treasured this spiritual place. Today I take my grand-daughters to the Cave to connect with our past. For many local families, the site has huge cultural significance. I’m urging Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton to intervene immediately before a bunch of planners who couldn’t care less about Aboriginal women’s culture and history wipe out the most sacred and special place to our hearts with the flick of their pen. All she needs to do is increase the 20m buffer zone to 100m. A small change, a monumental difference.  

Anne Andrews
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