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Petition to UK Parliament, Damian Hinds MP, Department of Education

The Mental Health Epidemic

As shown by statistics, rates of mental illnesses continue to rise in the young. The sparsity of treatment available to sufferers due to the high demand suggests a change needs to be made. Whether there's a direct cause, or a correlation between the education system and mental illnesses, I don't know. I have,however, personally suffered and have seen several people develop mental illnesses with exam stress and a need to succeed being a common factor. In 2015 I was admitted to an Eating Disorder clinic due to my physical health escalating to a life-threatening state as a result of my anorexia. I was an inpatient for 5 months and 10 days.  Upon discharge I was half way through year 10; I had a lot of catching up to do. I sat mocks as normal, however, due to my compromised brain function and missing such a large proportion of lessons, I didn't get the A*s and As I was used to. I was prepared for this and understanding, however, I saw year 11 as my chance to succeed and overcome this. I was going to achieve. Work hard and get the grades, seems simple, right? Maybe this would've worked, had I not dismissed the fact that mental illnesses don't just disappear. I worked from the crack of dawn until night on a daily basis, and I'll be honest, it felt so good. Because I was working for what I wanted to achieve and I've always believed that you reap the benefits of hard work, I had a focus in life and something to aim towards which, in any other circumstances, would've been great. My past with anorexia, however, and perfectionist tendencies meant I massively neglected my mental health. I would dismiss disordered thoughts, thinking that I was challenging them, when in reality I was abiding by them as the thought-challenging process was too time consuming for me to justify - as in that valuable time I could've been studying. It's only upon reflection that I've realised these things and I've since become incredibly observant of my peers and analytical of my own behaviours. Realising that countless people are affected by the high pressure environment which is present in schools  I strongly see a need for change and would really appreciate your support in calling for a change in the education system in order to make it a less anxiety-provoking and stressful experience.  Thus lowering the rates of mental illnesses and, consequently, reducing the numbers of people requiring treatment and the financial strain on the NHS. Thank you for taking your time to read this, please sign and share this petition with as many people as possible! Love, Lily X

Lily Wilson
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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP, Students

A level Edexcel Biology B examiners should do paper 1 in 105 minutes and averge 90%

Imagine spending 2 years of your life preparing for an exam. Then the exam comes and it is a joke. Edexcel examiners have written a paper and they feel it is okay to give it to students and give them 105 minutes to complete it. Now what I want to know is if they themselves can do that paper in 105 minutes? Can they answer every question? Can they do it under pressure? Its easy to write exam papers. Its not uncommon for them to make mistakes. Who pays for those mistakes? Us. Students pay for those mistakes. What I want to know is if these examiners who are setting the exam papers, that will decide your future, if they can do the same paper in the same conditions. Can they get above 90%? Nope. But time and time again they do unimaginable things. If they cannot do the paper then how do they expect us to do it? This is a problem in our education system. This problem will not be fixed until the students have had enough. Last year ocr made mistakes. This year edexcel made mistakes. Who paid for those? We did. We had to deal with the emotional stress. We had to deal with the anxiety. Why don't we put these examiners to the test and see if they can cope under the pressure they put us in. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If we don't stop accepting their mistakes they will continue making them. They will abuse our rights. So I ask you that you please sign this petition and sort this mess out once and for all. So that future generations do not have to go through the suffering we have had to endure. Let us make a difference. Let us be that difference. Why do we let them get away with this? What is justice? Where is justice? The simple answer is there is no justice. Now I ask you do you want to witness justice?

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Petition to Department of Education, Eduqas , Illuminate Publishing, WJEC , Ofqual

Change the way the Eduqas Religious Studies A-Level is assessed

This address is both on behalf of struggling students and unsupported teachers across the country,  One-and-three-quarter years into studying the new Religious Studies GCE A-Level provided by Eduqas students and teachers are yet to receive - in most cases - nearly one half of the course material! This is utterly unacceptable considering students will be taking their exam in less than five months time.  The year two Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam textbooks are still yet to be published one month into 2018. In terms of ethics and philosophy, the year 2 book is yet to be published. Thus, if an institution is studying Judaism and then the required philosphy and ethics side of the course then they are missing two of four books.  We must also bear in mind that these unpublished books are the only hard copy materials approved by Eduqas for study. In turn, apart from the course specification, teachers have no reliable material to use to follow the specification and teach adequately to their students.  From personal experience, my tutors have been attempting to piece together material to the best of their ability, making up the missing parts of the textbooks (still educated guessing!).  However, students and teachers deserve adequate resources to meet the specification with guidance from reliable sources such as textbooks endorsed by the examining board. All schools, teacher and students, are in the dark concerning in some cases nearly half the course.  In consolation, Eduqas has provided online material to help learners. However, this material is thin and doesn’t cover the whole specification - most of the material is taken from textbooks and adapted for online use and as discovered, we are waiting on many textbooks.  Further, whilst there was an incredibly quick turnaround in terms of reshuffling the whole A-Level syllabus across all subjects, it is totally unsatisfactory that the minimal resources required to pass the A-Level are not in existance from the start or near start of the course.  I therefore ask for acknowledgement of this unfair circumstance working against thousands of students and teachers across the UK and that the exam board has some kind of special circumstance recommendation in light of the poor performance of the publishing and Religious Studies team at their own institution.  

Jack Collard
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Petition to Sir David Melville, Pearson, Edexcel, John fallon, The Rt Hon. Justine Greening MP

Reform the Critical Thinking A Level curriculum to continue the subject's teaching.

In a time of 'alternative facts', #FakeNews, and a so-called 'post-truth' era, the validity and reputation of news sources is crucial for constructive debate. Critical Thinking is a worthwhile A Level encouraging students to evaluate evidence we've been presented with, and encourages productive and critical discussion. Through Critical Thinking, one develops the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. It is about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information, which is a very valuable skill to hold. Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value, and can see varying perspectives on some of the most controversial and relevant topics of the day. From TED talks to debate motions, Critical Thinking gives an open and evolving curriculum that gives an insight into the world around us and the news, as it happens.    OCR have classed Critical Thinking as unreformable, much to the dissatisfaction of students up and down the country ( We're calling on Pearson (Edexcel) to continue the subject, and work with subject leaders and lecturers who value the teaching of the subject as much as we, the students, value learning it. Our Further Education provision is greatly enhanced because of Critical Thinking. We believe the next students deserve the opportunity, too.   

Kira Lewis
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