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Petition to Jill Techel, Scott Sedgley, Mary Luros, Liz Alessio, Doris Gentry

Keep Close Proximity Microwave Radiating Antennas out of Residential Areas in Napa!

At the October 15th Napa City Council meeting, Council members discussed an agreement with Verizon to install 32 "pilot" Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRA) near homes, schools, and businesses throughout Napa. Council member Doris Gentry was against all of them, and Council member Liz Alessio, wanted the number reduced, especially taking the ones near schools off the list. Vice Mayor Scott Sedgley wanted a stronger indemnity clause for the City but otherwise expressed support for the agreement along with Mayor Jill Techel and Council member Mary Luros.  Unless we can change one of their minds, those three will vote for a slightly modified agreement at the November 5th City Council meeting. These antennas only have good reception within 500 feet, so the ultimate plan is one every 500 feet. Because the City cannot discriminate among providers, if the City allows Verizon to install them, they will have to allow other service providers to do the same. The result will be an enormous increase in our residents' exposure to wireless radiation, which hundreds of scientific studies have linked to serious negative health effects. This is the wrong path for our town to go down. FCC rules passed in 2018 virtually took away cities' ability to regulate CPMRAs at the federal level.  However, an unanimous 2019 California Supreme Court ruling stated that while cities cannot ban them outright, they can regulate their location, so they do not "incommode [or disturb] the public use of the road," for example if they "generate noise, cause negative health consequences, or create safety concerns," wrote Justice Corrigan who authored the opinion. We need our local representatives to stand up for our community, and at the very least say "NO" to the 16 proposed sites that are in residential and mixed use areas to protect us in our schools and in our homes. That would leave 16 in commercial and industrial areas, which are more than enough for a "pilot."

Napa County Progressive Alliance
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Petition to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, FCC, City of Danbury, Ct

No 5g tower in my yard!

Telecommunication companies are placing 5g towers on our properties without our permission. Homeowners have little recourse being that these same corporations have bought our elected representatives through the legalized bribery of our election system. AT&T gave more than 16 million during the 2016 election campaign. They have 96 lobbyists in Washington D.C. working on their behalf. "Regulatory Capture" is evident as people like ex Verizon attorney Ajit Pai head the FCC. Health concerns and property value concerns have been deemed not eligible reasons to contest the placement of these devices on our properties. These 5g devices are being placed on existing infrastructure like street lamps and utility poles. Placed on top of a utility pole they can exceed 35 feet high or more! Often these utility poles are on our property, in our front yards. However, with the public right of way laws, we have no recourse as homeowners to say no. Who wants to look out their window and see that in their yard? Between the house with or without the cell tower, which one you think the buyer will choose if you sell your house? That is our land. We bought it with our money. We work too hard paying our mortgages and property taxes to have these corporations act as if our property is theirs to invade and profit off of. Do not be fooled by their use of Orwellian language. They call these devices "small cell antennaes". Nothing 35 feet tall can be deemed small in any definition of the word I have come across. We must unite to protect our familes, homes and communities. I recently received a letter from an attorney representing AT&T stating they will be placing a 5g tower on my property. I did not give them consent and will have a court hearing overseen by the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Again, health concerns and property value concerns are not eligible grounds to deny placement of these devices. The game is very much rigged. It appears I am the 1st person in the city of Danbury, Connecticut to receive one of these letters. The next letter may end up in your mailbox. We must let our voices be heard by uniting and standing up together. There are reported instances where placement has been reconsidered or outright moved to another location. Schools and residential areas are no place for these devices. Again, unbelievably, only safety reasons specifically NOT tied to emf frequency, microwave emissions and health concerns like cancer are grounds for denial of the placement of these devices. Nor are property value or aesthetics concerns. We must be creative on how we oppose these cell towers. Please sign and share. Power to the people! 

Michael Valeri
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Petition to Indiana Governor, Indiana State House, Indiana State Senate, Joe Donnelly, Todd Young, Eric Holcomb, André Carson, Luke Messer, Susan W. Brooks, Peter J. Visclosky, Jackie Walorski, Larry Bucshon, Todd Rokita, Joseph Zakas, Jim Banks, Dennis Zent, R Michael Young, Cindy Ziemke, Clyde A. "Chip" Perfect Jr., Trey Hollingsworth, Brian Bosma, Linda Lawson, David Long, Steven Stemler, Mike Braun, James Merritt, Tim Lanane, Jim Brainard, Scott Fadness, Tim Haak, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile Media Relations, Sprint, FCC

Hit Pause on 5g in Indiana: safety data must come first

We must postpone the roll-out of 5g "small cell" transmitters near our schools, homes, and neighborhoods until the technology has been proven safe for our communities. We believe in science, and we love new technology. But we also believe that there is insufficient data to show that constant, involuntary exposure to millimeter wave (MMW) transmissions from small cell towers—typically placed on existing electrical, light, and other utility poles—is safe for adults or children. In fact, some of the sparse information to date points in an opposite direction. Meanwhile, large wireless carriers have decided to run a massive human experiment with our public health by deploying these repeaters at distances that are much closers to our schools and dwellings than traditional cell towers. Because: 1) It's cheaper for them to use our existing utility infrastructure than to build and maintain new poles; and 2) Millimeter waves travel shorter distances, making more frequent repeaters (every few hundred feet) necessary to propagate these shorter waves. It's not just an experiment, it's a race. Major carriers have run to regulators (at the FCC and statehouses across the country) armed with major campaign financing to try and convince our lawmakers to strip local communities of their traditional zoning and regulatory authority to approve transmitter placement. What we are demanding: Citizens and local regulators have been denied an opportunity to understand and approve their constant exposure to this largely untested, "revolutionary" form of electromagnetic radiation. We have a right to this data before 5g "small cells" are deployed. Some states including New Hampshire and Hawaii have allocated public resources to studying the health effects of 5g / millimeter wave technology. We believe Indiana—like every state—should do the same, and evaluate the data thoroughly before approving 5g / small cell transmitters. Let's start today. Tell our legislators and wireless carriers to "Pause 5g" until safety studies in the public interest can be completed and "small cells" are scientifically demonstrated to be reasonably safe. For more information, visit and sign up for our action network.

Pause 5g
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Petition to City Of South Lake Tahoe, Mayor Brooke Laine, Verizon, California Governor, South Lake Tahoe


Smart, educated and proactive cities are pushing back against the FCC deployment of cellular infrastructure that threaten residential neighborhoods. Many cities have implemented strict telecommunication guidelines with a minimum 1500 foot distance from schools and homes. These restrictions aim to protect us all, and can still provide the level of coverage and new technology necessary without ruining our beautiful city, rich ecosystem or health.AestheticThese highly visible, highly contentious, highly disruptive commercial equipment destroys the character of our neighborhoods and schools and are negatively impacting our natural environment.Environmental ImpactCollapse of insect populations, the base of food for birds and bats.Rise in bacterial resistance and bacterial shifts.Damage to plants and trees.Health Concerns The long term effects are unknown, and the only measure the FCC requires to test on RF are at the ground level and through heat. “More than 230 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on EMF and biology or health have signed an appeal to the World Health Organization calling for precautionary health warnings and stronger regulation of wireless radiation.” Condemned PropertyResearch indicates that over 90% of home buyers and renters are less interested in properties near cell towers and would pay less for a property in close vicinity. Documentation of a 20% drop in property value is published in multiple surveys.

Tahoe Stewards LLC
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