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Petition to Institute of Art and Law, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK Parliament, The British Council, Shout Out UK

RETURN AFRICA'S TREASURES - start to heal dark colonial past

A call for a public diplomatic forum.   Since I started this petition I have explored the 'complex' laws around why African treasures simply just can't be returned. Some say the borrowing the treasures back to Ethiopia is a good start. It's undermining to Ethiopian community. What about the 7 year old body of King Tewedros son Prince Alemayehus stolen along with the treasures 150 years ago? As a mum to a child of similar age, it's painful disturbing. I've had to justify why it's important; I believe the craftsmanship of African treasures hold knowledge, power and wisdom that are key to innovating for humanity, the planet and awakening of cultural healing around the world. The world is embracing our visuals but not understanding the ancient symbolism, rituals and spiritual importance - everyone (the west) is feeling the manifestation of this environmentally, socially and economically. It’s not just art, it’s a vibration!  I am Kenyan but Ethiopia was recorded as the beginning of humanity, so we are all connected to the great nation. My connection is through fashion Queen Tewabech's dress and jewelry  -  she was the second wife of King Tewedros who was a very spiritual woman.  BACK STORY Members of the British Military looted sacred symbolic treasures from Ethiopia exactly 150 years ago. King Tewedros at the time fought so hard against this, that he committed suicide leaving a 7 year old son Prince Alemayehus to be stolen as well. They were ‘presented’ to Queen Victoria who is said to have been deeply saddened by it all. The boy later died of sorrow. His remains are still here! By the time the treasures were in the hands of British museums, powerful laws were made to stop board members gifting pieces to their network , locked the treasures into Britain. Other countries that have been able to restore valuable art like the victims of Nazi Germans.  In 2008 Ethiopia's then president Girma Wolde-Giorgis wrote to the V&A, British Museum, British Library and Cambridge University seeking restitution of the Maqdala Treasure. Again, no success and the story has never gained momentum.The V&A are shinning a great light on the Maqdala Treasures, however the change is down to the policies. Thank you for your help.  Vicky Ngari-Wilson

Vicky Ngari-Wilson
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Petition to University of London Accomodation and Hospitality

College Hall Laundry Issue

Once upon a time, we had a functioning laundry room. Those days are well behind us. Sign this petition today and ameliorate our losses. As of the 22nd of October, there has been no laundry service available in College Hall. Originally due to be reinstated by early November, approximately two weeks after the closure, the completion date was initially pushed back via an email notice. This occurred just days before the scheduled completion. At this time a new completion date for the week of November 19th was set. This was to be the fifth, and hopefully last, week without laundry facilities. Yet, once again, an email at the commencement of the week promulgated another delay pushing the date to the following week instead. The current completion date is scheduled sometime after the 27th. This is the day the machines are due to be installed. Although, a caveat is included in the ambiguously worded email stating opening will occur "shortly" after testing. If the current state of affairs is indicative of anything, this could very well mean an additional week or more. Should the laundry re-open, it is well worth noting that many of us will continue to suffer the detriments of this fiasco as it will, undoubtedly, be blocked up for several more days to come. Now entering over a month without any laundry facilities, this petition seeks to extend the free vend period till the end of contract for the 2018-19 academic year. The current offer seeks only to permit this period until the 31st of March, but at this stage, such would be largely inadequate.   [The petitioning matter is calling on the University of London to extend the free vend period, which they set forth, so that it will be in place for the remainder of this contractual period. For current residents, that would mean until the end of your stay at College Hall, which is due to come to a close on June 22, 2019. This is a fair and satisfactory compensatory measure for all.]

Adam McMahon
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