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Petition to Bruce Rauner, Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, Illinois State Bourd of Elections, Illinois State Voters

Remove Author Jones from the ballot for Congressional Midterm Elections in Illinois

The 2018 Midterm Elections are months away but one candidate in the Third District is causing a lot of commotion. In 2016 Author Jones was disqualified for making a racist speech about Jews and denying the Holocaust. I hate to tell you guys this but he is running again and this time unopposed. Author Jones is a Nazi, He has denied the Holocaust, He was in the car in Charlottesville when his co-conspirators James Alex Fields Jr. and Nazi leader Richard Spencer ran over and murdered Heather Heyer, and he has been at every Nazi rally from Hayden Lake to Charlottesville. This man should not be running for office. He's a Nazi, he practices hate, he has a Swastika tattoo, he holds the rank of Imperial Wizard in the KKK, he denies the Holocaust, he swears on Mein Kampf, and he is not a nice guy. I am asking Senator Dubin, Senator Duckworth, Governor Rauner, the Illinois Election Commission, and all Illinois voters to remove this evil man from your ballot. We don't need a Nazi in Congress to quote the Illinois Republican Party. "The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Author Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office." Jones is a nobody and a nutjob. He should not be running for public office and it is up to you people signing this petition to keep him out. Please sign the petition, call your leaders in Illinois, write to your leaders in Illinois, and go to the polls and vote. We don't need Jones running for Congress and we don't need Nazis in Washington D.C or running this nation.           .         

Aaron Peavler
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Petition to Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate, Jerry Brown, California State Senate, California State House


Stop Susan Wojcicki from censoring free speech! Stop Susan Wojcicki from expressing her communist agenda tyranny! She cannot bully users whom are merely expressing freedom of speech and expect herself to be able to get away with it. It's treason and in several cases across her platform, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. She wants to wage a war against citizens and treat us as sovereign? Well how do you think she's gonna like it when she has the finger pointed right back at her and she's actually convicted for her unjust harassment and crimes against the exposure of the OBVIOUS dark and twisted truth about our federal government agencies, local law enforcement agencies, corrupt officials, corrupt CEOs, and their team of wretched disinformants? Where are the straight up people anymore? Why are we reduced to satanism as a force fed option for beliefs? Why should we sit around and take this abuse? We shouldn't. Stand up to people like Susan Wojcicki. Stand up to Jim Murren. Stand up to George Soros. Stand up to their blood bath rituals. Stand up to their money making psy ops. THEY ARE THE FLAT OUT TERRORISTS! DO SOMETHING OR EXPERIENCE A REVOLT. EXPERIENCE A MARCH ON DC. EXPERIENCE A MILLION MAN MARCH. EXPERIENCE A REAL AND TRUE PERMANENT GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN UNTIL WE CAN RESTRUCTURE AND RID OF EVERY SINGLE SEEDY AND CORRUPT POLITICIAN. LOCK SUSAN UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY! SHE IS ABUSING HER POWER AND TAKING IT TO EXTREME MEASURES TO COVER UP THE TRUTH INSTEAD OF DEBATING WHY SHE'S TAKING IT UPON HERSELF TO ISSUE THE AUTHORITY TO BERATE AND BELITTLE THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS BECAUSE IT INTERFERES WITH HER AND HER FALSE FLAG SHOOTING FOR INSIDER TRADING PROFIT THE SAME WAY THAT LAS VEGAS SHOOTING CEOS DID. DO SOMETHING! DO GOOD IN THE WORLD! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? QUIT SITTING ON YOUR HANDS TRUMP, QUIT SITTING ON YOUR HANDS BACK UP PRESIDENT, RYAN! ACT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE! PROSECUTE THOSE LISTED CRIMINALS. PROSECUTE ALEXANDER SOROS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. OR DOES MY OPINION NOT COUNT IN YOUR BIG BAD WORLD OF TWISTED "FEDERAL ID" AND "SOVEREIGN CITIZEN" AND "HABEUS CORPUS" LIES? I GO WAY BACK. IT'S A SHAME YOU CAN'T! IT'S A SHAME YOU CAN'T SEEM TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING, NOW ISN'T IT? SO DO IT ALREADY, PROSECUTE THESE TRUTH CENSORING, JUSTICE OBSTRUCTING CRIMINALS, OR WE START PRODDING THE SAA TO DO HIS JOB. OH WAIT, I ALREADY DID THAT. HMM. WHAT SHOULD WE THE PEOPLE DO? IS THIS PETITION EVEN GONNA SOLVE ANYTHING, OR DO I NEED TO TURN UP THE VOLUME, FELLAS?

Sheriff Trahan For Clark County NV
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