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Petition to Veterans Affairs Canada

Educational Opportunities for Reintegrating Veterans

When you hear the term ‘veteran’ you might think of an older, grey-haired man that served in WWII or Korea, but not many of us consider the young ones coming back from our more recent and ongoing conflicts, and the struggles they face when leaving military life. Are these veterans being given real and fair opportunities for continuing their education in post-secondary studies? I would argue that Veterans Affairs Canada is not being fair with their distribution of educational assistance to veterans in need. The regulations of them requiring a soldier to have served 5 years are based solely on time served and not sacrifice made, which could be very frustrating to many vets. VAC is also a bureaucratic maze to navigate, especially for those not computer-literate. General Jonathan Vance stated, though in a separate context, a thought which I think should be applied to this case: "We have to be able to do what we've got to do. But we also have to think in terms of the value of the individual is not just deployability" (Brewster, 2017). This quote is significant because many veterans feel as though once they are finished with their service, their country simply pats them on the back and shows them the door by dropping some benefits package in their lap, or none at all, and then leaving them to fend for themselves. Their personal value, sense of worth, and belonging is not being met with the respect it deserves.  

Riley Rankin
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