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Democratic Party Superdelegates & DNC: WE TOLD YOU; YOU DID NOT LISTEN. NOW WE HAVE TRUMP.

  Dear DNC and Democratic Party 2016 Superdelegates: SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. We TOLD you repeatedly, over and over and over again, during and leading up to the 2016 Democratic Party Primary and Presidential Nomination Process and DNC Convention, as did most reliable national polling, that Hillary Clinton COULD NOT beat Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election. You mocked us, called us conspiracy theorists, for even suggesting that the Democratic Party and DNC presidential primaries, caucuses, and nomination process were "rigged" in favor of Hillary Clinton by YOU. Now, well over a year later, we now KNOW for CERTAIN that the process was rigged intentionally in Hillary's favor, and that Bernie Sanders most CERTAINLY could and would have not only won the Democratic Party presidential nomination, but ALSO the general election against Donald Trump, had it not been for your corrupt, crooked, and quite frankly, possibly ILLEGAL primary election rigging and cheating. Now, you claim Russia rigged the election (without ANY evidence or proof). Democratic Party Superdelegates who cast undemocratic, RIGGED unpledged delegate votes for Hillary at the 2016 DNC convention are NOW attempting to introduce Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. We TOLD you this was going to happen, that she COULD NOT BEAT HIM. And so now, spare us the CROCODILE TEARS over him, a lunatic, being in the White House. You will have no luck in trying to impeach a sitting GOP President of the United States, when his party, the GOP, controls the House AND Senate by majority in Congress, GOP House Reps and Senators who would have to vote to impeach their own sitting President. HIGHLY UNLIKELY, as in nigh IMPOSSIBLE. Donna Brazile's recent book confirms it. John Podesta's leaked emails confirm it. Publicly viewable copies of the "memorandum of understanding" between the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign allowing her to BUY, OWN, and RUN the entire DNC confirm it. Not only did you cheat Bernie Sanders, but even more importantly, you cheated and LIED to the AMERICAN VOTERS. This has resulted in the Democratic Party having the lowest approval ratings in modern history, as well as the lowest number of registered Democratic Party voters in history since the founding of the party. Only some odd 23% of all 190 million registered American voters are registered Democrats. 50% and growing of all American voters are now unaffiliated, independent now. WHY? Because your party has become so incredibly corrupt and untrustworthy, beholden only to special interests of Wall Street, corporations, and the wealthy, having completely ABANDONED the American lower and middle classes. During the 2016 primaries, some of you may recall that thousands of us at the grassroots organized Superdelegate Task Force were contacting you to warn you of the danger and probability of Hillary losing against Trump, urging you to vote with your states' popular vote for Bernie, instead of bucking the will of the voters all across America to rig the nomination for Hillary. 384 of you superdelegates were declared for Hillary BEFORE THE PRIMARIES AND OTHER CANDIDATES EVEN BEGAN. With Superdelegates unpledged delegate votes amounting to 20-30% of the entire delegate count, you essentially threw the race to Hillary before any voters in America cast OUR votes for our preferred candidate.  To refresh your memory on our previous communications with you during the primary: article on Superdelegate Task Force NY Post newspaper article on Superdelegate Task Force warnings To be clear, we blame YOU, DNC and Superdelegates, for this mess we are in with Trump as President. This is YOUR FAULT. Another reminder, we told you that if you betrayed voters with rigged superdelegate votes, especially those superdelegates amongst you who DARED vote against the popular vote of your states in favor of Bernie Sanders, we would FIRE you, i.e., remove/vote you out of office (the majority of you superdelegates who hold elected office in the House and Senate) by primarying you. Of special interest to us to remove from office are so-called Democratic Party leaders, such as Senator Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. Again, here is the list of PROOF you caused Trump to win, and are the fault of every horrific piece of legislation, every malfaisance, every scary tweet Trump issues: Donna Brazile's latest book, Hacked John Podesta's emails, leaked to Wikileaks (non-refuted, incidentally) Gufficer 2.0 DNC internal documents (also unrefuted content) COUNTLESS other pieces of evidence, discussed in great detail here Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to Hillary, FIRED from CNN DNC bought by Hillary, campaign finance laws intentionally broken Debbie Wasserman-Schultz FIRED as DNC chairwoman for non-neutrality and rigging, then PROMOTED and hired by Hillary immediately thereafter Donna Brazile, after stealing debate questions for Hillary, being fired from CNN, breaking DNC ethics rules and bylaws, now appointed to DNC RULES COMMITTEE by new Hillary hack, DNC Chairman Tom Perez Intentional rigging of 2016 presidential primary debate schedule Former President Bill Clinton BRAZENLY walking into LIVE Democratic Primary polling locations and pressuring voters to vote for Hillary, against state and federal election laws, warned by MA Attorney General, but IGNORED by DNC, Democratic Party official, mainstream media, and legal authorities. Unpledged Superdelegate vote counts added to state primary and caucus results reported by colluding mainstream media, to make it appear as if Hillary had more support from the public than she had during state primaries and caucuses. She even ended up with more total state delegates alloted (pledged + unpledged superdelegates) in states where she LOST the popular vote and was allotted less pledged delegates than Bernie Sanders. This was undoubtedly a tactic pushed upon mainstream media by the DNC and Hillary Campaign officials to make her APPEAR more popular and to be "winning" states she had lost or tied in. This 2016 primary election rigging simply CANNOT, MUST NOT go unchallenged, both in the court of public opinion and voter trust, and in actual courts of law. This is no longer the 19th century, when party bosses were unethically and undemocratically permitted to "sit in back rooms, smoking cigars, and choose the nominee." as DNC attorneys claimed, incredulously, in public, ON THE RECORD, in a recent class action civil lawsuit against the DNC is STILL PERMISSIBLE under Democratic Party ethics and "rules." We encourage ALL fellow voters, mainstream and alternative media, and democratic organizations to continue to pursue challenging this BLATANT election rigging both in the court of public opinion, and in ACTUAL courts of law, filing individual and class actions civil lawsuits. We also believe that CRIMINAL charges should be brought by the DOJ/FBI against the organizations (DNC, mainstream media corporations, Clinton Foundation, etc.) and individuals (Hillary and Bill Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile, and countless others who BROKE THE LAW, especially in intentionally conspiring to circumvent state and federal campaign finance laws in money laundering large donations to state Democratic Parties, which the DNC then knowingly laundered directly back to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office in Brooklyn, in a very traceable, proven way, to get around the $2700 per individual presidential campaign contribution maximum. This breaks MULTIPLE campaign finance laws enforceable by the FEC, IRS, and FBI/DOJ. We the voters have been cheated and defrauded, intentionally, knowingly, and this unethical and ILLEGAL activity must not go unpunished in ANY modern democracy. WE CALL UPON THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE TO **IMMEDIATELY** APPOINT A SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR/PROSECUTOR FOR ALL THESE MATTERS, CONVENE GRAND JURIES, AND TO ISSUE STRONG INDICTMENTS TO PROSECUTE AND PUNISH THE CRIMINALS WHO PERPETRATED THESE CORRUPT, ILLEGAL ACTIONS ON THE AMERICAN VOTING PUBLIC DURING THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES, CAUCUSES, AND NOMINATION PROCESS. Without this illegal rigging, it is almost CERTAIN, that not only would Senator Bernie Sanders have won the Democratic Party presidential nomination in pledged and unpledged delegates, but that he ALSO would have won the General Election, in a LANDSLIDE against GOP nominee Donald Trump. How to regain the trust and votes of the American People: FULLY PUBLICLY ADMIT AND APOLOGIZE FOR THE LYING, CORRUPTION, AND RIGGING OF THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION PROCESS AND ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW BREACHES ELIMINATE SUPERDELEGATES COMPLETELY. RELY ON POPULAR VOTE IN STATES ***ONLY*** - LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE THE NOMINEE, NOT BIG MONEY, CORRUPT PARTY INSIDERS AND ELITE OPEN ALL STATE AND US TERRITORY PRIMARIES AND CAUSES TO ANY/ALL REGISTERED VOTERS, WITH SAMEDAY VOTER REGISTRATION, TO INCLUDE ALL AMERICANS, NOT JUST REGISTERED DEMOCRATS, WHICH ARE A SMALL MINORITY OF THE 190 MILLION REGISTERED AMERICAN VOTERS. INDEPENDENTS MAKE UP MORE THAN 50% NOW OF ALL VOTERS. MAKE VOTER REGISTRATION AUTOMATIC AT AGE 18 IN EVERY STATE AND US TERRITORY. MAKE MAIL-IN BALLOTS AND EARLY VOTING AVAILABLE IN EVERY US STATE AND TERRITORY STOP USING ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES WITH NO AUDITABLE PAPER TRAIL - MACHINES THAT ARE BANNED IN MOST OF THE WORLD AS TOO UNRELIABLE. DE-CERTIFY AND RE-DO ANY PRIMARY, SPECIAL, OR GENERAL ELECTION WHERE EXIT POLLING DEVIATES FROM ACTUAL RESULTS BY MORE THAN 2%. REQUIRE RANKED CHOICE VOTING IN ALL LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL PRIMARY, CAUCUS, SPECIAL, AND GENERAL ELECTIONS THROUGHOUT THE USA, INCLUDING FOR PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE IN PRIMARIES, CAUCUSES, AND GENERAL ELECTIONS. STOP USING ARCANE, BYZANTINE, EASILY MANIPULABLE PLEDGED AND UNPLEDGED DELEGATE TOTALS FOR POTUS NOMINATION. THIS IS NOT THE 19th CENTURY ANYMORE. USE TECHNOLOGY NOT COIN TOSSES AND PARKING LOTS FOR CAUCUSES. Rely on POPULAR VOTE TOTALS ONLY from primary and caucus elections. REPORT NOT ONLY PRIMARY TOTALS BUT ALSO CAUCUS TOTALS TO THE PUBLIC AND MEDIA. STANDARDIZE CAUCUS VOTING PROCEDURES FOR CAUCUS STATES. WITH WRITTEN, AUDITABLE VOTES. INCREASE POLLING PLACES IN ALL LOCATIONS FOR PRIMARY, SPECIAL, AND GENERAL ELECTIONS TO PREVENT HOURS OR DAY LONG WAITS IN LINE TO VOTE. MOVE VOTING TO A NEW FEDERAL HOLIDAY SO ***ALL*** ELIGIBLE CITIZENS CAN VOTE AND NOT MISS WORK OR PAY. Signed in utter contempt, DISTRUST, and disgust, CHEATED American Voters and The Superdelegate Task Force

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