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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Oregon State House, Oregon State Senate, President of the United States, Oregon Governor

Gov. Brown: Investigate the abuse of power & criminal forgery by David Frohnmayer, Bob Ackerman and the complicity of L.C. Government

I’m an Arab American Muslim woman who’s been targeted by all kinds of hate crimes! I’ve lost my fully paid Condo to the most corrupted Oregon's late A.G Dave Frohnmayer!  After the Condominium Associated of River Island Estates put a lien on it..  I hired Bob Ackerman to take care of the lien that was imposed on me by Wells Fargo.  Bob Ackerman, asked me about my family phone & sent a letter to my nephew vilifying me. Then, sent the power of attorney to my nephew, to have it sign & remove me from the deed! Karen Ogle who was working at the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was the one who administrated the power of attorney. Karen & her son broker Bob Ogle stole our Condo! Ackerman, hired Scarlett Lee from Barnhart Associates to sell our fully paid condo, that was marketed it- ‘$150,000.00 in 1998′. Bob Ackerman only paid us back $40,000.00.   Dave Frohnmayer the one who was behind the whole deal! It was actually sold & listed on the web/public record $85,000.00                   HUD, ACLU, SPLC, OSB, NAACP, BOLI/Brad Avakian, are complicit in the crime!  The previous A.G. Hardy Myers. the two senators Wyden, Smith, and Congressman DeFazio are silent.  Oregon legislators, the unscrupulous officials of Lane County, with the two Mayors Jim Torrey and Kitty Piercy are also, complicit & refused to prosecute Bob Ackerman because of Frohnmayer crime!   I contacted the D.A. office they told me they have no jurisdiction on Frohmayer! My nephew & I contacted Richard Clark a real estate attorney.  After we left his office, Richard Clark called me to inform me he wouldn't take it!  Then I contacted the OSB to get a referral to an attorney. I went to see him, but again, he wouldn't take it!!  No attorney would take my case!   Stop this violent abuse & misogyny against us Muslim Arab Women!!!  Dave Frohnmayer had fired me from my teaching job at the UO and OSU!  Frohnmayer is preventing me from getting employed!   Noone can sue this criminal cabal! Frohnmayer had secured both the D.A. and the City Attorney by providing Harrag Long to be in charge of these two offices. Plus, Harrang Long was also represting the University of Oregon! 

Nadia Sindi
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Petition to 538 Electoral College Electors, Media Outlets

There is only 1 way Electoral College can Bypass Trump; They vote for PENCE/KAINE

The only real way I see a fair and equitable outcome to the Crazy 2016 Presidential Election, is if; Electors are reminded of the reasons the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College in the first place:a) they didn't want a charlatan manipulating the masses, causing them to vote for a bad candidate,b) they didn't want someone woefully inexperienced getting in,c) they didn't want someone winning, as the result of foreign manipulation.z) if they saw how the country has grown, into huge cities and desolate rural areas; they surely would not want a 2mil popular vote (projected; they are still counting big liberal states) to be ignored, due to rural voters being overrepresented. FYI: 2 Senators & 1 Congressman for small pop state = 3 electors. Big states have more Congressmen, due to population, but still only 2 Senators. In small states, an elector may represent 80k voters, in big states that is more like 200k per elector = unfair influence for small state voters... a-c (&z) have ALL been met in this crazy election! The Founding Fathers WANTED the Electors to SAVE US from these situations by voting for someone better. ####Now, I want to suggest to you, a better way than just "anybody besides Trump", or "give it to Hillary Clinton" (both have zero chance). If 270 electors vote as I suggest below, done deal, Trump is toast. More likely is we won't get 270 votes for my suggestion, but it still has the benefit of giving the House of Representatives guidance, and if this takes off, it CAN be a movement. HERE GOES; -the election isn't over; the REAL election is the Electoral College vote on Dec 19th (which may be delayed, if recounts are still going)!-I'm very SORRY, but any plan hoping the Electoral College gives it to Clinton, is Dead On Arrival; never gonna happen. The Republican Electors are usually lifelong party bigwigs; they aren't going to vote for Hillary.-the ONLY way to stop Trump, is to deny 270 Electoral votes-the only way I see that happening, is at least 30 Republican electors need to not vote Trump.(this number will go up, if Michigan is awarded to Trump).-if they abstain, or just vote for random people; it gets thrown to a House of Representatives vote, with NO DIRECTION from the Electors. BAD!- so; remember all those futile Clinton votes from the Democratic Electors?-remember those 30 "never Trump" Republican Electors we hope & pray exist?-as many of those two groups as possible need to vote in a united manner, to give the House direction. HERE IT IS; as many Electors as possible need to vote a split ticket, with Pence as President, Kaine as Vice President. Somewhat of a letdown, huh? Well hold on... THAT'S THE IDEA; a good compromise, makes no one thrilled.-the Founders are respected.-the Voters are respected; Lying Hillary & Inexperienced Trump are both kept from the White House, so it has something for EVERYONE.-even better; for a Pence/Kaine ticket to work, would REQUIRE respect & compromise. As the VP, Kaine could cause havoc as President of the Senate, if Pence won't play ball. But if they compromise & work together; we could actually have a functioning government! A side note:I don't care for Pence; but Congressional Republicans do. I don't see this working if reversed, with Kaine as President. It would be way too much to expect from a Republican Congress, to go along with that... Similarly; any plan to vote for Kasich, is not as focused; he won ZERO electors, and failed horribly in the primaries... I actually think PENCE/KAINE could work together. IT'S WAY BETTER than Trump throwing nukes, because of a Twitter war! They both have extensive government experience, and are respected by their peers. Paul Ryan would LOVE this. Neither Pence nor Kaine, however, would signal their acceptance of this in advance; it will have to be a grassroots, people driven initiative. HOW COULD THIS WORK: 40+ "Never Trump" Rep Electors choose to vote PENCE/KAINE. AND a sizeable portion of Dem Electors also vote PENCE/KAINE. Nobody gets 270 votes, Speaker Ryan calls for recess & confers with House Leadership. Ryan could push for Trump; but that is unlikely, as he can't stand Trump & Trump is too volatile & is a BIG unknown. Going against the voters risks civil unrest; PENCE for President, however preserves the Republican Electoral vote win, KAINE as VP, preserves the Democratic popular vote win, also puts our government into a COMPROMISE & BIPARTISAN mode. Something for everybody & CONSTITUTION is respected! Speaker Ryan opens House Presidential Voting Session, a Congressperson nominates PENCE/KAINE, it's seconded. A vote by acclamation is put up as a motion, someone seconds it; "all those in favor say AYE!", "all those against say NAY!": (regardless of the volume of yells, Speaker Ryan declares "THE AYES HAVE IT: WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT, MIKE PENCE, AND A NEW VICE PRESIDENT, TIM KAINE. SESSION IS ADJOURNED!". DONE DEAL... Any fallout; and Congress can point to the fact the Electors gave solid direction of what they wanted; PENCE/KAINE. Donald Trump may try to sue, but the Constitution is clear; Electors have a responsibility to vote their conscious & the House votes for who they want, if nobody gets 270 electoral votes! Finally; the voice vote preserves anonymity for Congressional Reps, so they needn't fear getting primaried in future elections. HOW to accomplish this, I leave to YOU. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Copy it, or summarize & post it to other election-focused petitions, so their authors can incorporate the ideas. DO YOU KNOW AN ELECTOR? (doesn't matter, both Democrats & Republicans need to see it). Worried about how they would react? -Hand it to them & say, can you believe THIS?!?! Print it, put it in their mailbox! Leave it on their desk at work! Send it to your local papers & local news sites. Call in to radio talk shows. Write Letters to the Editor. Hold up Pence/Kaine signs at NFL, NBA, NCAA Football games! Electors are everywhere; but they need to see this information & feel the movement! YOU holding Pence/Kaine signs outside your State Capitol on Electoral College Vote Day? CLASSIC! -Currently Dec 19th, but this can change. Call your representatives/Statehouse to confirm before! -To Reluctant Electors; this is WHY the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College - it is your SACRED DUTY to save your country from this terrible monstrosity of an injustice! -Foreign Interference in US Election: Russia's economy is in recession because of the painfull US/EU/Canada/Japan Ukraine SANCTIONS! 7 major companies are being sold to raise money for a broke Russian government (Google: Aeroflot, Resneft Oil Co sale if you don't believe me) - Putin hacked DNC to prevent Hillary from gaining Presidency & continuing the dreaded sanctions! MORAL IMPERATIVE FOR ELECTORS TO NOT LET THIS STAND! -Charlatan Trump lied REPEATEDLY to his supporters; the Wall is now being called "virtual", and we will pay! Racists, lobbyists, members of the establishment, and neo-cons hell-bent on waging ENDLESS WAR are currently being named or having their names floated as under consideration, for positions of POWER in OUR White House! This is a betrayal of all those Trump supporters! OUTRAGEOUS! SAD! -Unprepared. Unqualified. The Founding Fathers wanted extraordinarily competent people in charge. Trump is the antithesis of this directive from the past! He actually asked Obama yesterday, "how many of these people on the White House staff do I need to replace"? Obama, shocked, answered "all of them"! It was also widely reported that Trump has asked for immediate Top Secret Intelligence clearance for his 3 children, as he plans them to advise him in the transition. Trump, if he wins the Electoral College election, would be the very first President EVER, with neither government or military service. NOT REMOTELY QUALIFIED - THIS MUST NOT STAND! A MESSAGE TO ELECTORS & ALTERNATES: Going with PENCE/KAINE is the only viable way I see for an Elector to go... -The Constitution DOES NOT mandate you follow the popular vote in your State. Not convinced? Google "what was reason for Electoral College". There you will find your DUTY, CALLING FROM THE PAST; from the actual FOUNDING FATHERS! -No punishments have ever been exacted on a so-called "faithless Elector", for changing their vote. State laws that attempt to "bind" your vote are unconstitutional. Should they try to replace you with an Alternate Elector when you try to vote Pence/Kaine; demand a provisional ballot. BIG lawyers will line up to represent you for free, and will expedite it all the way to the Supreme Court! You will WIN, and be a HERO to the Republic! Just know that Alexander Hamilton & Antonin Scalia would be on board, 100%!!! You are now either: really jazzed, really mad or really bored. I don't need to be informed which it is, so PLEASE don't try to find Solomon Gandhi & bother him, if there actually is a person with that name; he will have no idea what you are talking about. BE NICE, PLAY NICE, GET ALONG - OK?

Solomon Gandhi
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