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Petition to immigration , Florida

Freeing My Innocent Brother

My name is Urim I’m a Florida resident and US citizen me and my family came to this country many years back and have been model people in this country ever since we arrived we fell in love with the culture the people and everything about America! Most of my family received asylum because our lives were threatened constantly when we were in our home country of Albania we weren’t safe we endured threats, altercations, fights etc. We don’t have a criminal record in the US or anywhere in the world. Me and My brother Jetmir have very successful businesses in Fl and we pay millions of dollars in taxes. My big brother is one of the best and most hard working people I’ve ever known he is and always will be my best friend he doesn’t even have as much as a speeding ticket on his record he’s clean in every definition of the word and a very successful business owner but for some reason when all of our family got asylum he didn’t he was disappointed and confused but he held hope that the immigration system would help him if he abides by the rules and just goes on about his business and is honest with them. Many years went by and whenever they asked him to meet with them he never missed an appointment he never tried to run he never tried to hide he paid taxes and apperead everytime they asked him too he was out in the open. He employed over 20 employees pays so much in taxes has a US citizen daughter has never broken the law since being here not even a parking ticket and recently at a checkup with immigration they detained him and he’s been locked up like some criminal at a detention center for about 2 weeks now his Family can only visit him every 2 weeks. No warning no nothing they just took him out of his life took him away from his family took him away from his business when he’s not a danger to anyone. His family fears they will be separated the businesses will be ruined and their whole family will be torn apart. The immigration system in this country has failed a man who is by all definitions of the word an American except for having a physical paper that says he is one he only knows one home his family only knows one home, America. How can someone pay taxes do so much in the US be a model person become successful the right way and not get a fair chance? The immigration system has FAILED him. All he’s wanted to do was accomplish something for his family give them a life they could of only dreamed of in our home country and obey the law He doesn’t deserve this his family doesn’t deserve this! Stress has taken over everyone in their family down to his daughter who just wants her dad back this man just wants to be an American he’s followed all the rules they asked why does he deserve this? Please help my brother any way you can please help his family! Thank You! 

Uri I
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