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Petition to Roger Wicker, Cindy Hyde-Smith

Stop Russian Meddling in Our Country

The subversive Russian activities, notably the cyber-attacks taken against our country, significantly distress those of us signing below.  What further elevates our concerns is our federal government’s lack of action in protecting our country against these and future attacks.  LTG H.R. McMaster’s recent emphatic statements echo are position: “Russia employs sophisticated strategies deliberately designed to achieve objectives and still fall below the target state’s threshold for a military response. Tactics include infiltrating social media, spreading propaganda, weaponizing information, and using other forms of subversion and espionage…. We cannot be passive, and hope that others will defend our freedom.” Unfortunately, our President has not mobilized the country, inaction that is in stark contrast to the intense bi-partisan response after the attacks on September 11, 2001.  Where the response to 9-11 unified this country then, the Russian cyber-attacks divide us now. Though American lives are not immediately at risk, our state and local election systems are.  Our intelligence agencies have found that Russians “obtained and maintained access to multiple U.S. state and local election boards” and that numerous voter rolls have been accessed.  We are also aware that our power grids, including conventional and nuclear power plants, may be compromised.  In addition, our President is far more interested in attacking our Justice Department, FBI, intelligence agencies, and prior administration than he is in criticizing Russia and its leaders.  These attacks are damaging our democratic institutions in ways that may not be totally apparent to us for years to come.  We are grateful for the strong, but very belated sanctions taken against Russia, but we have grave concerns that these sanctions, though necessary, are insufficient to ward off future cyber-attacks.  In our opinion, what is needed is more effective presidential leadership and engagement to forestall further Russian interference. CALL FOR ACTION:  In the absence of said leadership, we call on you, our Senators, to give us assurance that Congress will urge stronger protections against external and internal threats.  Specifically, we ask that you: 1. Urge the Senate to press President Trump to take stronger action.  2. Encourage your Senate colleagues to censure the President for dereliction of duty should he neglect or refuse to act. 3. Encourage the Senate to enact legislation to protect upcoming elections and our national infrastructure against future Russian cyber-attacks by mobilizing key federal agencies, supporting state governments, and assuring the integrity of social media including Facebook and Twitter.  Recommendations to safeguard against foreign meddling in the 2018 primary season made by the Senate Intelligence Committee on 20 March 2018 represent a good start, but much more aggressive legislation is critical to protect our election process. 4. Advocate for our democracy by urging your Senate colleagues to speak out, visibly and concretely assuring that Mueller’s investigation into the Russian cyber-attacks will continue unimpeded until completion.  To this end, support passage of the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

Indivisible Northeast Mississippi
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Petition to Congressman John Lewis, Congressman Ted Deutch, Senator Boxer, Senator Leahy

Congress Hold Public Hearing on Trump and Russia

We are asking you to object to the counting of the Electoral College votes in eight states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Summary of Objections:1. Voter suppression2. Foreign intervention and insufficient instruction Why we appeal to you to submit an objection on January 6th, 2017: This election year was volatile and full of underhanded plays by Donald Trump. Our country cannot allow the precedents he has created to stand without objection. We must be firm when the Constitution and law are being violated. We are asking you to stand up for the black and brown vote and for elections that are free from Foreign Intervention. Would you take the lead to help put the American election back into the safety of our laws, by putting forth the objection on January 6th? Please consider the following objections. 1. OBJECTION: VOTER SUPPRESSION. This was the first presidential election in 50 years without the protection of the “Voting Right Act.” Without this law, states enacted new voting restrictions designed to reduce minority votes. Millions of voters, predominantly voters of color, faced widespread voter suppression in the 2016 election. The counting of the Electoral College votes should be denied in the aforementioned states because the Fourteenth Amendment Section Two says that states shall lose congressional representation, in this case, the Electoral College votes, "…when the right to vote at any election for the choice of Electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime.” Not only is there the Fourteenth Amendments foundation but also, future amendments (14th, 15th & 19th)then further ensured votes shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex, race, color, or previous condition of servitude, and it further reduced the age requirement down to eighteen. However, this year there were discriminatory voter ID laws which disenfranchised voters of color across the country and a coordinated strategy in 30 states called Cross-Check which wrongly removed seven million Black and Brown voters from the voter rolls. For example in Wisconsin, Donald Trump carried the state by 27,000 votes. According to a federal court, 300,000 registered voters lacked the required forms of voter ID to place their vote. Further, in this election, there were 868 fewer polling places, primarily in areas where minorities reside, in states with a long history of voter discrimination, like Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina. These and many other discriminatory actions took place in this year’s election. 2. OBJECTION: FOREIGN INTERVENTION AND INSUFFICIENT INSTRUCTION. The counting of the Electoral College votes should be denied because Electors have a Fourteen Amendment duty not to further the hostile designs (aid or comfort) our enemies. Electors should have been made aware of the Fourteen Amendment Section Three that outlines their duty to protect our country from Foreign Intervention. Prior to the Electoral College vote on December 19th, 2016, the New York Times reported that American intelligence agencies concluded with “high confidence” that Russia acted to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J. Trump to become president of the United States. Prior to December 19th, forty Electors signed an open letter asking James Clapper to release facts on outside interference in U.S. election. Since there was no delay of the Electoral College vote or an additional security briefing to the Electors, the last known intelligence that the Electors were given prior to casting their vote on December 19th, was that Russia was plotting to have Trump elected. The Electors had a constitutional responsibility to cast their vote in a way that would not have aided our enemy. Their duty to preserve the Republic exceeds the will of the population of their state. In the case of Electors, they should be individually instructed, by an independent third party, regardless of party affiliation, as to their Constitutional responsibilities to safeguard the sanctity of our Nation. In this case, states and/or the Electors’ party advised and persuaded them to vote for Trump and Clinton rather than send the decision to the House of Representatives where the Russian influence could have been more greatly scrutinized. If one Senator and one Representative sign the objection, it must be heard and debated on Jan 6th. Please consider this action to stand and act by the law of the land so that the Objection can be heard and voted upon.

Unite for America, PA
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Petition to Andrew Cuomo (Governor), New York State Senate, New York State Assembly

Vote Better NY

New York faces a voter participation crisis. Nearly 2 million voting age citizens in our state are not registered to vote and New York consistently falls to the bottom in voter turnout. In 2014, just 20 percent of voting age citizens voted -- good for 46th in the nation. It doesn't have to be this way. We live in a smartphone world, but our election laws are stuck in the past. We need fundamental change to make the way we vote reflect the way we live our lives today. To make sure voters can make their voices heard, we, the undersigned New Yorkers, call on Governor Cuomo and members of the New York state Senate and Assembly to support early voting, expanded voter registration and better ballot design.  We support passage of legislation, such as the following: Early voting (A8582A/S3813B). New Yorkers should have a two-week period including Saturdays and Sundays to ease long lines on Election Day and give voters flexibility as they juggle work and family obligations. Voter Empowerment Act (A5972/S2538A) to ensure every eligible citizen is registered to vote and make it easier to update their voting information.  Voter Friendly Ballot Act (A3389) to create a ballot that is easier to read and understand so that every voter can cast a ballot that counts. In the coming months the Vote Better NY effort will broaden to reach communities all across New York State. Sign up to join the movement, here. Track the team's progress by following us on Twitter and Facebook and add your voice to the movement using the #VoteBetterNY hashtag

Vote Better New York
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