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Protect The Dancing Cop Tony Lepore From Being Denied Marching In Rhode Island Parades

This petition will force the hand of State Officials to crackdown on parade committees and organizers from denying Mr. Lepore from parades because Mr. Lepore chose to speak his mind defending a fellow police officer. Now he is being denied entry of most parades that he has marched in for over a decade that is a direct violation of his 1st Amendment (freedom of speech). At no time did Mr. Lepore ever make any racists comments and the tens of thousands of fans of Officer Lepore of all races and colors can attest that he is not racists.Ever since then, he has been targeted by groups such as Black Lives Matter and other activists groups causing him to loss his job in multiple cities and being uninvited or denied entry from marching in parades.We The People of all colors and races need to get behind Officer Lepore and defend him and the First Amendment from these groups who pose a threat to our very sacred rights.  Stand with the First Amendment and demand our state law makers and officials to protect Mr. Lepore from his 1st Amendment being infringed upon by holding parade committees and officials accountable for discrimination against Mr. Lepore and the 1st Amendment while providing the necessary security from these activists groups for harming Officer Lepore or disrupting parades.

Keep The Dancing Cop Marching In Parades
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