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Protect The Dancing Cop Tony Lepore From Being Denied Marching In Rhode Island Parades

This petition will force the hand of State Officials to crackdown on parade committees and organizers from denying Mr. Lepore from parades because Mr. Lepore chose to speak his mind defending a fellow police officer. Now he is being denied entry of most parades that he has marched in for over a decade that is a direct violation of his 1st Amendment (freedom of speech). At no time did Mr. Lepore ever make any racists comments and the tens of thousands of fans of Officer Lepore of all races and colors can attest that he is not racists.Ever since then, he has been targeted by groups such as Black Lives Matter and other activists groups causing him to loss his job in multiple cities and being uninvited or denied entry from marching in parades.We The People of all colors and races need to get behind Officer Lepore and defend him and the First Amendment from these groups who pose a threat to our very sacred rights.  Stand with the First Amendment and demand our state law makers and officials to protect Mr. Lepore from his 1st Amendment being infringed upon by holding parade committees and officials accountable for discrimination against Mr. Lepore and the 1st Amendment while providing the necessary security from these activists groups for harming Officer Lepore or disrupting parades.

Keep The Dancing Cop Marching In Parades
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Petition to Kevin L. Faulconer

Change SD City Code to Reflect Constitutional Protections Granted to Buskers and Artists.

First off I need to address what a busker is. Many people are not aware of the word and what it means.. Buskers are, musicians, mimes, jugglers, living statues, balloon twisters, palm weavers, dancers, circus acts, face painters,  artists and a plethora of other types of street performers. Buskers make a living off tips for their performances as well as off related materials that they sell in the streets... It has been proven over and over again in the 9th district court of appeals and the supreme court that buskers and artists are protected by the 1st, and 14th amendments of the constitution, and that these protections are not diminished because the artist is compensated..  A great example of this is Sparks Vs White, which was taken all the way to the supreme court and lists all the expressive activity that is protected. you may read that case here   The problem is that the city of San Diego has in its municipal code several laws that can be used against buskers and artists who are practicing their expressive activity in the public fora. Generally police will threaten or cite a busker, and then they have to spend several hours in court. Generally these cases are thrown out if the judge is knowledgeable of expressive activity and its constitutional protections.  This results in losses for the buskers and artists even if they win in court.  Any time an officer tickets a busker for soliciting, encroachment, interfering with a street fair or any other charges they come up with, they are violating said buskers constitutional rights and protections. This is a waste of city tax dollars, as well as could get the city in a lengthy expensive law suit... Many buskers have challenged cities and won substantial money all over the united states.. You can learn a lot about this by going to this wikipedia page, as it has several cases listed and their sources...  Many of these cases can also be looked up on I know many buskers/ artists in the city that are constantly getting tickets or being harassed by people of authority that seems to have no knowledge of constitutional rights. I myself have been ticketed over and over,  and have had the majority of said tickets dropped before I ever saw a court room. Regardless though this takes up time and costs money.The City Of San Diego Should change its Municipal code to reflect the constitutional protections granted by the first amendment.. If you agree please sign this petition...  

william dorsett
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