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Petition to IWANAMI SHOTEN, Kojien editorial team

Dear Kojien, Please Convey that Feminism is an Ideology of “Equality Between the Sexes”

Do you know how the word feminism is defined in one of the most respected Japanese dictionaries, Kojien? A member of Tomorrow Girl’s Troop travelled to the US to study feminist art at university. When she looked up the word feminist in the English dictionary, it was defined as “someone who believes in social, political and financial equality between sexes”. She was moved by how there are people who fight for equality. In the spring of 2015, shortly before Tomorrow Girl’s Troop was established, we looked up how the words feminism and feminist are interpreted in Japan by running a Google search. We found that the first page of the search results were mostly blog posts by anti-feminists. We were surprised to see that many of them quoted the definition of feminist from Kojien to come to the conclusion that, “feminism is the movement to expand women’s rights. It’s an ideology of misandry, so it’s bad.” Here are the definitions of feminism and feminist from Kojien. Feminism:An ideology and movement that advocates for the social, political, legal and sexual rights for women, which also criticizes and aims to restructure male-dominated civilization and society. Women’s liberation. Expansion of women’s rights. Feminist:An advocate for women’s liberation. An advocate for the expansion of women’s rights. Colloquially, a man who is soft on women. In Western dictionaries, feminism is defined differently. Webster Dictionary (US)The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Oxford Dictionary (UK)The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Even in contemporary Japanese society, women voicing their own opinions are cast in a negative light. As a reputable dictionary, it is alarming that Kojien defines feminism without the mention of “equality”, and leaves room for the interpretation that feminism advocates for the rights of one sex over the other. We see that this definition is one of the factors holding Japanese people back from participating in the feminist movement. We think that feminism should help everyone live the lives they want to live and never advocate for one sex’s rights over another. Dictionaries are the first destination for young people trying to understand society. We don’t want to pass on a definition of feminism that may lead to misunderstanding. We hear that the Kojien gets edited every ten years. The most recent edition was published in 2008, so we believe that the editing process is happening right now. Let’s rethink the definition of feminism to one that reflects a society that accepts everyone for who they are. Please sign our petition to encourage Kojien to rethink their definition of feminism! Kojien Campaign: Tomorrow Girl’s Troop Facebook page:

明日少女隊 Tomorrow Girls Troop
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Petition to Minister of Justice, Members of the Diet

“No means no”: Make Japan a place where survivors of sexual assault can live positively

During my first year on the job, the head of the department told me that he would teach me about sales. His department was next to mine, and his sales record was by far the most impressive in the company. After taking up his offer and accompanying him, he pressured me for sex. When I said “no,” it meant nothing to him. After finally landing my dream job at a time when the job market was frozen, I didn’t know how else I could decline his request since I knew that he was the boss, and I was just a new employee. After the act, I realized that the scar left by this experience could not be brushed away; I felt powerless, and wanted to disappear from this world. I couldn’t seek help from anyone about what happened that day. Being a naive 22-year-old, I blamed myself for years after that. But after 15 years – at the age of 37 –I finally told my closest friends about my experience, and they told me with assurance that I should not blame myself. One of them even shared her own experience with me, one very similar to mine. Then I learned that while sex without consent would be considered a crime in other countries, my experience would never be considered a sex crime in Japan because even though I said “no,” I didn’t fight back with all my strength. I still have nightmares about that day and feel shaken to my core. But I started thinking that instead of just being scared, I wanted to change the situation in Japan. In Japan, the percentage of women who ask the police for help when forced into sexual intercourse with people of the opposite sex is a mere 4.3%*1. Most victims think that they were in the wrong, and that they would be held to blame, so they keep their experiences a secret, telling no one. Why is it that in Japan, in comparison to other countries, sex crimes receive less severe punishments and victims find it so much more difficult to ask for help? One of the reasons is the penal code: the Japanese penal code was written over 100 years ago, in 1907. The law was established by a Diet in which not a single woman was present, and thus instead of considering the pain that victims go through, emphasis was placed on protecting family honor and pedigree. Moreover, the provisions specifically related to sex crimes in the penal code have barely been amended in over 100 years. But, we now have a chance to change this situation. The Japanese Ministry of Justice is considering amending the sections related to sex crimes in the penal code, and there is a high possibility that by January 2017, the proposal for reforming the law will be submitted to the Diet. This is a chance to change the penal code after 100 years: a once-in-a-century opportunity. But most cases of sexual assault rely on existing hierarchical power relations found in the workplace, in school, as well as in families to silence opposition by the victims*2, and therefore with the current proposal, perpetrators in such cases will still walk free. Accordingly, starting this fall, we are meeting up with politicians to advocate for a proposal that could help more survivors. To do this, we need everyone—each one of you—to raise your voices in support of the penal code reform. We don't simply want to reform the penal code. Rather, we want to make Japan a place where sex crimes get punished, and survivors can live positively. Please sign your name and share!   *1 2014 Japanese Cabinet Research on violence between men and women *2 In regards to the research above about the people who were forced into sexual intercourse with people of the opposite sex, when asked about the kinds of relationships survivors had with the perpetrators, 65.9% answered “acquaintances.”   <Main Organizations of Change Sex Crimes Law Project>Tomorrow Girls TroopNPO Shiawase NamidaSurvivors' Association on Sexual Assault and Penal CodeChabudai­gaeshi Joshi (Table-Turn-Over Ladies)    

刑法性犯罪を変えよう!プロジェクト Change Sex Crimes Law Project
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Petition to アニメ製作会社

ヨスガノソラ 原作の穹ルート 再アニメ化を!

アニメ製作の初期案は穹ルート中心で12話製作でした。しかし、それを高橋丈夫監督がエロ中心分岐に変更したことにより、原作レイプとなりました。 穹ファンが望んでいたことは、「原作の浮気しない優しい悠」と「穹の一途」な関係でした。 アニメ版ヨスガノソラは「悠の昼ドラのような浮気」「穹の奈緒からの略奪愛」となり、別作品になりました。 「純愛の恋愛作品」が「浮気と略奪愛の作品」になったアニメはヨスガノソラくらいでしょうか。穹ファンとしては悲しい限りです。 分岐なし穹ルート中心で「原作の浮気しない優しい悠」と「穹の一途」な恋愛を実現するため、ここに本作の再アニメ化の署名活動を立ち上げました。ご協力、よろしくお願い致します。 原作との相違は下記サイトをご参照ください。 ヨスガノソラは穹ルートだけでアニメ予定‐原作レイプ考察 The initial draft of the animators were 12 episodes produced in Sora route center. However, it Takeo Takahashi director by was changed to erotic center branch, became the original rape. Sora that the fans wanted, was as an "ever-Sora" relationship "friendly Haruka does not cheating of the original". Anime Yosuganosora is next to "Haruka of daytime affair, such as Dora," "looting Love from Nao of Sora", now a separate work. Anime "pure love love work" becomes "work of an affair with looting Love" is I think much Yosuganosora. Sora sad as long as a fan. In order to realize without a branch Sora root center as "friendly Haruka does not cheating of the original" a romance "ever-Sora", he launched a signature activity of re-animation of this work here. Cooperation, thank you. The difference between the original, please refer to the following site. Yosuganosora anime will only Sora route - the original rape consideration

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Petition to 日本入国管理局

「白人ならどんな日本人女性ともヤレる」と、自らのセミナーで発言をする、強制わいせつデートコーチのJulien Blancの入国を阻止せよ! Stop "pick-up artist" Julien Blanc, who profits off of teaching seminars on how to abuse women, from entering Japan!

現在、アメリカを中心として活動をし、高額セミナーで世界中を回っている、ピックアップアーティスト(ナンパ師)そして、デートコーチと言う名のDV伝道師ジュリアン・ブランクを、日本に入国させないため、日本で好き勝手させないための署名活動を開始します。分かりやすく、彼のことを簡単に説明すると・世界中で、女性との接し方がわからない、交際の仕方がわからない男性達に、高額のセミナーを行ったり、課金制チャットでの講習会、今まで自分が行った行動を課金制のビデオで販売するなどの方法で、伝授する「デートコーチ」。・しかし、普通に伝授するだけかと思えば、そうではなく、現在問題視されているのは「どうしたら、女性を自分の支配下に置くことができるか」と言うことが、セミナー等で主体になっていることなのです。事実として、ヨーロッパやオーストラリア、他の国で女性をナンパする動画にて、女性の首を軽く締めて「シーっ」と黙らせるような荒技まで繰り広げている始末です。まさにこれは、DVの初期段階で行われる「マインドコントロール」以外の何物でもないのです。そして、デート伝授の講演の内容には、こんな人種差別的な発言までしているのです。「日本の東京に行けば、白人の男ならどんな日本人女性とも簡単にヤレる!「ピカチュー、ポケモン、トモダチ!」とか適当なことを大声で言って、首を掴んで、自分の股間に当てても、日本人女性は笑うだけなんだぜ!グループで固まってた女の子にそれをやったときは、本当に楽しかったぜ!!」…    。日本人女性がNOと言えないのをいい事に、この男は日本に来ると、差別的な意味でやりたい放題なのです。こんな方法で、世界中にDVと強制わいせつを万永させるような商売をしている男なのです。そして、ここでもう一つ問題なのが、このジュリアン・ブランクが、あと1週間あまりで、日本にまた来ると言うのです。そこで、この署名活動を通じて・この男の行動などを、日本の入国管理局に報告し、日本への入国自体を、完全拒否、阻止すること。・入国した場合に、この日本でもセミナーがあるのならば、それを宿泊ホテルごとキャンセルさせること。・その他、日本国内でのマナーのない行動を完全阻止、クラブ等への出入り禁止を働きかけ、一人でも女性が被害に遭わないように、食い止めること。これが、署名活動を行う目的です。このDV伝道師であり、強制わいせつ者であるジュリアン・ブランクを、みなさんの力で完全阻止しましょう。そして、国際社会と言われる中での、見えない人種差別を、少しでも減らしていきましょう!!!!!この抗議活動は、オーストラリアのメルボルン、アメリカのワシントン州シアトル市、テキサス州オースティン市や他の国でも発足されており、ジュリアン・ブランクのセミナーが宿泊ホテルごとキャンセルされる、セミナーチケットの販売元がチケット販売自体を中止するまでに至っています。現在、日本でのセミナーは11月15日〜17日の間に行われると言うことですが、場所等が明確ではないため、現在情報を集めております。セミナーの情報が入った場合に、就労ビザの有無などによっても、法によって取り締まれる案が出てくる可能性もあります。被害者を減らすため、女性差別をなくすためにも、私たちはベストを尽くします。一人でも多くの署名を、よろしくお願いいたします!!!!!Julien Blanc, the so-called "pick-up artist" and "date coach" who gained notoriety worldwide for his abusive "dating" techniques and his documentation of such abuse, including the now-infamous "White male f*cks Asian women in Tokyo (And the beautiful methods to it!)" video, has publicly posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts that he is headed back to Tokyo within the next few weeks, and he is NOT welcome in Japan.His video depicts him grabbing random women and forcing their heads to his crotch, and even grabbing a convenience store worker and forcibly kissing her while she is on the job. But beyond these antics, it also showed something more sinister--him teaching a seminar to other (primarily white) men, teaching them to "pick up" Japanese women by just grabbing them and shoving their faces into the man's genital area. He proudly proclaims to his students, "If you’re a white male in Tokyo, you can do what you want. I’m just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick, head on the dick, yelling, ‘Pikachu,’ with a Pikachu shirt (on)."After this video brought him under international scrutiny, more vile details about his "techniques" were revealed, including putting his female "targets" into choke-holds and other demeaning positions (his own photographs confirm this), promoting the use of domestic violence, both physical and psychological, to get women to stay with him, aggressively harassing women via online dating platforms, and creating numerous videos and articles encouraging aggressive and violent pick-up techniques (going so far as to compare his technique to American serial killer Ted Bundy).He is, in essence, making a living off of misogyny, racism, abuse, and harassment, and teaching techniques on how to do it and how to get away with it.Needless to say, the international backlash has been overwhelming, and the public outcry has led to hotels in Australia and America cancelling the reservations to host his seminars, and online ticketing companies to drop his events from their sales sites.Now is the time that Japan must act.Aside from rumors that he will be holding seminars in Tokyo from November 15-17, it is clear that he is coming to Tokyo with the purpose of committing "forcible indecency," a crime which is punishable under the Japanese Penal Code.We are asking for Japanese immigration to deny entry to Julien Blanc, as he is trying to enter the country with the intent of committing criminal acts.Additionally, we also have reason to believe that he may not possess the proper visa to hold his seminars, which he and the company he works for (RSD- Real Social Dynamics) directly profit from.Furthermore, as evidenced by his own video of him abusing Japanese women in public, he is also profitting (almost certainly without consent) from documenting his aggressive and violent "pick-up" tactics in action.Therefore, we request Japan's Department of Immigration to bar his entry from the country.If in the event that Julien is able to enter Japan, we are requesting that popular nightlife spots coorperate to bar him from entry, increase awareness of his actions and those of possibe copycats/"students" of Julien, and to encourage victims to come forward.People of Japan and the world, let's come together to stop this violent, racist misogynist in his tracks.

Queen Jackal
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