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Petition to EA Games, Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard

Force game developers and publishers to allow all cloud gaming platforms

Technological progress has created great opportunities in the gaming industry- cloud gaming. But developers and publishers prohibited the usage of cloud gaming, such as Nvidia GeForce Now. But this is no rival good, that provides new markets, new users to industry to everyone, no matter what hardware they possess, to enjoy high performance and high-quality gaming. Dream of hardware freedom! Innovation requires only a good internet connection and nothing more. Instead of enjoying new market opportunities, developers and publishers started to restrict access to games through cloud gaming, locking everything to their decision. This is a way of monopolistic approach. They prefer to cut each other throats, rather than enjoy fruits of free markets. Through this competition, there is only one victim- end-customers, who get only restrictions to use games, for what they had paid. Even more horrific thing is that this technology won't go away anymore. High possibility, that all of them will try to create their own platforms. and maybe, they even stop to create games for hardware, because you will give no reason for that. Just imagine, games have no settings, they are playable as intended, more users, because of no requirement to hardware, and you can charge even more for your products because you can. This will drastically diminish the end-customer value and increase publishers value and provide points of speculation. But we can change that! Those great technologies should provide a win-win-win to everyone, not only producers! Therefore I humbly ask you to sign a petition against this approach, to provide equal opportunities for end customers to free choice of the streaming platform they like and get the most value, that is currently blocked by monopolistic intentions of the gaming industry leaders. Thank you!

Anton Vishnevski
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Petition to Insolar , Binance , KuCoin , BitMax , OKEx , Crypto community, Coinbase, Bithumb , HitBTC , Huobi , Cryptocurrency exchanges

We demand secession of Insolar Coin Swap which is hurting the interests of the community.

The project Insolar - within the context of Vesting and the Token Swap while transitioning from the INS ERC20 token to the native currency XNS of the Insolar blockchain - is hurting the interests of the crypto community and the original holders of the INS token. 1. The issuance of tokens in the network has increased twofold.This has lead to inflation of the currency - distributed between the holders of INS -  where the Public Allocation (50%) is the volume of tokens before the Token Swap: 2. As a result the resources of the community have been frozen for 3 years.The rate of unfreezing of new coins for the INS holders is calculated by a formula under which the XNS coins will be unfrozen after the issuance of new tokens, thus removing any benefits for the community. Where x is a day from the start of migrationINS tokens is the amount of INS tokens sent for migration to XNSy is the amount of XNS to be received in a specific day (from day 1 till day 1,096)N = 1096 is the number of days in the 3-year vesting period (2020-2023) Wherein the resources of the community - that owns INS tokens - will be unfrozen in a way much less beneficial than for the network of the foundation, new investors, developers. To be more precise: in 365 days only 0.42% of all the tokens of the Public Allocation will be unfrozen. Whereas more than 20% will be unfrozen for the new issuance of XNS coins (Enterprises Incentives, Network Incentives, Application Developer Incenties, Foundation). The following diagram from the official website provides an overview of the period and intensity of unfreezing of tokens: 3. Forcibly subjected the community’s resources - that were being held in accounts of exchange platforms - to the Token Swap without the consent of the holders.Exchanges such as have supported the Token Swap by removing the freedom of choice from the community of INS holders. The interests of the crypto community have been disrupted.Similar vestings and Token Swaps disrupt the interests of the cryptocurrency community and allows the Insolar project to manipulate the XNS coin price. Thus limiting the participation in the market price-formation for early holders of the coin and depriving them of the opportunity to do so in the coming years. The crypto community is uniting.Against such manipulations from the Insolar project and any other project that intends to employ similar mechanics in an attempt to disrupt the just allocation of coins as a result of vesting and Token Swap. We demand of the Insolar Project Review the vesting schedule formula for the Public Allocation to be in favor of the INS holders Decrease the volume of additional issuance Create a committee which will be representing and protecting the interests of the INS holders. Public rejection of XNS in the amount of $60 000 by the author of the petition.As a sign of disapproval of the decision by the Insolar project and the unjust treatment of the crypto community, I am publishing the Seed phrase to my own wallet on the Insolar network (the balance of which is $60 000 in XNS tokens) to open access. Every day tokens will be unfrozen on this wallet according to the vesting schedule formula used by Insolar for the holders of the crypto community. SEED:1. shock 2. clean 3. wild 4. style 5. figure 6. entry 7. depth 8. orchard 9. beach 10. dad 11. despair 12. route 13. resource 14. bullet 15. exhibit 16. dynamic 17. dose 18. garment...and enter new password. Who this petition is aimed at crypto community the Insolar project team cryptocurrency exchanges: KuCoin, BitMax, Binance, Bithumb, HitBtc, OKEx, Huobi, Coinbase and others. Discussion groupTelegram: Petition Author� YouTube канал:� Telegram канал: @SleziSatoshi ✉️ -------------------------OFFICIAL INSOLAR COIN SWAP OFFICIAL INS TO XNS SWAP TERMS OFFICIAL COIN SWAP TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Rafael Manvelyan
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