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Petition to Google

Please place a "Stop Tominskiy GOK" doodle on your landing page on 15 April 2017

Dear Google,Hello from Chelyabinsk, Russia! Please could you kindly place a "Stop Tominskiy GOK" doodle on your landing page on 15 April 2017, in support of our cause. On this day we are going to hold a protest rally in our Chelyabinsk city, Russia to fight against plans to build a Mining and Processing plant, literally, right on our doorstep.Russian Copper Company ( ) wants ro build this Mining and Processing Plant in Tomino village.Russian Copper Company is a transnational group incorporated offshore in Cyprus, and its main objective is to exploit non-renewable natural recources of our planet. Its production methods bring immeasurable harm to the environment as well as to local residents.A good example is the Karabash Copper Smelter owned by RCC, located in Karabash town, Chelyabinsk region. According to data provided by NASA ( ), its sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions make it one of the world's worst polluters of the atmosphere. This story was reported recently by The Washington Post ( ).This Karabash Copper Smelter is already producing copper, but RCC now has plans to build a Mining and Processing Plant near Tomino village right next to Chelyabinsk, to mine and separate copper ore as staple for its Karabash Copper Smelter.If RCC's project goes through, it will bring grave harm to the ecology not only of our region, but of the whole world, too. The people of Chelyabinsk and the whole region have been fighting against RCC's plans for several years, by all possible means. Our petition on, "Stop the building of Tomino Mining and Processing Plant" ( ) has gathered over 133 000 signatories. And on 15 April 2017 we are going to hold a large protest rally for our cause.Please support us by placing a theme doodle on Google's landing page. Let's make the world a cleaner place together!We would like this doodle to be an unequivocal expression of protest against the building of the Tomino Mining and Processing Plant - "Stop Tominskiy GOK", and, if possible, a call to attend the rally on 15 April 2017, 13:00 - 15:00, on Public Garden Kolushenko in Chelyabinsk. Picture samples can be seen here - yours,Konstantin ZharinovKsenia Nagaeva

Konstantin Zharinov
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Petition to Управление Президента по работе с обращениями граждан и организаций, Общественная палата РФ, Депутат ГД РФ Поклонская Н.В.


Эта петиция - подарок Ленину ко дню рождения 22 апреля. Более 90 лет назад из тела Владимира Ильича Ленина была сделана мумия, которая  до сих пор используется темными силами планеты как терафим. Что такое терафим? Терафим - это антропоморфная мумия, которая практиковалась в халдейской магии в библейские времена. При определенном ритуале действий мумия могла предсказывать события, а также использовалась как ритуальный центр соединения внешних и внутренних сил обоих физического и духовных миров. В этих же целях над мумией Ленина был построен мавзолей как точная копия вавилонского зиккурата. Хотел ли Владимир Ильич Ленин чтобы его тело было превращено в мумию и использовалось в странных целях? Виноват ли Владимир Ильич Ленин что стал игрушках в руках темных сил? Давайте же как подарок ко дню рождения Владимира Ильича Ленина соберем голоса для того, чтобы предать прах этого великого человека земле. THE GIFT TO VLADIMIR LENIN FOR HIS BIRTHDAY ON APRIL 22: TO REMOVE HIS THERAFIN  FROM RED SQUARE AND TO BURY VLADIMIR LENIN. More than 90 years ago the mummy which is still used by planet's dark powers as  a therafin has been made from Vladimir Lenin's body. What is a Therafin? Therafin  is an antique idol, an anthropomorphous mummy which was practiced in Chaldaic magic in Bible days. At a certain ritual of actions the mummy could predict events. It was used as the ritual center of connection between the external and internal forces of both physical and spiritual worlds. For the same purpose over Lenin's mummy has been built the mausoleum as the exact copy of the Babylon ziggurat.   Whether Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wanted that his body has been turned into a mummy and used in the strange purposes as a Therafin? Whether Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is guilty that became a toy in the hands of the power of darkness? Let's  make a gift to the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin with collecting votes to bury this great person in the ground.    

Игнат Велихов
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Petition to Роскосмос , Правительство РФ

Прекратите нас обманывать! Земля - плоская!

(rus and eng) Всю жизнь нам промывали сознание суждениями о том, что земля - круглая или же эллипс. Пора бы прекратить жить по чьим то пастулатам - в интернете есть масса доказательств о том, что земля плоская, крайне советую ознакомиться. Прошу правительство и организацию "Роскосмос" признать это, и перестать утаивать от людей истину! Желаем, чтобы это получило широкую огласку! Либо, если продолжите нам нагло врать в лицо, то выделите средства на экспедицию к краю света, чтобы достоверно убедиться, кто здесь прав. All our lives we have been washed by the judgments that the earth is a round or ellipse. It's time to stop living by someone's axioms - on the Internet there is a lot of evidence that the earth is flat, I strongly advise you to get acquainted. I ask the government and the Roskosmos organization to acknowledge this, and stop hiding from people the truth! We wish this to be widely publicized! Or, if you continue to blatantly lie in your face, then allocate funds for the expedition to the edge of the world to reliably verify who is right.

Алексей Смирнов
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