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Petition to Chino Moreno, the lead singer of the band Deftones, Deftones, my mom, Andy, The Government, obam, a


World is a cruel place.  it is unfair. Many people suffer EVERY SECOND.   we must change it. We must change it forever. We must make the World a better place for our children, for our grandchildren. For future generations of people.   nu Metal Genre is dying. There is no point in denying it. And we all know it is one of the reasons why world is to this day vicious.   many of you know, that adrenaline record by deftones is really cool. And it is the best record, in fact, in music history ever. But since it was released on the 5th of October 1995, which was basically the peak of humanity, we all became unhappy. because there is not and there will never be anything greater than this record. many scientists worked on this problem trying to find the solution. But they couldn’t. happily, I am here to bring the happiness back.  I had I dream once that changed my life. Unfortunately there are no words in any language to describe what I saw there. It was everything. My life flashed before my eyes, I saw the darkness, I saw the light.  I saw people dying and being born again. I experienced every emotion a human can feel. I saw the space, I saw the very beginning of the universe, and I saw the very end of it.  and when I woke up, everything was clear.  we don’t need to suffer anymore. NOW we ALL can be happy.  Obama singing 7 Words by Deftones and every other song on the record. SIGN THE PETITION! WE MUST DO IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!  believe me, I saw, what will happen if we don’t make it... I wouldn’t wish that on an enemy.    Everything is in your hands. Make the right choice. 

Gerard Way
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Petition to Amazon Game Studios, Double Helix Games

An Open letter to Amazon Game Studios and Amazon from the whole Russian community

An Open letter to Amazon Game Studios and Amazon from the whole Russian community. Greetings dear Amazon Game Studios and Amazon. On behalf of the Russian-speaking community, I am addressing you with an important request for us - please, for the remaining time before the release of the beta game, translate the client of the New World game into Russian language. This will be a real gift for Russian-speaking players from all countries of the former USSR. Perhaps now you do not see activity from the Russian-speaking community, this is because we do not have enough English-speaking players and they cannot use the English-speaking Reddit and Twitter. We use vk (russian Facebook), discord, forums, steam. For the same reason, you see few Russian-speaking beta-testers in New World. As known Russian-speaking players are used to cancel the game they try if it has no Russian language. We took this info during an analysis of steam comments, forums, social networks and so on. We read a lot of comments after postponing the release date that Russian-speaking players want to play New World, but they cannot play it without translation, which we greatly regret. New World, this is mmorpg in which you need to be strong and constantly interact with other people, clans, fractions - in a constant struggle for territory. All this may remain incomprehensible to us! We wish Amazon Game Studios good luck and we hope that they will not leave us without attention and give us a chance to get game by in Russian's localization! For English-speaking community New World. What not to interfere with each other in the game, but if you are willing to downvote this thread, please don't. We want Amazon Game Studios to read this. So add a comment, it will cause discussion, but at least for this time try to not being toxic about us. Thank you.   Петиция в steam

Timur Kognovitskii
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