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Petition to U.S. Department of State
"largest dark web child porn marketplaces", investigators said. The site had more than 200,000 videos whichhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-50073092 "Dark web child abuse: Hundreds arrested across the 38 site, named Welcome to Video, was run from South Korea and had nearly eight terabytes of content said the site had offered videos of sex acts involving children, infants and toddlers – and specifically asked users not to upload videos featuring adults-only pornography The site was "one of theRead more

발랄 재기Korea, Republic of
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Created Nov 25, 2019
Petition to Matthew Prince (CEO of CloudFlare)
fair. So please sign this petition and help me to get this awful, awful site off the web. Thank you. now! That’s why we’re calling for it to be shutdown. The site is attacking people across the world. Cloudflare host the site on their server and we believe they can intervene and help. Let’s not letRead more

Ashton DaleyUnited Kingdom
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Created Oct 24, 2019
Petition to Steam Development, Gabe Newell
EN: Steam used to have Full Site HTTPS, and then however they disabled it, in a way that force users to access steam store over plain HTTP. In 2017, more and more web companies are switching to HTTPS see (even modify) the traffic data. Some ISPs add Ad in the HTTP web content and collect users metadata. Steam client web store is almost unusable these days in China because plain HTTP can easilyRead more

雨歌 如岚China
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Created Aug 15, 2017
Petition to ICDSoft
"Lost All Hope" website. The site, which is hosted by ICDSoft, has many resources promoting suicidal itself as "One of the most comprehensive suicide resources on the web."I feel very much that withoutRead more

Kim LindsayMedicine Hat, Canada
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Created Oct 24, 2019
Petition to St Michael's Grammar School
Carlton Moviehouse. Thank you in advance for your support of this important campaign. WebRead more

Friends of the Astor Association Inc.Ivanhoe, Australia
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Created May 16, 2012
Petition to La ville de Montréal
action, consultez cette page web : www.compostmontreal.com/siteENGLISH The medium-scale compost site runLe site de compostage de moyenne échelle géré par l'arrondissement du Sud-Ouest au 6000 Notre-Dame 800,000 m3 de méthane soient relâchés dans l'atmosphère. Actuellement, ce site traite les résidus du processus, le compost peut être utilisé pour la culture d’aliments. Le site est présentement ville.  Pour avoir toutes les informations à propos de ce site, et pour voir le site en pleineRead more

Compost MontrealMontreal, QC, Canada
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Created May 19, 2014
Petition to Federal Bureau of Investigation
dark or deep web.. it is accessible through ANY BROWSER. Imagine being so confident and comfortable children as young as 11 years old.  The OWNER of the site is an active user, NATHAN DANIEL LARSONRead more

Belle DeMasiStaten Island, NY, United States
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Created Aug 25, 2020
Petition to Epik
website to send anonymous tips about women seeking abortions is currently hosted by web host Epik. IRead more

Avi RubinUnited States
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Created Sep 3, 2021
Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Congress, scott pruitt(pruitt​.​scott@epa​.​gov), Elizabeth Warren, Edward J. Markey
scientific data and information. During the Trump Administration, the link to the education site was removed from the EPA web page "for updating" and was never restored (old link here - climate change) In theRead more

Euler’s Ruler’sLexington, MA, United States
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Created Nov 3, 2017
Petition to Donald Trump, US Congress
share ideas. A place where every site is treated equally with equal bandwidth for people to connect essentially partition the web. Imagine needing to pay one company to be able to connect to social media, and. If this were allowed to happen this would kill free speech on the web since only big companiesRead more

Kyle HeidenreichUnited States
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Created Nov 20, 2017
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