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Petition to Twitter, Google Inc., Twitter, Inc, Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Google, Inc, Google
permanently suspended from (and/or otherwise permanently censored by) Big Tech social media for over 2 years Conclusion: The bans of social media accounts are thereby censorship. The question must permanently be settled and the social media companies must unban the accounts of everyone they've suspended. Just assume this means NO ONE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ANY REASON, as paying for social media with your tax dollars. You pay for government operation of those public TwitterRead more

Craig R. BrittainScottsdale, AZ, United States
17,739 supporters
Created January 12, 2019
Petition to Tiktok , Google, Inc
Perez Hilton is a dangerous presence on the internet. 08.10.2022 edit: Hey y'all thanks for signing :D follow me on insta : @delarapanahii Read more

Delara PanahiUnited States
227,497 supporters
Created April 18, 2020
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda Communications Commision
access social media platforms. But I believe everyone has the right to internet freedom. We have the right to share information with friends and family whether political or social. And therefore withRead more

Felix MarkKAMPALA, Uganda
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Created June 29, 2018
Petition to Facebook
PETA disrespected Steve irwin so delete themRead more

f lennyNew Zealand
16,191 supporters
Created February 22, 2019
social media. He has been google searched more than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. He has bragged ever we have to demand social media platforms to remove ALL of his content. Thank you for takingRead more

Barrett PallNew York, NY, United States
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Created August 10, 2022
Petition to Instagram
banned by social media companies.   Powder over the internet cant make you look like a celebrity who revolution against shame - Please share the petition with the hashtag #nomoredetoxscams on social media and sign up to www.iweighcommunity.com Read more

JAMEELA JAMILLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created February 5, 2019
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, Evan Spiegel, Adam Mosseri, Susanne Daniels
, and other social media/video streaming platforms take stronger action against animal cruelty. Too attention should be paid to social media & streaming sites’ inactiveness toward animal abuse content. If abusers are held accountable, so should the leaders of any social media site who do notRead more

Hepburn VSFCalifornia, United States
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Created March 6, 2018
Petition to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
society. Social media forms a large part of our professional and personal lives but with it, comes graphic images. Death and rape threats are the new normal for most women on social media. Silence and of all women on social media, demand that the social media platforms create an environment where Enough! Here’s What We Want: We demand a safe space for women in all public forums and social media safety is a social responsibility. The time is now to choose a side! We can choose the path of safetyRead more

India Against AbuseIndia
142,099 supporters
Created July 15, 2020
Social media is making kids sick. Over 8 in 10 youth mental health specialists say social media is fuelling a mental health crisis among young people. More than 50% of kids say social media makes on social media can lead to physical consequences like disordered eating or self-harm. [1 feeds. Enough is enough. Too much of the media and public debate around social media pins the blame on or watching things they shouldn’t. But that misses the point - social media is designed and intendedRead more

Global Action PlanEngland, United Kingdom
76,473 supporters
Created April 18, 2023
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