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Petition to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission, PRIME MINISTERS OFFICE, Chief Ministers Office
energy policy plays a major role in promoting the installation of solar energy systems & thereby installed capacity of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV (GRPV) systems by 2022 out of  which Circular No 258 dated-25/01/2016(The MERC (Net Metering for Roof-top Solar Photo Voltaic Systems) Regulations, 2015)The solar consumers were given the benefit of having net billing arrangement,which; thereby discourage solar renewable energy use.Net-metering will only be limited to residential consumersRead more

Ishan GandhiPune, India
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Created Nov 5, 2019
Petition to Philippine Government, House of Representatives, Philippine Senate
We oppose the passage of House Bill 8179 that will grant a nationwide franchise to a SINGLE private company, Solar Para sa Bayan (SPSB), owned by Solar Philippines. THE BILL effectively grants SPSB a monopoly over all aspects of solar-powered mini-grid development in the entire country, killing all. Rather, the bill grants one private company – SPSB – blanket authority to establish solar mini that solar energy developers establishing mini-grids anywhere in the country would be stopped andRead more

Philippine Solar and Storage Energy Alliance PSSEAPhilippines
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Created Sep 20, 2018
Petition to California State Senate, City of Simi Valley, Senator Henry Stern, Simi Country Estates, Mark Williams, California Department of Housing and Community Development, Suzette Martinez Valladares, Gavi...
Petition to Halt Commercial Solar Farm, Inches From Single Family Homes Simi Country Estates, a mobile home community in East Simi Valley, is building a commercial solar farm inches away from single Commercial Solar Farm Project  is currently ~24 in from the property line and the roof is not yet this type of structure be built with a zero setback from single-family homes. We have escalated this Estates.   Why do we lack standing?  The impact of this solar project is detrimental to our propertyRead more

Jerome RossUnited States
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Created Apr 9, 2021
Petition to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
packing or other substances used to maintain adequate frog pressure or sole consistency. (9) Single or(s) do not act as a single fulcrum point so as to affect the balance of the horse. (10) Hoof bands, that just shy of every single Tennessee Walking Horse that is shod padded, is shod to land on tendon as the laminar corium and solar corium and epidermal laminae are pulled as the foot is plantedRead more

Bradley DickShelbyville, TN, United States
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Created Nov 4, 2016
Petition to Jueza Laura Taylor Swain, Junta de Control Fiscal, Pedro Pierluisi, José L. Dalmau, Rafael "Tatito" Hernández
, como los que tienen sistemas de energía solar, también estarían sujetos a un cargo de transición, a energy. Consumers who generate their own energy, such as solar energy, are also subject to a. The agreement promotes PREPA’s privatization and relieves its buyer from assuming a single cent ofRead more

Eva PradosPuerto Rico
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Created Jun 25, 2019
Petition to President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Wildlife institute of India, Wildlife Protection Society of India
deterrence against elephants. Some ways to reduce the cost of having such a fence include: A single live stanchions to reduce the costs and when possible, solar panels to create the electricity.* *Plant cropsRead more

Laurie BennettWinston-Salem, NC, United States
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Created Nov 9, 2017
Petition to President of Cyprus and the Parliament
organizations can’t cope with all the animals coming in every single day, with no support, not enough behind a cluster of solar panels. Following a report, police said, officers found the dog, a miniRead more

Raya AtLimassol, Cyprus
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Created Jan 19, 2018
Petition to Belia Ramos, Napa Planning Commission
commercial-scale solar power facility at 10 Palm Drive in the Coombsville area of Napa, California. A commercial-scale solar power generation facility is not suitable for an Agricultural Watershed district and in the wrong location.Several acres of solar panels and power stations do not belong in AW and AVA this project. The large field of solar panels and the ensuing glare will be bothersome to neighbors proposed Palm Drive Solar Project falls in the category of public utility, because the ApplicantRead more

Michelle EgideNapa, CA, United States
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Created Jul 12, 2018
Petition to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Greenpeace, toi, Union of concerned scientists, Washington Posts, The New York Times, daily nations
by creating awareness. Humans have been living on this earth for thousands of years, and every single renewable energy. Solar geysers, solar power batteries. If we all can contribute in these smallRead more

Ojaswini PandeyKenya
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Created May 1, 2019
Petition to Etterbeek Commune, Belgian Government, Vincent De Wolf, Philippe Close, Bruxelles Environnement
local residents An increase (or installation) of solar-powered lights in and around the park to by signing this petition. Every single signature counts and your name will TRULY make a differenceRead more

Carla RBrussels, Belgium
11,344 supporters
Created Jan 24, 2021
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